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Adds Remiel to your game, custom voiced with ~4,000 lines of dialogue, a Breton engineer who will accompany you in your travels. She's travelled from Wayrest to explore dwemer ruins in Skyrim, but she needs your help. While she's not much of a fighter, she boasts a knack for machinery and will reprogram a dwemer spider to fight alongside you both.

Permissions and credits
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  • Mandarin
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  • French

In addition to Nexus Donation Points, all donations to this Ko-Fi will go to the Trevor Project. For proof of donation, head over here.


If you are updating from a previous version to 1.6.0+, you MUST start a new game. You MUST start a new game, or the big quest will be broken, which will make us both sad.

If you are installing Remi for the first time at 1.6.0+, then it is fine on an ongoing save. If you've had her in any previous version on your current save, you MUST start a new game. This means selecting New Game from the main menu. Using a 'clean save' is not sufficient (and will probably wreck your save anyway).


Remiel is a Breton Dwemer specialist. She hails from Wayrest, and having explored her fill of the dwemer ruins in High Rock, she has moved on to explore Skyrim. The only problem is, she's not much of a fighter, and will need your help to see all that Skyrim has in store for her.

She is custom-voiced with approximately 4,000 lines of dialogue. She is aware of the cities and towns of Skyrim, of various weathers, and of the times of day. She works off a custom follower framework, which means that similarly to Inigo, for example, using NFF, AFT, etc. will break her. If you do use these to manage her, or if you have AFT in your LO at all, I will unfortunately not be able to help with bug fixes.

You can find Remi staying at Markarth's Silverblood Inn, where she is staying after having been turned away from Nchuand-Zel, the ruins under the city. You can offer your aid in gaining entrance to the ancient dwemer city, embarking on a mini-quest that follows along with the vanilla quest "The Lost Expedition." During this quest, Remi will obtain her dwemer spider and become a "full" follower, unlocking various discussion topics, quest dialogue, idle commentary, and a regard system.

Remiel's spider, Scrap, can be upgraded. After completing her initial quest, you will be prompted to take Remi exploring with you, and after seeing a number of dwemer ruins in your travels, she will begin making improvements. A detailed explanation can be found below.



While Remi will rely on you and Scrap to see her through dungeons safely, she has other skills that may prove useful to you.

  • Thievery comes naturally to her, and if you hand her some lockpicks, she's sure to make quick work of any doors in your way. Being physically weak, she's also learned to try and get by her foes unnoticed, giving her experience in stealth and avoiding traps. 
  • A tendency to experiment lends itself toward potion-brewing. She may not have formal training in alchemy, but she's brave enough to eat strange ingredients and throw them into potions, just to see what may be created. Her potions may be useful... or they may not. That's for you to discover.
  • While Remi's areas of knowledge tend toward the mechanical, she is a Breton, after all, and so has an innate ability with magic. Although she never quite got the hang of the more advanced magics, she can keep her health up. If you become a close enough friend, maybe she'll even use her restoration spells for you.

Common Questions:

I have compiled an FAQ and Quest Guide, which can be found here. Please take a glance if you have a question or concern and see if this doc can help. :)

Voice Samples:




More In-depth on her Features:

Regard: Remi currently has a very simplistic regard system. She will begin neutral, and depending on your responses to various discussions you have with her, she may like you more or less as time goes on. I won't go into details, but in essence, if you are mean to her, she won't like you very much! Bretons also have a complicated history with the Altmer and the Nords, and this will show in some of her views. This doesn't mean that she'll hate you for being a Nord or an Altmer, but she will start out with some misgivings about those cultures. She is wary of the Stormcloaks, but if you have a discussion with her about why you've chosen to fight for Ulfric (and aren't mean about it), she will come to an understanding with you.

Potions: If you ask Remi about herself, you may learn that she brews potions on occasion. After talking with her about this, you will be able to ask her for some sample potions in safe places (i.e., Inns, Player Homes). She is self-taught, so her potions tend to be a little wonky. These potions have the base vanilla effect in addition to a strong secondary effect but also a costly third effect. Give them a try. :) After all, she's worked hard on them.

Upgrading Scrap: Each dwemer ruin Remi sees will give her some inspiration in how she programs her dwemer spider. How strong Scrap is depends on how many of these ruins she has seen. By default, Scrap starts at "Level 1". 

1-Basic Dwemer Spider, levels at a rate of 0.8 with the PC
2-Increased Attack Strength, levels at a rate of 0.8 with the PC
3-Adds the Dwemer Spider lightning attack, levels at a rate of 0.9 with the PC
4-Increased Attack Strength, levels at a rate of 0.9 with the PC
5-Adds the Dwemer steam attack, levels at a rate of 1.0 with PC

The locations that will count toward this quest include:
  • Mzulft
  • Alftand
  • Ikrngthand
  • Kagrenzel
  • Avanchnzel
  • Bthardamz
  • The Aetherium Forge
  • Mzinchaleft
  • Raldbthar
  • Arkngthamz

Healing: After you reach a high level of friendship with Remi, she will offer to heal you in battle. If you reach less than 40% health, she will attempt to patch you up.

Set Home: Can tell Remi to live in any Inn or Player Home, and she will return there to sandbox after being dismissed.

Relax: If you're getting your busywork done, melting down all that dwarven metal for ingots, and you're tired of Remi drilling holes into the back of your head as you work, you can tell her to relax. She will remain within the general vicinity you asked her to relax in and get her own busywork done. She'll only relax in places that are safe to relax in (inns, player homes, towns, and cities). If you're feeling kind, you can bring her a drink while you guys unwind.

Projects: If you are good enough friends with her, Remi might talk about projects that she is working on and ask for your help. While relaxing, see if she seems to be thinking about anything to trigger each project. Currently, there are three projects, but more will be added down the line.

Horse Riding: You can ask Remi to ride her horse. Keep in mind that she can't follow you into cities while riding, so have her dismount if you're heading into town.

Lockpicking: Remiel can pick locks, using a spell that is given to the PC after completing or skipping her intro quest. Use this spell instead of the vanilla commands in order to have her lockpick.

Marriage: Complete the "Upgrades" quest and/or hear Remi talk about her history with her father and with her previous relationship. This will allow the player to start "flirting" with her, with a dialogue option aptly named 'flirt.' Each option in this category will award a set number of points toward setting her as a marriage candidate, with 12 points being the minimum for marrying her. You'll know you've reached this because Remi will have force-greeted you four times to 'flirt' back. At this point, the marriage proceeds according to vanilla. After marriage, Remi will have some unique idles, will make you meals, will run a "store," and can be given gifts. She'll also banter with your kids.

Disable Automaton: After Remi's Crossbow is made, she will think up a new project that will help her learn how to disable automaton so long as she and the PC are undetected. This will be done through a spell given to the player.

Toggle the Use of Her AutomatonRemi can be told to stop using her dwemer spider in battle, through a dialogue option under "I have a favour to ask." This can also be turned back on at any point.

Lantern: Remi will use a lantern inside or outside when it is dark, after completing the necessary project. This can be toggled off.



Vanilla Followers

Teldryn Sero: ~70 lines, 9 Banters
Aela the Huntress: ~80 lines, 13 Banters
Serana: ~100 lines, 9 Banters
Meeko: ~10 lines, 2 "Banters" (Can one banter with a dog?)
J'zargo: ~60 lines; 7 Banters

Modded Followers

Lucifer: ~200 lines
Thogra*: ~150 lines
Xelzaz: ~1,150 lines (Including Triple Interactions)
Auri~250 lines
Redcap: ~400 lines (Including Triple Interactions)
Madras (LOTD)*: ~100 lines
Serana Dialogue Addon: ~200 lines
Rumarin: ~300 lines
Zora: ~200 lines
Gore: ~300 lines
Yazakh: ~350 lines
Anum-La: ~175 lines

If you run with Redcap and Xelzaz, all three will talk with one another.
If you run with Rumarin, Zora, and Anum-La, all four will talk with one another. You'll need NFF.

Other Mods

I'm Glad You're Here
The Timelost Dwemer*: ~250 lines

In Progress

Aeowyn and ElfwynIn Progress :)
Nebarra: In Progress :)
SpikeIn Progress :)

*Requires Patch

Quest Commentary:


Vanilla Quests

Main Quest (Beginning at Way of the Voice)
Dragonborn DLC, including some side quests
Dawnguard DLC, including Lost to the Ages

Faction Quests

College of Winterhold and its Side Quests

The Dark Brotherhood
Thieves' Guild

Daedric Quests

The Black Star
Boethiah's Calling
A Daedra's Best Friend
Ill Met By Moonlight
House of Horrors
The Taste of Death
A Night to Remember

Markarth Side Quests

The Forsworn Conspiracy
The Lost Expedition
No One Escapes Cidhna Mine

Riften Side Quests

The Book of Love
Unfathomable Depths

Windhelm Side Quests

Blood on The Ice

Misc. Quests

That Was Always There
Dark Ancestor
No News is Good News
The Straw that Broke
Spread the Love
Grimsever's Return
Hunt and Gather
Erik the Slayer
Bothela's Discreet Delivery
Thane of the Reach
Delivery to Calcelmo
Search and Seizure

Modded Quests

Beyond Reach: ~250 lines
Legacy of the Dragonborn: ~600 lines

Custom Quests:


Attuned Assassination

Help Remi with a project to build a 'tuning fork' used to stealth kill automaton.

Requirement: Complete 'Remi's Crossbow Crucible'

Real Nord Food

Help Remi create a Chaurus Pie. 

Requirement: Gift Remi 'Chaurus Pie: A Recipe'

Remi's Crossbow Crucible

Help Remi build a crossbow.

Requirement: Regard of 5 or higher

The Dwemer Specialist

Remi's intro quest

Requirement: None

Reunion of the Fallen

Uncover a plot to kill Remi and help her exact revenge.

Requirement: Remi has told the PC about her arranged marriage in full

We Who Challenge the Sun

Help Remi complete a project to create a lantern.

Requirement: Complete 'Reunion of the Fallen' and speak to Remi in her workshop

Race: Breton
Location: Markarth, Silverblood Inn
Voice: Custom Voicing OR Female Even-toned
Skills: Conjuration (As Scrap is technically a summon), Lightfoot, Apprentice Locks, Stealth 40


  • Everything is in a FOMOD. Download and install the FOMOD like you would any other mod.


None except the DLCs



  • Download one of the two downloads with your favourite mod manager.
  • Install and enable. Make sure all of the esps you selected in the FOMOD are enabled.
  • Launch Skyrim and head to Markarth.
  • Enjoy. :)



Amazing Follower Tweaks:

This will adopt her into the framework and will cause issues. I will not help with any issues related to having her in AFT.

Soft Incompatibility:

Other Follower Frameworks (I.e.- NFF):

So long as she is not imported into the framework, they should work fine. If she is imported, it will cause issues.

Mods that affect Banter Rate:

Might cause issues with when she says certain commentary that progresses some of her quests.

Mods that affect the Vanilla Marriage:

If you plan on marrying her, do not run marriage mods, or it will confuse her.



-More location aware commentary

-Commentary on more vanilla quests

-Commentary on Beyond Reach's side quests

-Commentary on more modded quests

-Expand her lantern quest

-Improved Voicing


Mod to make Remiel look specifically like in the pictures is: Total Character Makeover
Most of her features will be affected by Body/Face mods, so how she appears for you will depend on your mod setup.



Join Remi's Discord Server to ask questions, report bugs, follow my progress on creating her, or just hang out and chat:

Remiel and Dwemer Enthusiasts



Remi: That's me :)
Lucifer: MrVideoFreak
Thogra: Generated with SKVA Synth by damakarmelow
Xelzaz: Bluepwnsu
Auri: Waribiki 
Redcap: FathomX
Serana: Kerstyn Unger
Nebarra: TheWolfeScott
Gore: HaydenDaws
Spike: CKDN11
Yazakh: Keara Hayes


Thanks so much to Jwisser and Fleurfoxfur for helping test the mod!!


theRoadstroker: model for Remiel's Backpack
Tupii: original mod for Remiel's Backpack (Leather Backpack)
LolzMan1325: SE port (Rerelease-Leather Backpack-Special Edition)
CrEaToXx: Custom Framework Guide (Creating Custom Follower Framework)
QuarantineCouture: Practical Pirate Outfit
QwibQwib: Remiel's Lantern, from Simple Wearable Lanterns
CALEB2: Dwemer Automatons Glowmapped (For the patch in the FOMOD)
Aoeth: Party Hat (Misc. Equipments for Party)
RedShiftja: The Timelost Dwemer
TateTaylor: Lost Races of Aetherius

Modding Tips:

U/LastLivingDwarf: Tips on how to fix broken quests
U/TieflingGrimoire: Script edits to disallow Remi's scenes to play repeatedly


This is my first mod, and it's a learning process. I keep discovering more and more things that I can do, and looking back and realizing that some of my work could be more efficient. Hindsight is 20/20, after all. So if you find any strangeness, bugs, or the like, please tell me, so I can go back and fix my errors!