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Begin a tale about the largest criminal organization in Morrowind, the Camonna Tong. Vye for power in all influences of society by working together with the likes of Orvas Dren, the Kingpin.

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Camonna Tong


It all began with a few simple questions. If you could join the Camonna Tong, a criminal empire strictly opposed to Outlanders, but as an Outlander yourself, then what would be the circumstance to do so? How could you climb their political ladder? And how could you be granted power over this Empire and not be rejected? This project, the largest that I have ever undertaken, seeks to answer that question in a satisfying, and thrilling story.

You will find yourself under the wing of the Kingpin, Orvas Dren, after a simple mistake nearly costs you your peace. Over time, you will begin to learn about the politics within the Camonna Tong. You will learn answers to questions such as how Orvas Dren came to power. But it is not an easy journey. Betrayal and violence awaits you as you weave yourself through each narrative a lieutenant has to offer. Will you step up to the challenge? Will you attempt to join the Camonna Tong?

Features - Begin by asking for the latest rumors in Pelagiad.

  • Forty New Quests
  • A *Somewhat* Joinable New Faction
  • An Opportunity To Rule Over The Camonna Tong
  • A Story Of Vice, Betrayal, And A Dangerous Lust For Power.

Choices That Will Prevent You From Starting:

  • Joining the Twin Lamps
  • Joining the Thieves Guild
  • Joining the Imperial Legion

You can be part of all factions as of Version 1.11, but you need to consider timing and choices. There are workarounds in-place for where it makes sense. For example, killing an important member of the Thieves Guild and then attempting to join the Thieves Guild isn't going to work. However if you're already a member of the Thieves Guild, then you can find an alternative solution to this quest.

On that note, the Larrius Varro quest had to be altered, as he is an important character. You have to do the first quest of this mod before you can activate Larrius' questline. It makes sense why, when you do it, and I think it adds a bit more character motivation even though I primarily added the change for compatibility.

Requirements and Compatibility

MWSE or OpenMW is required, otherwise you may run into a script error for the persuasion options that increase your Speechcraft and Mercantile. MWSE will perform it as intended, whereas OpenMW will ignore the script as it is not compatible with it at this stage.

There have been no current compatibility issues found with LGNPC.

This mod is *unlikely* to be compatible with:

  • Any mod that seeks to add its own questline to the Camonna Tong.
  • Mods that drastically overhaul Great House Hlaalu.


There is an older mod by the name of Errands for Orvas that is quite well-liked, albeit short. I have not played the mod myself, but I have heard good things about it. I'm not sure where you can get the mod from these days, but it is out there.

Just like with my Vvardenfell Brotherhood mod, DD4n has created his own Join the Camonna Tong mod. Our mods differ here, as mine is played from the perspective of an Outlander, while his is played more from a Native's. Additionally, if his mod is anything like his alternative to my just aforementioned mod, his will likely be more "purist" friendly, in that it would stick closer to the vanilla feel to the game. If that sounds like something you want, check it out!

I hope you enjoy this nifty mod,
- Caeris.