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Fix and upgrade the Aretino residence into a proper (player) home! Invite Aventus to return home! Give Sofie a warm place to sleep! Or just use it for yourself! Fully voiced quest with 12 possible upgrade options. (Optionally) Uses General Stores.

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Aventus' house has gone to trash over the years,
which is a shame because it seems like a nice cozy little house...
So why not fix it up?! :D

Starting the quest...

Get the quest by talking to Angrenor inside the Aretino residence.

He starts hanging out here during the day (10:30-16:00) after Aventus has returned to the Honorhall Orphanage. (Requires USSEP.)
Aventus returns to Honorhall after the quest Innocence Lost is complete, and With Freinds Like These... is started.


Initially, only the Kitchen and Bedroom upgrades are available. More are unlocked as you do them!
Each upgrade focuses on one primary location, but most of them also add minor decorations to other areas of the house as well, so nowhere ends up looking completely bare no mater what order you do the upgrades in.

Adds a cooking pot, pantry, dishes, and improves the fireplace.

Entrance (Unlocked after Kitchen)
Adds an Unburden Fountain, various wall decorations, a bigger rug, a table, a chest, and a hanging animal ring.

Enchanting Station (Unlocked after Entrance)
Adds the station itself, decorations, and 2 enchanting skill books.

Dining Room (Unlocked after Kitchen)
Adds a bigger table, and more dishes around the house. Enables family food time.

Alchemy Lab (Unlocked after Dining Room)
Adds the lab, decorations, an alchemy skill book, a hanging herb rack, and various alchemy ingredients throughout the house.

Adds a double bed, dresser, nightstand, rug, and strongbox to the loft.

Living Room (Unlocked after Bedroom)
Adds a General Stores Master Chest, table, stools, and another chair near the fireplace.

Angrenor's Bedroom (Unlocked after Living Room)
Adds a door frame to Angrenor's room, a wall lamp, rug, and various decorations.

Spare Room (Unlocked after both Kitchen and Living room are done)
The spare room upgrade has 4 possible options. These can be changed afterwards, with the exception of the children's bedroom.

Children's Bedroom (Warning: This upgrade is irreversible once done!)
Adds 2 child beds, 2 dressers, a doll and a toy sword.

Follower Bedroom
Adds a bed, tall dresser, and a small table.

Adds 3 bookshelves, 2 benches, and a chair.

Adds 4 small display cases, 2 medium display cases,
1 weapon & shield plaque, 2 weapon plaques,
2 mannequins, and 2 two-weapon stand up racks.


Yes! Once you have the kid's bedroom upgrade!
Fully compatible with HF Multiple Adoptions, if you would like to use it with your own family!

Alternatively, if you already have a home for your family somewhere else, but would still like to help out more kids...

You can invite Aventus to return home, and tell Sofie(the orphan of Windhelm) that she can live at Aventus' house!

They will move into the Aretino home using custom AI, not connected to the HF adoption system.
Their rooms will get a few more decorations personalized for them, and they will use custom AI packages:
Aventus will train to be an assassin! Using both the normal HF kid training dummy, and the addition of archery training!
Sofie will still sell her flowers! But just on weekdays for a few hours a day.
She makes 0-3 gold per day, which gets added to the money box in her room.

Family Food Time
Angrenor will make food for himself and the kids twice a day (11:00 and 17:00).
It will appear on the table and gradually disappear over an hour while they eat.


Help! Aventus won't leave the house after I finished Innocence Lost, so Angrenor won't move in!
Do you have USSEP? In vanilla, Angrenor is given a key for the Aretino house, but never actually moves in. The unofficial patch fixes this!
After you've reported back to Aventus to finish Innocence Lost, go sleep somewhere not in Windhelm and it should start With Friends Like These...
Then Aventus should go back to Honorhall.

I don't want to use USSEP.
Then you'll have to manually disable all Aventus' ritual junk yourself, move Angrenor to Aventus' house with the console and probably still have problems that I can't help you with, but good luck!

Help! Aventus went back to the orphanage, but Angrenor still won't go to the Aretino residence!
Do you have other mods that could be affecting his AI?
Depending on the weather, some mods may be making him do other things, like hang out in Candlehearth during snowstorms, etc.
If you keep waiting, he should show up eventually!
Worst case, you could go find him, click him in the console, go back to the house and use moveto player to teleport him there, if you really don't want to wait.

Why did Angrenor get a Stormcloak Officer outfit?!
Because he used to be one of the best soldiers in the stormcloak army! :O
I wanted something fitting for a Stormcloak soldier, but Stormcloak guard armor is just too generic.

How long do the upgrades take?? I've been waiting forever!!!
Upgrades happen when Angrenor returns to the house and the player is not inside. He will always leave the house at least once a day.
If you're impatient, wait for him to be inside, ask him to do an upgrade, target him in console, then go outside and use moveto player and wait for him to go back in.

I don't like Angrenor.
Then he probably doesn't like you either. Sorry. :/

Why does your Angrenor/Sofie/Aventus look different than mine?
I'm using RS Children and my own slightly modified versions of each of them.
I'll add their facegens as optional files if you want them.

"You cannot rest/sleep while being asked to leave." What? Why am I being asked to leave?! 
Something is overwriting RtAR, generally a lighting mod or something else that makes general changes to all locations. Be sure you have any appropriate lighting patch, or place AretinoHome.esp lower in your load order until it's fixed. If the lighting looks weird, and you're using something I haven't patched, lemme know which and I'll see if it needs a patch too!

The layout looks a little different from vanilla. What did you change?
Good eye! The loft is completely new, and the entry got renovated. Aside from that, it's just furnishings being moved around to fit better!


The biggest conflicts are lighting mods, since they generally edit every cell, which in this case will put it back to a vanilla reset zone.
This can be solved by loading RtAR AFTER your lighting mods, but in addition, if many lights are added it can cause it to go over the lighting limit making odd shadow flickering and visual glitches. So for these ones, you need a patch!

ELFX - Patch available under optional files!
RLO - Patch available under optional files!
Relighting Skyrim - Patch available under optional files!
Enhanced Lighting for ENB - Compatible if RtAR is loaded after!
Luminosity - Compatible if RtAR is loaded after!
(If using a lighting mod that's not on this list, post a comment if it seems to be causing off lighting and I'll take a look at it!)

Alternate Start - Live Another Life - Compatible if not using the DB start.
If using the DB start it skips the intro quest causing Aventus to never leave the house. But this can be easily fixed with the console by typing in setstage dbentrancequest 200

HF Multiple Adoptions - Compatible!
Open Cities - Compatible if RtAR is loaded after!
RS Children/TKAA/Ect - Compatible!

I also recommend Stormcloak Officer Armor with Sleeves, if you want Angrenor to wear pants. (Would need to be run through NifOptimizer for SE.)
Because Angrenor should wear pants, not that I'm judging or anything...

Wondering about anything else? Leave a comment and I'll take a look. :)

Thanks to Arctic Scrolls for the wonderful spotlight video!