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About this mod

He will lead you anywhere you wish to go , scout for enemies by smelling and telling you while you sneak in caves and ruins. He knows your gender and race and prays in temples, he reads stuff that was not meant to be read and...well, read below.

Permissions and credits
Questions and Support on Skeever Discord
Self-Read on the Skeever Website for more information and details

Version 1.3 7

- You do not need to start a new game.
- Can be updated and overwritten from 1.3.1
- You can start Skeever Quest at level-5 or above [will lead to him agreeing to carry your stuff and wait]
- Do not Press and Hold the "E" key to force Skeever to do favors for you -  use the built-in dialogue instead.
- It's best not to use followers that have scenes with Skeever during his quests.
- Skeever has an option to wait for you since level-1 via ask a Personal Question.
- Skeever will not trade or be dismissed before you reach level-5 and start his quest.

Can Read
- Consider looking at the changelog.
- See the Skeever YouTube channel for videos on features.
- Visit The Website for more information and troubleshooting + The Beta, somewhat tested, latest version
- Starting from the last Update on Nexus, I decided to upload only fully tested versions to Nexus while anything in between will be on the Skeever Website, if you are a true Skeever Fan, go to the Website and get the latest version, everything should work fine, but there may be new issues as it's in development.

- Skeever can lead while you manually play Walk or Run
-Skeever can lead while you go get a drink or eat dinner Walk or RUN
-You will have control when there is a fight, either fight or don't, if you die that's on you.
-You will be continued to be led by Skeever to the same destination after the fight
-A small bonus feature to ask Skeever to lead you to random locations [may be developed in the future]
-Use the "Skeever Stop" options in your magic menu to stop the Auto-follow feature completely and resume manual mode [Skeever will tell you and you will see the "Power" in your magic menu.
Have fun, this was awesome to make. 

General Overview
- Find Skeever at the Whiterun Bannered Mare staring at a wall
- 16k lines
- 6 quests
- Can detect enemies and tell you what he is smelling
- Can lead you to over 550 locations [Blackreach and Forggoton Vale Included]
- Skeever Reading list on Website
- Skeever Quest coverage on Website
- 10 voice actors
- 2 new locations 
- 5 new interiors 
- 42 Easter Eggs
- Vampire Aware [WIP]
- Covers all Daedric Artifacts extensively 
- Reads and plays Riddle Books [Unlocked by reading the "Red Riddle Book´╗┐"]
- Grows on you, it's not love at first sight.
- 5 secret passages 
- Able to read scrolls
- Able to read recipes 
- Able to read weapons 
- Extensive sneak dialogue
- Collaboration with "There Is No Umbra" follower mod.
- Collaboration with "Nebarra" follower mod.
-´╗┐ In-Game Idle-Silence feature [ask him inside an Inn or tavern
- Drunk Rant feature [be warned!]
- Bumping aware
- Sneak aware 
- Personalized comments about players starting from Level-1
- Fight up close for more lines, fight from afar for fewer lines
- Lines and features open up as you advance in the quests
- All illnesses and diseases aware
- Additional race-related awareness 
- Prayer feature in temples
- Trespassing aware
- 100% of Skyrim's Interior Cells [all 743 of them] covered.
- 2 artifacts 
- He is a Lightfoot and does not trigger most traps
- He has great blocking skills
- He can sing
- He is a terrible lockpicker.
- He is a bad swimmer.
- He may complain sometimes but it's filled with positive intentions

About Skeever
He loves mushrooms.
He hates vampires.
He loves to drink.
He hates the cold.
He loves to eat.
He hates water.
He loves gold.
He hates to carry stuff.
He loves to sing.
He hates guttersnipes.
He loves to read Scrolls
He hates to hurt skeevers.
He loves sleeping.
He hates to waste money.
He loves when you ask him questions.
He hates trespassing.
He loves using skeever tails for ...stuff.
He Hates the Thalmor.
He loves to Read Recipes.
He Hates Vampires again!

What's his story?

I can say he is a Breton who is drunk without drinking, he does not know why this happens and this is where you come in. I assure you there is much more to him than just a simple follower, it will also slowly become clear how come he knows so much about so much, yet is always confused at the same time.
He is worried and sometimes sneaky, but most of the time he is "True Good", he calls it as he sees it and does not have full control of which words leave his mouth.

Thanks-Section [will be added later on]