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Create dynamically-named trophies from any defeated enemy.

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Thank you very much for the showcase, DEG! Watch it here:

Trophy Takers is an MWSE mod that allows you to take trophies from your defeated enemies - from NPCs, you can take skulls (with different-looking skulls for races where that is appropriate), brains and eyeballs. From creatures, you can take whatever is appropriate for that creature; hides from guars, hearts from daedra, scrap from animunculi. All these items are dynamically named and will display with the enemy's name, e.g. Fargoth's Skull, Staada's Daedra Heart, Dagoth Baler's Ash Salts.

To get a trophy from a defeated enemy, simply press "N" while looking at their corpse. From the menu displayed, you may take one item - if you believe in the power of your own self-control, you may set the trophy limit to "false" instead of "true" in the config file, which will remove all restraints and allow you to pull 17 skulls out of Fargoth's corpse if you so desire.

All items are dynamically created and so should work with creatures added by mods, assuming they're either an NPC of a recognised race, or a creature of a recognised class. Add-ons for SHOTN and TR are available to make the mod aware of various creature classes in those mods that are not present in the vanilla game.

For anyone who may care, here is how the mod works:

For NPCs, it simply checks the race and assigns them an appropriate skull, alongside the generic brain and eye trophies.

For creatures, a list of creature classes and appropriate trophies is present in the config file, and can be added using the interop system (see the TR addon for an example). For example, the "ash_vampire" creature type has trophies of an Ash Vampire skull, and ash salts. Since there's no simple way to tell what a creature "is" - i.e., that Dagoth Odros is actually an Ash Vampire - the mod checks three places to attempt to determine what a creature is. The name (self-explanatory - it can tell "Caenlorn Wolf" is a wolf), the ID (some creatures, such as Staada, don't have their "type" in their name, and so the mod checks their ID, "golden saint_staada" to determine what creature they are, a golden saint), and the mesh (for the most annoying types of creatures, those which don't have their creature classes in their name or ID - the aforementioned Dagoth Odros' ID is simply "dagoth odros", so the only way to tell that he's an Ash Vampire is through the name of the mesh file, which is in fact "ashvampire"). 

The mod uses a series of "name links" to link the names of meshes, IDs and names to the defined creature classes in the mods - an example being the name link ["ashvampire"] = "ash_vampire", which will match anything with a mesh, ID or name matching "ashvampire" to the "ash_vampire" class.

Dracus Dragani for Dracus' Organ Pack 1 (, eyeballs + brains
Svartmerll for Skulls (, all skulls except argonian
The Tamriel Rebuilt team for the Argonian skull from TR_DATA (
Thanks to Operative85 for fixing some issues with skull meshes

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I consider this mod to be a part of my "unhinged hoarder" set of mods, which will help anyone else who plays Morrowind more like a collectathon than an RPG at this point: