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"It does seem a most preposterous way of settling a dispute."
Open Civil War (OCW) transforms the linear Civil War questline into a multi-dimensional strategy game, including the cut content city battles in the hold capitals.

It enhances the civil war table maps with more fort flags, more flag colors, and something more: in the shadow of the regular army campaign, there is an ongoing raiding and recruiting, carried out by Imperial Auxilia and Stormcloak Militia forces.


These troops won't storm nor garrison forts, but can cause upheavals in the holds they overswarm.

You also can join the fray and launch a battle for the hold capital city. You can do it right away when you get to the field military camp - no need to do vanilla missions and fort battles.

However you have to win against the battle odds, before your soldiers give up and retreat. The battle odds depend on the strategy situation, your rank in the civil war, and the OCW difficulty level.

Battle odds details are listed if you choose the dialogue option to resolve the capital hold battle off-screen. The off-screen option might be also useful if you happen to use a city overhaul mod that would break the flow of the actual cut content battle.

When you start using the options of this mod, you have to pick a difficulty level for the Open Civil War, from Novice to Legendary. Choose wisely. You won't lose the civil war with only this mod, but it may be hard to win.

But it will never be too hard, because it's up to you how often the war-map counter-campaigns are executed (and it's pretty much the only way the enemy can retake holds).
- and the vanilla quest-line (missions and/or fort battles) should be still there as an option...

Besides, same as in the vanilla, you need to own all 8 holds in order to start the conquest of the final enemy hold. The strategy AI is dumb enough to not prevent that at all costs...


After enemy gains ownership of one of the holds close to your capital, you can fight a siege relief of your capital city. It could be easier than battling the enemy in their territory.

In Dawnstar, Winterhold, Falkreath and Morthal: there's a 50% chance for a regular battle, and 50% for either an ambush, or the enemy withdrew (presumably to attack another hold). - it looks like a glitch with missing enemy soldiers happened
- but don't expect it to go away if you keep reloading your save made after the quest "Battle of ..." started!
- instead, simply return to Rikke/Galmar to claim an easy victory.

Attacks crossing hold borders face a bonus strength of the defenders. Usually the modifier is +1 per a hold border crossed. It may be 0 or +2, depending on who controls the border area forts or villages.

Initial strength of the rogue forts varies from 1 to 6 depending on the difficulty level. If the fort location is "clearable" in Skyrim, clearing it will cut the bandit strength down by half. If it's a vanilla civil war fort, it will be retaken by the military when the hold switches sides.

If you start the wargame before the vanilla civil war questline, it will start off fairly balanced. If you start it right after the Battle of Whiterun quest, it will be balanced, too. Somehow the vanilla game has the bandit forts taken by soldiers, but only in the holds owned by the enemy faction.


  • Like any other quest mod, does NOT require a new game start.

  • Unpack the downloaded archive and copy files OwnCivilWar.esp, OwnCivilWar.bsa, "OwnCivilWar - Textures.bsa" to "...\Skyrim Special Edition\Data" directory.

  • The mod can be placed pretty much anywhere in the load order (for example with other quest mods).

  • Incompatible with:
  • - Skyrim Civil War Commanders

  • After enabling/updating this mod, find a war map (preferably not the one in the room you were in while enabling the mod); check if the bandit fort flags are clearly present (e.g. Valtheim, east of Whiterun)

  • To initialize, activate any war map flag. This should place on the map the imperial and stormcloack helmets marks (which represent auxiliia/millitia troops).

  • Activating a helmet musters it for a raid or marks it as an attack target.
  • Activating a flag let you choose from: Cancel, Manual, Auto, Pass

  • "PASS" makes some of these helmets grow a little bit. "Auto" lets the AI play until it decides to pass.

  • On first move "Auto" initially plays the same as "PASS", because units start at strength 1 and AI is not likely to attack with this.

  • A well-balanced opening is "PASS", "PASS", "PASS", "Auto", "Auto", "Auto", ... - so that the side first to launch raiding isn't the first side to move.

  • "Manual" works the same as activating troops marks directly.
  • - you need to choose two: one which will be the attacker and one that the attack target.
    - pay attention to which side is on the move.

  • After taking the (vanilla quest) oath to either civil war faction, the AI will always play "Auto" for the enemy side.

  • After the vanilla quest "Battle of Whiterun", new mod-added dialogue options will let you
  • - tell Ulfric/Tullius the next hold to attack, or start a capital siege relief (only if the enemy gained nearby hold)
    - tell Rikke/Galmar in the camp to start a decisive hold capital battle, either off-screen or restored cut content version
    - tell Ulfirc/Tullius to come to the military camp after the hold is conquered, or not to do that anymore
    - tell Rikke/Galmar that you've fled a fort battle
    - tell Rikke/Galmar that you've abandoned a hold capital battle, or that the enemy withdrew without a battle
    - tell a military camp commander to have Rikke/Galmar come to this camp (wait 1 hour, then).

  • ... the description continues on Skyrim Classic page ;-)