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Supports automatic 1st person to 3rd person perspective change during Spell casting and/or Combat attacks.
Supports simple subtitle notifications for Missed melee attacks, Combat hits and/or un-targeted attacks.
Adds ranged weapon convenience features: next/previous ammo hot keys and auto ammo loading.

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Do you like playing in 1st person mode but tire of the spell casting "hands" or combat "fists" animations?
   This mod supports automatic 1st person to 3rd person perspective change during:
     - Spell casting (on-self only or on-self, touch and target)
     - Combat attacks (hand to hand, melee and/or marksman)

Or would you would like text notifications of missed, hit and/or un-targeted attacks?
    This mod also supports simple subtitle notifications for:
     - Missed melee combat attacks "Your strike missed."
     - No target found or out of range attacks "Your strike waived."
     - Combat hits "Your strike hit."
     - Chance of skill-based description added "Your strike missed spectacularly"

And this mod adds several ranged weapon game play convenience features:
     - When attempting to shoot with no ammo, the first one in the player's inventory will auto load
     - The "o"/"p" keys will ready the previous/next ammo or thrown weapon in the player's inventory
     - Both of the above are accompanied by message boxes such as "Steel arrows readied", etc

On first loading, all features are maximally enabled.
To selectively disable or change features:
      - Double click the POV key (default Tab) to open the configuration menu.
 Notes for message notifications:
Generic naming "Your long blade missed."
Specific naming "Your Steel Claymore missed."
Descriptive skill based messaging "Your Steel Claymore missed clumsily."
Changes will be saved and restored for all future sessions.

The next/prev ammo buttons can be modified by text editing the last line of the 
Data Files\MWSE\sve_3rd_person.ini file
Key codes link https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/dd375731(v=vs.85).aspx
Codes must be converted from hex to decimal (i.e. change 79/80 to 75,76 to use k and l keys instead of o and p)

v1.01 - Fixed .ini file reading, added next/prev ammo keycodes possible to customize in the .ini file, commented xlogmessages
v1.02 - Fixed startscript ID # incompatibility with MWSE2.1 Enchantment Services