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Experience a longer version of Mephala's Daedric quest, now with more dialogue, more decisions and a general darker approach to the original quest. Happy spooky month!

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The Whispering Door - Quest Expansion

I’ve heard the vanilla quest described as a “non-quest”. You basically listen to 3 lines spoken by a door, then you steal a key, open a door and grab a sword. I’ve done my best to expand this quest into a more memorable experience where both Jarl Balgruuf and his son Nelkir play a bigger role in the quest. 


  • Longer quest, with both Nelkir and Balgruuf playing a bigger role.
  • Fully voiced with spliced lines (To the best of my abilities. Also, no, I didn't use AI-synth voices)
  • The "expanded" content takes a darker tone than the original quest, while still remaining consistent with Bethesda's style.
  • New route to finish the quest by siding with Jarl Balgruuf and safely diposing of the sword. ("Good guy" ending)
  • In Mephala's fashion, you also have the option to pretend to help the Jarl but ultimately keep the sword for yourself. (Lying and deceiving!)
  • Vanilla path remains available as another option as a natural part of the mod for those that want it.
  • NPCs will make different comments depending on the outcome of the quest, making the quest more "world changing" in a way.


〜Andrew, Ares, Macpherb, Red Nick, Vesku〜
& everyone who is supporting me on Patreon or via other means
Thank you! Your support means a lot!

Everyone who tuned in on Twitch to help with the development of this mod!

Does the Jarl die in this quest?

Help! I don't like scary games! Is this a scary quest now?
It has some horror elements, but I definitely wouldn’t call it scary. Similar to House of Horrors – Quest Expansion.

Can the quest be completed the vanilla way with this mod installed?
Yes. At some point, you will have the choice of doing what Mephala asks (talking to Nelkir) or reporting your findings to the Jarl (the new path). It’s your decision. You can also help the Jarl but ultimately side with Mephala doing the ultimate betrayal. You know I love choices.

Does this mod allow completing the quest as a “good guy”?
It's one of the possibilities, yes. Also bonus point: You don't have to necessarily pickpocket anything now.

Are there any secret endings to the quest?
Yes, one of them is a sad one for the ultimate evil character that wants to burn all bridges. Just a small easter egg. I do not recommend going this route. There's also a chance to change your opinion at the very last minute if going a certain route. Fun times.

What does the mod edit? What should I watch out in terms of compatibility?
- NPC character overhauls are fine. The mod does not edit any of the characters (or the ebony blade).
- Overhauls like Requiem require NO patch.
- Mod that change the quest in question (or that modify the quest objectives) will conflict. Place my mod AFTER any such mods and it should be fine.
- Mods that edit Dragonsreach will conflict slightly. Place my mod BEFORE those mods, so the other mods take priority over mine.


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