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Based on the fantasy book series "The Wheel of Time" this mod adds the follower Aviendha and Wheel of Time related quests, with nearly 700 custom-voiced lines.

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  • French

What is the Wheel of Time(WoT)?

The Wheel of Time is a fantasy book series written by the late Robert Jordan. It's also about to become a major Amazon TV series.

What's in the mod?
The mod consists of the follower Aviendha and a few quests, all fully voiced.

Where can I find Aviendha?
Something will happen when you cross the Riverwood bridge.

The Follower:
Aviendha is a "Maiden of the Spear", a warrior of a people called the Aiel.

  • She will take a liking to Whiterun and over time she will come to talk with many of its inhabitants.
  • Serana, Ysolda, and Adrianne will become her near-sisters(best friends). At times Aviendha will run off just to talk to them.
  • Romance quest. (Optional)
  • She will talk to your adopted kids, your spouse and comment on your house.
  • Comments on the major Skyrim quests, cities, weather, and locations.
  • Adjusts her comments based on whether you're the Dragonborn or if she's been romanced.
  • Will not talk while you sneak.
  • Wears a shoufa(a sort of scarf) when fighting(optional)
  • The Aiel do not use horses, but she will teleport if she's too far away(optional)

The Quests:
There are currently four quests. They are not massive quests, consider them an introduction to future bigger quests. You'll get to meet a few WoT characters, get some spells and visit new locations. 
All quests require that you are the Dragonborn(you will be considered Dragonborn after killing the first dragon and becoming Thane of Whiterun).
The quests will start naturally as you spend time with Aviendha. If you do them asap, all quests will start within 20 days of meeting Aviendha.

Quest list:

Are there WoT spoilers?
You will obviously meet characters from WoT and be introduced to some lore. But it's been adapted to work in the world of Skyrim. Something which happens in the mod doesn't necessarily happen in the books.

As of now, there are no known incompatible mods.
Follower frameworks such as AFT and NFF can be installed in your game, but shouldn't be used to handle Aviendha. If you really want to anyway, at least wait until after the quest Darkfriends. Note that I haven't tested this, and offer no support if you choose to do so.

Want to help?
Can you create creatures or armor? Familiar with WoT/Skyrim and can write? Contact me if you want to contribute to this project.

Aviendha - Cristina Hernandez
Moiraine - Elizabeth Plant
Additional voices by Jack, Helena, Michaela, Lyndall.

Assets used from other mods:
KS Hairdos
The Eyes of Beauty
Ryder's Dragonfly Robes
Practical Pirate Outfit
Hood of Stranger
Cloaks of Skyrim
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