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Fixes some issues with the misc quest at Nilheim and gives a bit more flexibility to your encounter with good old Telrav, adding a couple of additional dialogue choices and options for roleplaying.

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Nilheim. It's one of those things that have always bothered me in Skyrim. I always tried to ignore when consistency issues like this arise in my playthroughs, but some things really take me out of the game. Same as with the stupid Whiterun Watchtower that is broken before the dragon attack, now fixed in Whiterun Watchtower Doesn't Start Broken.

This mod is more of the same: a small mod to fix something that always annoyed me.

The Problems with Nilheim

Video describes everything written below, no need to read anything else.

 I usually go to Nilheim as part of a bounty hunting quest from Riften. This means I go from the south, so I never really encounter Telrav lying on the floor. You know the bandits at Nilheim are bandits because, well, they are bandits and are dressed like bandits, and because it is possible you even have a bounty quest on them... an official decree from the Jarl telling you that bandits are camping at Nilheim... and voilà, there they are. What else do you need?! Oh yes, maybe a bunch of dead adventurers? More often than not, my character even encounters the bodies they have tossed down the cliff and still, nothing can be done or said about it. You can attack or kill the bandits and they won't go aggro on you (at least as a group), because they're set as "player allies" and it really takes me out of it. Super cheesy to get this bounty quest done that way. You can even steal their chests and the entire camp and they're just there, chilling. In fact, if someone is attacking you, they will even come to the rescue since they're marked as allies in vanilla. Not even guards in cities help you, these bandits are more helpful than guards, say what! 

If you want a challenge and something that makes a bit more sense, you are forced to go to Telrav and pretend to be stupid for the bandits to behave as bandits. And if you've seen the bodies already, why would you follow Telrav at all or fall for his trap. And lastly, the man himself: Telrav. You can just accept to help him, no matter what. That's stupid. What if my character is suspicious or wants to ask more questions. What if I already killed the bandits and the gig is up?

The solutionNilheim - Misc Quest Expansion

Super simple mod, so I'll keep it brief. (Everything is also explained in the video above, feel free to skip this part too)

- Telrav now tells the whole pitch before you can decide if you help him or not. (All new lines are voiced with vanilla lines)
After hearing him out, you can decide:

A) Help him
B) Say you don’t want to help and just leave
C) Inquire for more info (If your character is suspicious and thinks something is off)

You think Telrav is SUS? Ask him about it!

Inquiring for more info opens up a couple of new dialogue options: 
  • Inform Telrav that you can tell he's up to no good and he needs to cut you in on the deal with some Gold. (Intimidate chance)
  • Tell him you don’t believe him (He will attack you)
  • Return to your previous options (Help or leave)

Additional changes/bugfixes to the quest:
  • Entering the zone near the bandits will aggro them. You’ve seen the bodies, you’re an adventurer on their camp, stealing their stuff
Nope, nope, nope, big red flag for bandits. No need to wait for Telrav, you need to DIE.
  • If you decide to follow Telrav, there's usually a missing line between him getting "your reward" and the camp starting combat with you. Something like "We have another fool!". There was a small bug that would make this line be skipped, so I've added a couple of extra seconds so the line can play as it's supposed to.
  • Added a journal that details the "operation", written by Telrav. It can be found on one of the tables.
  • Killing the bandits or finding the journal before talking to Telrav opens up new dialogue options with him


TLDR; No worries! The changes of USSEP have been forwarded. Nilheim BQ Fix should be compatible, as my mod and that one deal with completely different things. That mod allows for Nilheim bandits to reappear. Since I always claim Nilheim with a mod such as Skyrim Realistic Conquering or Lawbringer, I don't personally use or need the fix, but it shouldn't affect my mod.

Have fun!


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