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Have you ever dreamt of being able to create new spells by yourself, instead of relying on NPC's ? Now you can.

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The Spellmaker


You can now create your custom spells yourselves. By pressing a customizable key (default : b), you will enable the Spellmaking menu.

How to:

Spellmaking is NOT for everyone. Only true mages can access it. To be able to use this function, you will need to have at least one magical school as a major skill.

Furthermore, you will also need to have no more than 3 magical schools as miscellanious skills

You wont be able to create every spell you want right from the start though. You will need to level up your skills to be able to fully make use of all the possibilities the game offers you. 
- For your major and minor skills, you will need to get them at least at level 30 to be able to create spells with these schools effects. For the miscellanious ones, you'll need to raise them to 50 at least.

Finally: creating your spells will consume your magicka and your fatigue instead of gold coins.


This is an MWSE mod. To install it, just merge the MWSE folder inside the 7z file with your own.
For this mod to work, you will need the latest (as for 04/02/2022) version of MWSE nightly 2.1.

I mean it. If you are not sure of which version you have, just run the MWSE-Update.exe. 


First and foremost, special thanks to Sephumbra. This mod would not have been possible without his help. 90% of the coding here is his contribution.

Thanks also to NullCascade, Greatness7, C3Pa, Axemagister and Safebox, they helped me a lot.

Thanks to Danae and DarkElfGuy for the consideration and the showcasing, that means a lot to me.