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Голос озвучен при помощи elevenlabs префикс Белла

A content complete voice pack for Dragonborn Voice Over 1.0
The voicepack is voiced using elevenlabs prefix Bella

Permissions and credits
Свершилось друзья! Мод Dragonborn Voice Over наконец-то вышел да еще и с поддержкой мультиязыка.  Представляю вашему вниманию озвучку Bella для DBVO версии 1.0. Также вы можете сочетать эту озвучку с другим моим модом pc hedtracking bella

It's happened friends! The Dragonborn Voice Over mod has finally been released, and even with multilingual support. I present to your  attention the voice acting of Bella for DBVO version 1.0.  You can also  combine this voiceover with my other mod  pc hedtracking bella



Важный момент!. Для поддержки русских субтитров скачайте  архивы из раздела miscellaneous (разное) и перемещайте json-файлы из архива   в следующую папку C:\Games\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim - Special Edition\Mod Organizer 2\mods\Dragonborn Voice Over\DragonbornVoiceOver\locale_packs\ru

↑__________________________ваш путь может отличаться от моего!!!!___________↑

Для активации озвучки перейдите в МСМ мода DBVO  и выберите bella озвучку,  отметьте галочку напротив enable localition mapping и выберите
русский locale pack. По мере возможностей буду добавлять поддержку для
модов и патчи для русских субтитров. Мод Simple Inn Bath выбрал просто
для теста маппа сответствий.

To activate voice acting, go to MSM mod DBVO and select bella voice acting. As far as possible, I will add support for mods

Attention!!! Attention!!!
I'm almost done with the 3rd wave of patches for the mods. I'm going to add a character name patch to spell your main character's name. Also, each
of you still have your preferences for certain mods. And as you understand there is a lot more to pronounce. But you have to understand  that the interests of each and every one I can not take into account, so

I propose the following:
Me in PM (private message), you send the name of his main character (without errors, as you want him to see and hear) and the name of mods
which would like to get a patch and must API Key to your profile Elevenlabs (I do not need your data from the mail and stuff - only API Key).

How to get it, everything is simple:
  • Go to
  • In the top right corner click on Sign in
  • In the window that opens register on the site of your choice in any of 3 ways gmail/facebook/ GitHub
  • After registration click on the profile icon and choose Profile Settings then in the API Key section click on the eye and copy the key.

, if you have a paid account from Elevenlabs or have a subscription - I do not need to send such API Key. Only free accounts and no subscriptions!

So, how should your message be designed for me:
  • the name of your main character/heroine
  • Name of one mod with a link to it.
  • API Key from Elevenlabs

Next, I form a list of mods in the next wave and release patches for all of them. Patches I do as far as possible (personal life and work, unfortunately, no one canceled).  Thank you for your understanding.

And finally. If anyone can and can do fomod installers will be glad if you help with this, as downloading patches one by one given the large list is not convenient.


Special thanks to MrCoby220for the wonderful Dragonborn Voice Over mod!
Thank you very much jambombs24 for creating the fomod installer
Thank you very much ZadeL2P for creating the new patches DBVO