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This mod doesn't just give Lydia a new voice - it adds over 350 lines of dialogue to make her an actually interesting character and major part of the main quest.

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If Lydia talks too frequently, try this mod

If you want a face overhaul that's guaranteed to work with no patch, use this. Other face overhauls will require a patch.

To premise this mod, I think I should say that it's something I've wanted since I started playing Skyrim in November 2013. I attempted it once before, two years ago, using spliced audio from the FemaleEvenToned voice files that come with the base game. That basically came out sounding like a meme, and I took it off the Nexus after about a month, so now, after playing this twisted nightmare/paradise of a video game for almost 7 years, I think I've finally made the Skyrim mod that I've always wanted:

Non-boring Lydia.

She followed me all the way through the main quest on my first playthrough of this game, and after that, it became a tradition for me. Even on my Amorous Adventures playthrough of Skyrim, which gives me nightmares with "Fortunate Son" as the soundtrack to this day, I did her (very strange) romance quest in sync with the main quest. At one point, I realized that maybe I could do this Serana Dialogue Edit style and just add a few lines that didn't require much splicing. Then, I came to a final conclusion: The only way to make a mod like this work would be to re-voice Lydia from the ground up.

Audio on that's a tad quiet, you may want to turn it up. Shadowplay hates me.

Also, the actress who did the voice of Lydia in this has a youtube channel. If you'd like to hear more of her work, click this link.

With this mod installed, Lydia will not just have a new voice, but she will:
1. Initiate conversations with you as you progress through the main questline. For this reason, it's highly recommended that you recruit Lydia the moment you unlock her as a companion and keep her with you until you get back from Sovngarde.
2. If spoken to, make comments on the Companions, Civil War, College of Winterhold, and Raven Rock questlines. She has only one comment for the Dawnguard questline, since that's meant for Serana.
3. Comment randomly on her and the player's location, what armor you've given her, etc. as you travel through the world.
4. Start brief conversations with Serana, Mjoll the Lioness, and Erandur. 
5. Initiate conversations with you as you progress through the Dragonborn questline.
6. Require a very brief romance check tied to the main questline (again, keep her throughout the main quest) before marriage

For the main quest, Lydia will have full conversations when:

Planned features for this mod include:
1. Comments on the player's skills
2. Comments on previous quests after returning to certain areas
3. If the player as a lower heavy armor skill then her, she can be asked to help adjust their armor plates, which will bring their heavy armor skill up to her's for a brief period of time
4. The same thing I've done with, but with Erik the Slayer and voiced by either myself or my brother, TheMayor897

1. RDO, FCO, anything that adds dialogue to Lydia without changing her voice type needs to be loaded BEFORE this mod.
2. USSEP has a patch already
3. EFF, ATF, and NFF all work perfectly fine.
4. Any mods that alter Lydia's appearance needs a patch to be made in xEdit. Bijin patches have already been made.
5. Housecarl Companions Refine and Migal's Housecarl Beauties have their own patches.

Q: Lydia's voice is silent.
A: That's probably because you have another mod installed that edits Lydia's NPC record. Load all you mods in SSEEdit, open the .esp for this mod, expand the "Non-playable characters" category, click on "HousecarlWhiterun" to see what mods are editing her other than this one. There's a boatload of tutorials on youtube on how to make a patch for them. I explain how to do that later in the FAQ as well. I think this one should be pretty good though.

Q: You already have a pretty... interesting reputation when it comes to quest mods. Is this as horribly buggy as Valley of Outcasts or The Last Refuge?
A: I doubt it. To be honest, I just started "The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller" on my most recent playthrough and haven't tested this mod in full yet, but considering that the only script functions in it are quest stage updates and global variable changes, it should work significantly better than either of those.

Q: Why are you calling this a quest mod when it's clearly not a quest mod reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
A: Sorry, I've developed that tendency since ALL the dialogue in Skyrim has to be attached to a quest record in Creation Kit.

Q: Why is there one file that's outside the .bsa?
A: Had to fix a bug, didn't want to re-pack the .bsa because that I'd already repacked it once, and doing so made the .esp for this mod evaporate out of my Skyrim\Data folder. 

Q: Is mod compatible with AlternativeToSimping69's Ultimate Lydia Big Tiddies + Questionably Young Looking Face Preset?
A: You'll have to make a patch yourself in xEdit for that, since this mod edits the Lydia NPC by changing her voicetype from "FemaleEvenToned" to "FemaleUniqueLydia". You should probably look up a better tutorial than this, but if I remember correctly: Load this mod after your weird (but respectable) waifu preset in xEdit, open the dropdown for that mod, go into "NPCs", right click on "HousecarlWhiterun" and select "Copy as override into" or "Deep Copy as override into", select my mod in the menu that appears, then go into the NPCs tab for my mod, find and select "HousecarlWhiterun" again and change the voice type back to "FemaleUniqueLydia". Again, that's a very rough tutorial, I wrote that all from memory, you should probably check with a real one.

Q: Is it compatible with [popular follower-related mod]?
A: If it doesn't edit Lydia directly, then probably. With some, a patch might be needed. As far as patches for this mod and other mods go, everyone has permission to upload them, just give me credit and check to make sure it hasn't already been made.

Q: Guten Tag, mein friend! Can vee translate ze mod into Deutsche? Kind regards, Otto Von Bismarck unt Angela Merkel.
A: Yes, you don't need to ask permission before translating this mod into another language. That goes for all languages, including Danish (the Danes know what they did.) I'm just using German as an example because a lot of Germans download my mods, and that's usually the first language other than English they get translated into.

Q: Oh come on, we don't type in a German accent...
A: I'll pick country to make jokes about eventually, don't worry. But since a sizable portion of my audience is German...

Q: Why did you make Lydia a better follower when there are so many other good follower mods on the Nexus?
A: I believe SmartBlueCat, the creator of Inigo(go Campaign), once said something along the lines of "I didn't just set out to make a follower, I set out to make Inigo."

Q: Speaking of which, why should I download this when Inigo has approximately 21 times more dialogue than Lydia?
A: If you want to use (My name is) Inigo (Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!) instead of this mod, that's your decision. It's a much more intricate follower mod than this one and I've heard a lot of very good things about Inigo even though I've never used him, but these mods do two different things. One adds a new follower, one fixes an old one. 

Q: Would you consider adding new conversations between Lydia and Inigo, Lucien, or other big follower mods?
A: If SmartBlueCat and JosephRussell97 want to, then sure. Granted, I should be the one reaching out to them since they both have way more clout than me, but admittedly, I don't use either of their mods. Maybe at some point, I'll make a patch for Wilaar and Marim myself, since I wrote those characters.

Q: Did you even consider roleplay when making this mod? It's absolutely awful if you're trying to be an evil character.
A: Most of my mods cater to the good guys more, because that's how I play the game myself. Bad Karma playthroughs can be fun - I did a lawful evil playthrough of New Vegas where I did bad Karma NCR once, which was pretty cool, but to be totally honest, I suck at writing dialogue for a chaotic evil protagonist without making them sound like a complete edgelord. Granted, that's kinda what chaotic evil is. I'm talking to you, people who went Sith in Knights of the Old Republic and then complained the Kylo Ren was too edgy when the Star Wars sequels came out! (That's not to say the Star Wars sequels are any good)

Q: You did an Amorous Adventures playthrough of Skyrim?
A: Yes, and it was slightly horrifying but also kind of hot. There's a lot of spliced audio in that, which takes a ton of work to do. It's pretty impressive, to be honest. It's also not compatible with this mod, and I hope to Venus, Minerva, and Apollo that no one makes a patch.

Q: The new voiceover for Lydia kind of sounds like Liara from Mass Effect.
A: Yeah, me and LMG Wilson have dubbed her "Lydiara T'Soni".

Q: Speaking of Mass Effect, you said this mod has a brief romance arc. Should I expect NSFW content?
A: No, not at all, even less so than with the romance options in my earlier quest mods. As I've gotten older and somewhat less sexually frustrated, I've started to like writing romance less and less. It's a pretty painful experience after the godawful Witcher 3-reference-driven cringefest that was Wilaar's romance arc in Valley of Outcasts, even when what I write comes out good - but I understand that at times, adding a romantic arc to a story makes it better than it would be otherwise, and at this point in time, after painstakingly considering each line of dialogue, I can write decent romance scenes. That said, this mod is very tame in that area, so if you're looking for a mod that makes Lydia say shit like, "You're not a real warrior until you've clapped the cheeks of a strong Nord woman" or "Remember, Thane, it's my duty to make sure you don't die of hypothermia... that means take off your clothes and get in that bedroll with me before we freeze to death", you best look elsewhere. 

Q: Those are awfully specific lines...
A: Yeah... when you write a lot of dialogue, that kind of stuff just comes naturally to you.

Q: Does the "LMG" in the voice actress's name stand for light machine gun?
A: Haven't asked.

Q: You have a brother?
A: Yeah, and before you ask, he's not remotely as crazy as I am. Look at this mod he made. His description page is actually professional and easy to read. I also highly recommend that mod to anyone looking for a convenient and aesthetically pleasing player home that makes sense in terms of lore. As far as the voiceover for Erik the Slayer goes, he wants to get into voice acting but doesn't have a mic right now. I was considering doing it myself after the other students in a creative writing class I was in said I was good at reading and acting out dialogue, but my New York accent is a bit heavier than my brother's, and thus, his voice will probably fit in with a TES mod better than mine.

Q: ...You have a heavy New York accent?
A: Okay, it's not that heavy. For example, I pronounce the word "Water" as "Wawter" as opposed to "Wawtuh", and the name "Lydia" as it's spelled rather than "Lydier", but people from other parts of North America can tell I'm from the Northeastern U.S most of the time.

Q: What's going on with Jerall Mountains Citadel Part III? Part II came out a year ago.
A: That would have been the biggest mod I'd ever made, for starters, so it'd take longer than usual. Second, I've strayed away from working on that for a while, as I only just got back into Skyrim recently. Third, I decided to become a level designer for Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil, because let's be honest, most of us are way more excited for that then we are for JMC 3, and I'm also a bit sick of writing Elder Scrolls content right now. I was never really a high fantasy guy to begin with, in all honesty, I've just become fairly literate in TES Lore. I've decided to start writing my own Halo/Mass Effect inspired Sci-fi novel, since that's my favorite genre, and I've wanted to be able to work in my own universe for a while now - maybe it'll show up as a Starfield mod one day, who knows, but for now, I'm putting Jerall Mountains Citadel on the backburner. Maybe I'll finish the whole thing some day, but it's not a high priority at the moment.