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Awaken the mad scientist in you and raise clones as both followers and flesh simulacrums!

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Jackimoff Wackimoff • Overseer • Qualia • TheDrunkenMudcrab • ZackHasAcat

Awaken the mad scientist in you and raise clones as both followers and flesh simulacrums!

This mod is many things: a series of new Thieves Guild quests, a chance to avoid having to die and reload by sending clones of yourself to do your dirty work, and a way to recruit the best follower of all: yourself. 

To start this quest, head to the South Wall Cornerclub on the eastern side of Balmora as a member of the Thieves Guild. Talk to Chirranirr in the building's bar to get a potential tip-off to a brand new adventure, one that will lead to a startling new* discovery for Nirn!

* New as in stolen from master wizard Divayth Fyr

This mod includes:

• Three new Thieves Guild quests all relating to the creation of a new device: the Cloning Machine.

• A brand new mechanic called clone death, wherein you can send clones into dangerous situations that can die without you having to reload your save and lose your progress. Instead, you lose raw materials that you will need to re-manufacture (and you'll of course want to pick up everything the clone had on them).

• The ability to make clone companions complete with your stats, appearance, and spells, to defend you in combat (In a system very similar to Grand Theft Auto V, you can switch between these clones at any time. Want to skip going back to a questgiver after slaying some monster? Have a clone hang out in the building that the questgiver inhabits when taking the quest, and send someone else to go do the hard work. Then, when the quest is finished, simply switch back to the clone that's next to the questgiver and turn it in. The possibilities are endless!).

• A brand new room in Arvs-Drelen, the Velothi Tower in Gnisis, complete with a cloning machine that will be built up over time as you complete various tasks throughout the mod. 

• Brooding philosophical flesh martyrs.

CONTROLS: To open the cloning menu after you've made some clones, press the K button. This button can be rebound in the "Mod Config" screen. You can also find a brief readme in the Mod Config screen as well.


If you manage to get clones to inhabit both pods, you will need to complete the Daedroth's quest to be able to move them as companions in order to once again inhabit a pod yourself, as you'll otherwise be unable to move them out of the pod (since using a pod is required to control the clones). 

This mod is intended for use with either MWSE or OpenMW. While it does work with both, it requires one or the other. However, each has an issue specific to its version, with MWSE having the less extreme issue. This mod requires OpenMW 0.49 dev or later when playing on OpenMW. If using OpenMW, you will need to activate the .esp AND the omwscripts file in the launcher.

MWSE Quirks: 

When a clone is in a pod, and you are not, taking equipment held by said clone of yourself crashes the game. Taking and giving items normally works fine, as does changing your clone's equipment loadout as you play that particular clone or when you are interacting with them outside the pod. We plan on having this fixed as soon as we can. This bug is not present in the OpenMW version. 

OpenMW Quirks (OpenMW 0.49 dev or later): 
The companion will share your race (if vanilla race) and sex, but not your appearance. This is due to OpenMW's inability to override or create NPC records. The aforementioned MWSE bug does not happen in OpenMW however.

UPDATE: The Blood Dagger does not work in the OpenMW version at all. You can do the quest for it, though.

• Version 1.0.1: Fixes a Key Binding Value Check error.

• Version 1.0.2: Fixed error with unloading clones, fixed item stack merging error, fixed encumbrance error when swapping items.

• Version 1.0.3: Added new quest, added the ability to clone NPCs.

• Version 1.0.4: Fixed a critical bug in Version 1.0.3.

Remember: You are your greatest ally and your own worst enemy. In CLONE, conquer your sense of self by building an outer EGO: an empire of you. We can't wait to see how you use this mod to bring Tamriel's challenges to heel.