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Adds a custom voiced (VA - Pat Mahoney) Thalmor follower to your Skyrim.
A former member of the Thalmor wants a clean start, and only you can save him from his past life.
Why do you always fall for the broken ones?

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  • Turkish
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^^This is unbelievable!!^^
Thank you to everyone who has downloaded and endorsed Taliesin.  We are both immensely grateful for your support!

A collaboration between two fans of Skyrim to bring a unique Altmer follower.


Meet Taliesin!
(an alias)
He's graceful. 
He's passionate. 
He's terribly flirty and inappropriate. 
The perfect companion animal.

He never fit in at home.  Come to think of it, he never really fit in well with the Thalmor either.  A once-proud member of the Altmeri Dominion with a strange backstory, Taliesin is unlike any Altmer the Dragonborn has encountered.  After a routine order to clear out some Talos Worshippers goes horribly awry, this Mer has a sudden change of heart and wants out.  Perhaps having a member of the Thalmor in your pocket could be beneficial?

You can find him at a hidden statue of Talos near Lake Illinalta.

Did you forget a health potion? No worries.  Poor fool forgot he has a pack right next to him with one in it.
Looks like the mental load is once again on you to remember things.
Surely this bodes well for your future together.


- A standalone follower with a custom voice (VA: Pat Mahoney)
-Custom Frame work not affected by the AFT mod.
-A rest system. Let this Mer relax in an inn while you explore.
- Over 1000+ lines of dialogue, written by the voice actor and mod creator. More to come in the future.
- Commentary on certain misc. quests and the Main Story line.
-A Summon Spell; Helps reset him as well.
- Don't worry about needing to buy a horse. Taliesin has one, her name is Neighomi.



A Word from Tally's Voice Actor
(and Co-Author):

Many of Tally's monologues and quips are inspired by true events and personal hardships.  On my journey, I have felt the world around me lacking in empathy and compassion.  Men are discouraged from talking about their feelings; it is my mission to tap into that oft-suppressed vulnerability.  
It was tough to bear my soul in my portion of the writing, and the kind feedback has literally made DynamiteGal and I cry tears of joy. 
My takeaway is that in life, we all truly do achieve great things by collaborating with others. 
No one is a "self-made person."

It's Pride month; it's also Men's Mental Health Awareness Month.
Both should be celebrated and discussed.  
For me, as a man who occupies both spaces (poly/bi/trauma survivor), Tally represents my own fears, ambitions, and desires that I often don't express in my acting career as much as I wish I could.  For anyone who feels similarly, I hope this mod empowers you to know that you are not alone. 
Now you have Tally!

Grateful for you all. 
And more importantly, I'm grateful for DynamiteGal for giving me space to share my story in her mod. <3

Now go out there and slay!

-Pat Mahoney

The Southerner Diaries

New music for your Skyrim adventures. Composed by the VA of Taliesin himself.


Taliesin's bodyshape and skin textures will differ on what mods you are using for your vanilla NPCs.
He is 100% vanilla (Hair excluded) and may appear different.


Apachii Hair - Apachii
Oblivion Horses/textures - OlegSerih0.
Thalmor Saddle Textures -  Bientje/DudelSaur

Custom Follower Academy Discord Group
Joseph Russel

Side Note:
If anyone, who has experience with porting mods would be interested in porting Taliesin to other platforms such as Xbox, Playstaion, Skyrim VR, or Skyrim LE, you have full permission to do so. All I ask if that you let me know so I can add links for future updates! Thank you!