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Makes any arrow/bolt shot from any bow/crossbow hit with the bows cast on use or cast on strike enchantment.

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Made for the May Modathon 2022

The cast on use or cast on strike enchantment on any bow/crossbow used, is cast where ever the arrow/bolt that was shot hits, within shooting range.

Whether that is an actor, the terrain, or any other object. With the exception of water, the water nullifies the enchantment.

Two MCM options: 1) makes it where the player only or the player and NPCs have cast on hit bows

 2) makes it where area of effect enchantments hurt the attacker if they are within range of the enchantments effects.
Only the ones that they are in range for will hit them. So if there is two effects, one with a 20 range and one with a 50 range
only the one with 50 range will hit if they are between 20-50 feet away. Both if under 20 feet, none if over 50 feet.

If hit by a area of effect enchantment the damage cannot be stopped, only countered or resisted. God mode will not stop the damage.

The bows enchantment charge is used with every shot. And the number of charges used scale with your enchant skill just like normal.

Since it is made using Lua, there is no ESP. There is one mesh included that is used for a hit marker on terrain.

****Make sure to run MWSE-Update.exe****

Update 1.1

Fixed Lua API change for one function that caused this to stop working

Thanks to the entire MWSE team for making things like this possible, and the Morrowind Modding Discord for the help!