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Adds Remiel to your game, custom voiced with ~1200 lines of dialogue, a Breton engineer who will accompany you in your travels. She's travelled from Wayrest to explore dwemer ruins in Skyrim, but she needs your help. While she's not much of a fighter, she boasts a knack for machinery and will reprogram a dwemer spider to fight alongside you both.

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Remiel is a Breton Dwemer specialist. She hails from Wayrest, and having explored her fill of the dwemer ruins in High Rock, she has moved on to explore Skyrim. The only problem is, she's not much of a fighter, and will need your help to see all that Skyrim has in store for her.

She is custom-voiced with approximately 1200 lines of dialogue. She is aware of the cities and towns of Skyrim, of various weathers, and of the times of day. She also has commentary on two questlines as of right now, The College of Winterhold questline (and its side quests) and The Thieves' Guild Questline. She works off a custom follower framework, which means that similarly to Inigo, for example, using NFF, AFT, etc. will most likely confuse her. You're free to try to manage her with such frameworks, but I haven't tested them myself and I won't be able to help if she does break. 

You can find Remi staying at Markarth's Silverblood Inn, where she is staying after having been turned away from Nchuand-Zel, the ruins under the city. You can offer your aid in gaining entrance to the ancient dwemer city, embarking on a mini-quest that follows along with the vanilla quest "The Lost Expedition." During this quest, Remi will obtain her dwemer spider and become a "full" follower, unlocking various discussion topics, quest dialogue, idle commentary, and a regard system.

Remiel's spider, Scrap, can be upgraded. After completing her initial quest, you will be prompted to take Remi exploring with you, and after seeing a number of dwemer ruins in your travels, she will begin making improvements. A detailed explanation can be found below.


While Remi will rely on you and Scrap to see her through dungeons safely, she has other skills that may prove useful to you.

  • Thievery comes naturally to her, and if you hand her some lockpicks, she's sure to make quick work of any doors in your way. Being physically weak, she's also learned to try and get by her foes unnoticed, giving her experience in stealth and avoiding traps. 
  • A tendency to experiment lends itself toward potion-brewing. She may not have formal training in alchemy, but she's brave enough to eat strange ingredients and throw them into potions, just to see what may be created. Her potions may be useful... or they may not. That's for you to discover.
  • While Remi's areas of knowledge tend toward the mechanical, she is a Breton, after all, and so has an innate ability with magic. Although she never quite got the hang of the more advanced magics, she can keep her health up. If you become a close enough friend, maybe she'll even use her restoration spells for you.

Voice Samples:




More In-depth on her Features:


Race: Breton
Location: Markarth, Silverblood Inn
Voice: Custom Voicing OR Female Even-toned
Skills: Conjuration (As Scrap is technically a summon), Lightfoot, Apprentice Locks, Stealth 40

  1. Main File: Custom Voiced, Custom Framework, 1200 lines of dialogue, Custom Looks
  2. Optional File 1: Vanilla Female Even-Toned Voice Type, Vanilla Framework, no quests, just Remi and her spider
  3. Optional File 2: Custom Voiced, Custom Framework, 1200 lines of dialogue; Vanilla Looks
Use only one. Technically you could run multiple? But it'd be a bit odd.


  1. Download one of the two downloads with your favourite mod manager. (I use Vortex, but there's no reason NMM or MO2 shouldn't work)
  2. Install and enable mod normally.
  3. Launch Skyrim and head to Markarth.
  4. Enjoy. :)




I'm by no means a professional voice actor!!! I fully expect people to largely dislike her voice, and that's okay! Additionally, I live in an apartment, which offers... less than stellar sound quality. I've done my best to edit and improve her voice lines, but I'm still learning. I do think as I've recorded more lines, it has become more... natural? Likely, I will keep practicing and go back to the terrible voice lines and make them slightly less terrible in future updates. :)

This is also my first mod, and it's a learning process. I keep discovering more and more things that I can do, and looking back and realizing that some of my work could be more efficient. Hindsight is 20/20, after all. So if you find any strangeness, bugs, or the like, please tell me, so I can go back and fix my errors!


Mod to make Remiel look specifically like in the pictures is: Total Character Makeover
Most of her features will be affected by Body/Face mods, so how she appears for you will depend on your mod setup.


theRoadstroker: model for Remiel's Backpack
Tupii: original mod for Remiel's Backpack (Leather Backpack)
LolzMan1325: SE port (Rerelease-Leather Backpack-Special Edition)
CrEaToXx: Custom Framework Guide (Creating Custom Follower Framework)