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This mod provides new paths (both good and evil) to complete the first Dark Brotherhood quest. Grelod the Kind, you'd better watch out. Fully voiced as usual.

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Innocence Lost - Quest Expansion

Quest now features two distinct general paths, with some sub-paths within. Every single new option here is fully voiced using spliced lines.

  • If you decide you want to put an end to Grelod's life, you can do so now in style.
  • You still have the chance of killing her the vanilla way by simply attacking her, but if you're a bit classier, you might want to:
  • Poison her wine, which comes with a custom scene. Purple wedding style.
  • This route requires you to first get the "opportunity". Just listen to Grelod talk about her favourite wine and you'll get the prompt/idea.
  • You might alternatively be able to lure her to a secluded part of the Riften docks and give her a little push. (Ludacris style: Move, hag, get outta the way)
  • Killing Grelod (no matter how) means Astrid will have you kidnapped and everything will continue as normal in vanilla.

  • You can now have Grelod arrested (with a Karen-esque, can I speak to the manager, funny scene).
  • This route can be taken regardless of having met Aventus Aretino, the only requirement is that you must first see how Grelod treats the children.
  • You can pay a bribe or use your influence as a Thane to convince a guard to have her arrested.
  • Exploring the orphanage might give you more evidence to help convince the guards to help you. (Unlocking a Speechcraft check)
  • Grelod might be visited while in prison. She won't be happy to see you.
  • After informing Aventus of her arrest and returning to Riften, you might hear that she's been found dead in her cell. The kids will be delighted about this.
  • As the contract was fulfilled by the Dark Brotherhood, they won't be kidnapping you anymore. After all, you didn't have anything to do with her murder.
  • CAREFUL: This path locks you out from joining the Dark Brotherhood. Only take this route if that's what you want.
  • If you plan to eventually destroy the Dark Brotherhood, I recommend installing EpicCrab's "Dark Brotherhood Rising Revengeance", which allows you to destroy the Dark Brotherhood without first having to murder Grelod. Fully compatible with this mod.

  • The mod offers a lot of freedom in terms of what you can do and when. I've accounted for these paths with little winks and easter eggs here and there.
  • Examples: Instead of poisoning her, you can steal Grelod's favourite wine and she'll throw an angry fit at those damn foreigners who keep stealing things, cause Skyrim was much safer back in her day, y'know. The poisoning comes with a custom skin overlay and everything. There's a mini animation when you're listening to Grelod's initial scene, peeking in the corner. You might unlock new guard dialogue by visiting Grelod's secret room. She will speak about you exploring the orphanage and warn you to cut it out. Constance will have custom reactions to all the possible endings, like wondering where Grelod went if you killed her discreetly outside the Honorhall Orphanage, acknowledging Grelod's been poisoned with a new scene and plenty of other little interactions like these. I really went overboard with this one haha.

Preview of the quest in action

〜Andrew S, Ares, Eric B, K0mp1ex, Macpherb, Nightfallstorm〜
& everyone who is supporting me on Patreon, Twitch or any other means


Is this flagged ESL?

Can I install this mid-game?
Yes. If you've already done the quest, nothing will change/happen, but it should be safe. If you're in the middle of the quest and have already spoken to Aventus, I suggest waiting for your next playthrough to install it, just to be safe.

Is this compatible with X?
Mods that modify the same quest will need a patch or you can also place my mod near the bottom of your load order so it can overwrite the other mod. Luckily, I only know one mod that edits this quest: The Choice Is Yours (and there's a patch provided in the FOMOD) 
  • But in general with my quest expansion series: Place the quest expansion after ANY mods that modify the same quest

Help!! I had Grelod arrested and now I can't join the Dark Brotherhood!!!!111
Arresting Grelod means you won't be the one that kills her, and therefore no kidnapping. The mod includes new content for both the killing and imprison paths, so just choose one. If you've arrested her but not yet talked to Aventus, you can still go to jail and kill her yourself, putting you back in the DB path.
  • If you completed the quest by arresting her and now regret it,  you can use the console to activate the kidnapping path: setstage db01 255

Do you recommend any other mods to pair this one with?
Yes, as the mod connoisseur I am, I always have excellet suggestions. All of these are hidden gems and fully compatible with this mod. Highly recommended.

Mr Jay, is this compatible with the sexy Grelod BHUNP in lingerie replacer I have installed?
Rawr. Yes. Mod doesn't modify any character records.

Will you be doing the rest of the Dark Brotherhood quests? What about the companions? What about...
No plans currently. Honestly, I don't know. I'm a free spirit. I do whatever I find fun at the moment. If you really want to see something in the game, I encourage you to learn how to make simple quests and give it a try yourself. It's a lot easier than it seems! I started not knowing anything about modding, now here we are. Also, if you're serious about modding, you can ask me for help or advice any time, I might be able to point you in the right direction. Always happy to help!

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