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Find powerful spell tomes and charge them with your mana! An option for less magically inclined characters to utilize their mana points, tomes allow your character to store her mana for later use in form of charges. Each spell tome produces different effect and has its own charge limit.

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Spell Tomes version 1.0

Spell tomes are, in functionality, enchanted scrolls with multiple uses. Player character can always charge any tome in her possession via equipping it and using some mana points to store its spell for later use. Each spell tome has a certain spell written in it, which requires a set amount of mana to power up and can hold a limited amount of charges. For example, player character may come across a Tome of Healing or Tome of Fireballs. Version 1.0 features a dozen of tomes for a good start.

All of the available tomes are able to be acquired by leveled lists for now, your best bet are local enchanters, mage guild members or house Telvanni mages.

First version is somewhat a test run. This concept was born as a tutorial for myself to get some basics in lua scripting. There surely will be changes, especially in in-game balance of certain tomes.

This mod REQUIRES latest MWSE build. Please remember to update it before playing. Also, as tomes are inserted via leveled lists, you would need to merge lists with Wyre Mash if you are planning to test it during normal run.

If you would like to get some tomes right away for testing, go to console and type "coc tomebox".