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Rumors of a secret Vampire city existing deep below Skyrim are spreading in taverns throughout Skyrim. It is said that Vampires have been working on their community for generations ...
Coldhaven gives players a whole new location to explore, or even live in with its own player home. Players can visit Coldhaven as mortals, or as Vampires.

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Vampires in Skyrim are often only found in isolated dens or dungeons. With threats posed by the Dawnguard and Vigilants of Stendarr, some Vampires have banded together to find strength in numbers.

Rumors of a secret Vampire city existing deep below Skyrim are spreading in taverns throughout Skyrim. It is said that Vampires have been working on their community for generations ...

Coldhaven awaits!

Coldhaven gives players a whole new location to explore, or even live in with its own player home. Players can visit Coldhaven as mortals, or as Vampires - the Vampires of Coldhaven use the other races for nourishment but they do tolerate visitors and some outside trade. There are taverns, inns, alchemy and magic shops, clothing shops, and a blacksmith. Commoners live and work in the lower levels of Coldhaven, mortal workers toil in the Thaeyalla fields and gold mine, while noble houses overlook their subordinates. However, there are some mysteries in the city of Coldhaven ... not everything is as it seems.

This mod also has a handful of quests connected to Coldhaven. Can you find a missing founder? Uncover the mysteries in the sewers? Find a wanted fugitive? Join the Crimson Scars? And much more ...

Coldhaven requires all DLCs (you need Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn).
SkyUI and SKSE are not needed, but are highly recommended.

Coldhaven is compatible with ANY Vampire Overhaul.
You do not need to use any of my other mods to use Coldhaven. It is standalone.

To start the quest to find Coldhaven, visit any inn or tavern and speak with the innkeeper/bartender.

For more information, FAQs, or troubleshooting, please look through the sections below.


Coldhaven is, in a minor way, an extension and continuation of my Better Vampire Weapons mod. At the end of BVW, the main character, Tamara, was nowhere to be found. The last we heard of her, she was seeking more powerful weapons to fight back against the Dawnguard and Vigilants. Her ally, at least ideologically, was another vampire named Galain. They were tired of how most Skyrim Vampires are fragmented and isolationists. Tamara and Galain believed organizing together was their best defense.

Coldhaven was founded years ago ... no one quite knows the exact date ... by a small but dedicated group of Vampires. The most notable figures in Coldhaven's founding were Galain, Dalaran, and Sicara. Coldhaven was originally discovered by Sicara while investigating Dwemer ruins in the area. Her research, along with the assistance of hundreds of Falmer workers, helped her unblocked passages that led to the enormous underground cavern. Her magic, along with that of Galain and Dalaran, helped reshape the stone to their purposes.

While Coldhaven was being constructed, many Dwemer artifacts were uncovered and some strange passageways were partially excavated. Galain was particularly interested in some of the ancient Dwemer technology, but his curiosity was pushed aside as they focused on the enormity of building a Vampire city.

As construction neared completion, Dalaran began to study arcane magic and Dwemer technology with more fervor than Galain had ever shown; it bordered on obsession. Galain traveled above-ground gathering information about mortal conflicts and the growing threats of the Vigilants of Stendarr and the Dawnguard. Sicara recruited many Vampires under the banner of Coldhaven and was instrumental in populating the cavern. She is the architect of the city's organization and worker system. Sicara was the first Sovrena of Coldhaven and ruled from her central tower overlooking all citizens.

Vampires in Coldhaven have learned how to combine blood potions and soul gems together into Vampire Bloodgems. These Vampire's Bloodgems can be smelted into Bloodglass Ingots, which can be used to craft brand new Bloodglass weapons. Bloodglass weapons will appear in some NPC shops once you reach a high enough level. Bloodglass weapons can be tempered to improve them. Bloodglass gems, ingots, and the weapons themselves can be purchased in Coldhaven.

Coldhaven remains a closely guarded secret - very few Vampires even know of its existence. Visitors are welcome, but many mortals refuse to stay long and fear for their lives. Recently, Galain was killed by a group of Dawnguard Hunters and Dalaran has gone missing from his tower. The community is still growing and flourishing, but murmurs of concern and mild discontent are spreading through some of the noble houses on Coldhaven's plateau.


Here is a full map of Coldhaven:

Vampire Shrine

Hidden in a remote location, the Vampire Shrine seems simple enough when first entered. It is, however, a cleverly designed secret entrance which descends into the depths of Coldhaven. A magical sunstone by the exit can inform Vampires of the time of day.

The Chalice and Lancet

Coldhaven's Inn and Tavern caters to the needs of its Vampire population, but rooms and sustenance are available for mortal guests as well.  Visitors from
the surface are encouraged to keep to themselves and avoid trouble.  The Chalice and Lancet specializes in various types of Bloodwine - some are much more potent than others.

The Long Road

The Long Road sells general goods and adventuring supplies.  Its owner specializes in raising his own boars and sells their meat for a fair price.

J'Latrell Jewels

This Argonian Vampire couple specialize in selling jewels, soulgems, and jewelry.  Some of the finest enchanted rings and necklaces can be found in their displays.

Guarded Attire

If you are seeking robes or clothing, you can find no finer outfits or accessories than those for sale at the Guarded Attire.  Rumors speak of the owners having some connection to the Dark Brotherhood?

Coldhaven Sanctuary

A hidden entrance to this sanctuary is said to only reveal itself to vampiric members of the Dark Brotherhood - look for the mark of the Black Hand.  A loose descendant of the Crimson Scars, this branch of the assassins guild seeks to turn all members of the Dark Brotherhood into vampires to more effectively carry out the will of Sithis.

Talia's Arcanum

Talia and Ciral sell the finest alchemical ingredients and magical items in Coldhaven.  They have an expansive stock to choose from. 
Vampire visitors should be aware of Ciral's Sun Garden ... her sun orbs reproduce natural light for her plants and they can damage undead flesh.  Only mortal workers tend the plants therein.

Molag's Gardens

Plants from some of the deepest regions of Skyrim have been planted in this unholy garden.  A shrine to Molag Bal dominates the features.  It is said that drinking the blood from this shrine brings favor from Molag Bal himself and opens travel around the city.

Coldhaven Barracks

The guards of Coldhaven are some of the fiercest fighters in all of Skyrim.  Their magic and weapons combine to make them nearly indestructible.  They keep the peace with cold justice and are only accountable to the Sovrena herself.

Kharsh Metalworks

Kharsh is one of the finest blacksmiths in Skyrim.  His work with base metals is astounding, but he excels in fashioning magical weapons.  He is especially gifted in working with bloodglass.

Coldhaven Mine

Coldhaven mine is kept in perpetual darkness and is only worked by the Falmer workers.  It provides a constant supply of gold ore that adds to Coldhaven's riches.  Some Dwemer artifacts have been uncovered while mining here.

Falmer Worker Hovels

The Falmer in Coldhaven have been completely subjugated.  They are not hostile and serve as workers for their Vampire keepers.  Most Falmer work in the Coldhaven gold mine.

Vampire Cattle Hovels

The Vampire cattle of Coldhaven are looked after carefully; much like a shepherd tends his flock - but without any kindness or tenderness.  These workers
exist as a food source and renewable blood supply for the citizens of Coldhaven.  They tend Thaeyalla crops to survive in the darkness of the central cave.

Coldhaven Sewers

The sewer system runs the entire length of Coldhaven.  Small access grates can be found throughout the city.  In recent years some sections have collapsed and the system is no longer maintained.  Strangely enough, some sections of the sewer system existed before the founding of Coldhaven ... a few chambers were discovered during the initial construction.

Lamae's Rest

This home once belonged to Galain, one of the founders of Coldhaven.  It has been sealed since his death and is currently owned by Sovrena Tamara (she may
give it to you to be used as a player home if properly motivated).  If you use the LAL extension, you can choose to own this home from the beginning.

House Quarra

The members of House Quarra are descended from the Quarra Clan in Vvardenfell.  They are quite powerful warriors and hold the most influence over affairs in
Coldhaven.  It is said that, with enough fame in Coldhaven, leaders of House Quarra may ask you if you want to join their family.  Doing so will annoy the other houses and limit your dialogue with them, but you would gain the warrior bonuses of a Quarra Vampire.

House Tarbonnis

The members of House Tarbonnis have recently been elevated to noble status in Coldhaven, but they still hold on to many of their crude habits and mannerisms.  Members of this house are more skilled in sneaking, pick-pocketing, and lock-picking.  They are viewed with some contempt by those in House Quarra and House Aydril.  It is said that, with enough fame in Coldhaven, leaders of House Tarbonnis may ask you if you want to join their family.  Doing so will annoy the other houses and limit your dialogue with them, but you would gain the thief bonuses of a Tarbonnis Vampire.

House Aydril

This noble house is known for some of the most powerful magic users in Coldhaven.  Some of its members may seem physically frail, but they are extremely
capable mages with a deadly collection of magical armor and weapons.  It is said that, with enough fame in Coldhaven, leaders of House Aydril may ask you if you want to join their family.  Doing so will annoy the other houses and limit your dialogue with them, but you would gain the mage bonuses of an Aydril Vampire.

Baalric's House

Baalric lives a life of isolation.  He is often seen in the local inn drowning his sorrows but he does venture from Coldhaven on 'hunting' expeditions on occasion.

Sicara's House

The former Sovrena of Coldhaven, and one of its founders, has fallen from grace and now lives in this small unassuming home.  She has been disavowed by House Quarra and they no longer recognize her existence.

Madi's House

Madi lives a rather quiet life of solitude in the far corner of the noble's plateau.  She lives within a large pillar and can be seen shopping in the lower district on occasion.  Madi is a formidable warrior and may join you as a companion if you wish.

Dalaran's Tower

Dalaran, a powerful mage and one of the founders of Coldhaven, has gone missing.  Lights still flicker in his windows, but he has not been seen in a long, long time.  With no discernible entrance to his abandoned tower his whereabouts remain a mystery.

Tower of the Sovrena

The Sovrena is the ruler over all Coldhaven and all of the Houses pay her homage.  Her tower contains the city's meeting hall, treasury, and her own personal
quarters.  Tamara took over as Sovrena when the council voted out Sicara.

Teleport Platforms
 (spoilerish ...)

These magical teleport platforms are only accessible to citizens, or to guests who have committed themselves to Molag Bal (and Coldhaven).  Once activated, you will be able to see the platforms glow with magical energy.  They will let you teleport back to the Vampire Shrine;  teleporters in the shrine itself will be activated that allow instant transport to the main gate or the Noble's plateau within Coldhaven.

Miscellaneous Shops
 (Extra NPCs and Immersive Clutter)

If you have these enabled in the MCM, there will be an alchemist, food merchant, butcher, bartender and poisoner added to Coldhaven.  With these enabled there will also be random NPCs added to browse merchandise and tend to Molag's Gardens.


This section is a bit spoilerish ...
The following quests can be found in/about Coldhaven:

Rumors of Coldhaven

- Start this quest by speaking with any innkeeper in Skyrim
- This quest has you investigating Vampire rumors and following a mysterious stranger
- This quest will lead you to Coldhaven and will have it added to your map

A Founding Father (main quest)

- Start this quest by speaking with Sovrena Tamara
- Offering to help find Dalaran will lead to you becoming trusted/accepted in Coldhaven
  NOTE:  Do the quest stages in order ... (you must report to Tamara before reading Dalaran's journal)
- This quest can award you a player home (if you never used my LAL start)

Sewers of Coldhaven

- Start this quest (won't be in journal) by finding Gwyndris' note and speaking to her about her fears
- This quest leads to you investigating activity in the sewers

Katseels' Fears

- Start this quest (won't be in journal) by finding Katseels' note and speaking to her about her experience
- This quest is also tied to the sewers

Coldhaven's Most Wanted

- Start this quest (won't be in journal) by finding a note in Werrek's room
- Approach him and ask about the note to start the search for Gudaric somewhere in Coldhaven

House Aydril Initiation

- Start this quest after finishing "A Founding Father" by speaking with Telorsar Aydril
- Completing the quest lets you join House Aydril and gain their specific Vampire bonuses
  (Grants +40 Magicka, +10 to Enchanting, Destruction, Illusion, Alteration)

House Tarbonnis Initiation

- Start this quest after finishing "A Founding Father" by speaking with Imradi Tarbonnis
- Completing the quest lets you join House Tarbonnis and gain their specific Vampire bonuses
  (Grants +20 Health, +10 to Light Armor, Sneak, Lockpicking, Speech)

House Quarra Initiation

- Start this quest after finishing "A Founding Father" by speaking with Yurilas Quarra
- Completing the quest lets you join House Quarra and gain their specific Vampire bonuses
  (Grants +20 Stamina, +10 to Heavy Armor, One-handed, Two-handed, Block)


Vampires have learned how to combine blood potions and soul gems together into Vampire Bloodgems.  These Vampire's Bloodgems can be smelted into Bloodglass Ingots, which can be used to craft brand new Bloodglass weapons. 
Bloodglass weapons will appear in some NPC shops once you reach a high enough level. 
Bloodglass weapons can be tempered to improve them.  Bloodglass gems, ingots, and the weapons themselves can be purchased in Coldhaven.



You must have the Glass Smithing Perk to make Bloodglass weapons - they are slightly less powerful than Daedric weapons, but have added effects
that are independent of any enchantments you might add.

Bloodglass weapons have a rare chance, on each strike, to:
- reduce enemy damage output (10 sec), or
- reduce enemy stamina, magicka, and heal rates (10 sec), or
- reduce enemy movement speed and attack speed (10 sec), or
- absorb health (50+), or
- very rarely kill an enemy and infect them with blood plague which can spread to others nearby ...
- killing a bleeding out enemy may absorb their life force and recharge readied enchanted weapons

Shields can be purchased in Coldhaven that now possess a "Blood Aura" effect. 
Sustained blocking creates a vampiric aura that drains 10 health/sec from all nearby living enemies while consuming the wielder's stamina.

It costs the wielder 15 stamina per second, and the aura shuts off when stamina is depleted.
Only NPCs you are in combat with are affected.
Enemies must be within weapon swing range.
NOT Disenchantable (if you want this effect on another shield, you must attach the DLC1BloodRuneShieldSCRIPT to it in the Creation Kit)

Bows can be purchased in Coldhaven that now possess a "Bat Swarm" effect.
A cloud of bats attacks your opponent for X points of damage each second for <5> seconds - enemies may be frightened of the bats and attempt to flee.
(Damage over time is in addition to any damage your bow and arrow do.)
Disenchantable (Bat Cloud)

These are the SAME weapons, items, recipes, etc. that exist in my Better Vampire Weapons mod and my Better Vampire NPCs mod.  Make certain you load those mods AFTER Coldhaven.


If you have questions about where to find a location, NPC, or item, this is the place to look first! 
If you read all of the following items, some surprises may be ruined for you.
Please do not post spoilers in forums ... I have spoilers in their own section here.

How do I go About Updating/Upgrading this mod?

If you are updating or upgrading this mod, I recommend the following steps:

1)  Make certain you remove all equipment/items from Lamae's Rest (the Player home).
2)  Leave Coldhaven (I recommend going to Ivarstead).
3)  Wait 24 hours in game.
4)  BLANK Coldhaven using the MCM or Config Power.  see note below ...
5)  Make a New Save (not a quicksave).
6)  Exit the game.
7)  Uninstall and Delete the old version of Coldhaven.
8)  Load the saved game from Step 5.  see note below ...
9)  Make another New Save (not a quicksave).  see note below ...
10)  Exit the game.  see note below ...
11)  Install the new version of Coldhaven.
12)  Check/sort your load order.
13)  Start Skyrim and load your save (from step 9).

IF you want to update and still keep all items and quest progress then you can try skipping Steps 4, 8, 9, 10, but then wait outside of any Coldhaven cell (like Ivarstead) for 30 days so all cells will reset.

Why am I having FPS issues or CTDs?

FPS Issues or CrashingSome people have reported issues with low FPS or even CTDs when they enter the main cavern of Coldhaven.
If your computer tries to load more into memory than it can handle, you will crash to desktop (CTD).

I created Coldhaven as an interior cell so it would fit in better with Vampire mods - some have sun damage or sun penalties if in an exterior cell during daylight hours.  Normally, larger cells like Blackreach are set up as exterior cells which mimic an interior ... but I didn't do that here.  It's hard to say if things would have been more stable or not.
UPDATE:  We have determined that many crashes or FPS issues may be due to people using 2K or even 4K texture packs.  As of version 1.4 I have hand editedmany meshes and textures so they are more memory friendly when you enter the main cavern of Coldhaven.  This should help.
Also, Skyrim should be run on a SSD - a hard drive may not be able to keep up.

Here are some things to try:

1)  Before entering the main chamber, open my MCM and go to the FPS page.  You can disable certain objects from loading
in the game here.  Perhaps too many objects are loading and it is taxing your system?

2)  Before entering the main chamber, open your console and type pcb then hit <ENTER>.  This purges cell buffers (removes information already loaded from other cells) so you have more memory available.

3)  You can download my Lighting Template Tweak (from my Nexus pages).  It edits the lighting template in the main cavern so
the fog is closer and object clip at a shorter distance.  It is a very small .esp file, and it MUST be loaded after my main mod.

4)  You can change the setting 'iTexMipMapSkip=1' in Skyrimprefs.ini.  It does work, but it means people will either have to keep changing this value whenever entering Coldhaven, or they could keep this figure but not get the benefit of their 2K texture packs (many thanks to Tattwood for this information).  This tells the game to discard the highest resolution mipmap for all textures, and scale everything down. Thus, a 2K texture will be 1K, and 1K textures will decline to 512 pixel.

You can install ENBBoost.  It may be a bit difficult to set up, but there are many excellent guides and videos you can Google that will walk you through it.  It really helps Skyrim become more stable (especially Oldrim).

Maybe this video might help?

I don't have the best computer by any means, and it is quite old (8 years I think?).  Maybe some information about my current computer will help you with comparing/diagnosing.

What are my PC specs?

System Information
Time of this report: 3/30/2020, 13:15:42
Machine name: DESKTOP
Machine Id: {A3315294-12ED-4407-A442-24D588127C7F}
Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 18362) (18362.19h1_release.190318-1202)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: System manufacturer
System Model: System Product Name
BIOS: BIOS Date: 02/24/10 14:05:48 Ver: 08.00.15 (type: BIOS)
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU930 @ 2.80GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.8GHz
Memory: 24576MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 24568MB RAM
Page File: 11404MB used, 25162MB available
Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS
DirectX Version: DirectX 12
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
User DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
System DPI Setting: 144 DPI (150 percent)
DWM DPI Scaling: UnKnown
Miracast: Available, with HDCP
Microsoft Graphics Hybrid: Not Supported
DirectX Database Version: Unknown
DxDiag Version: 10.00.18362.0387 64bit Unicode

Display Devices
Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Chip type: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
DAC type: Integrated RAMDAC
Device Type: Full Device (POST)
Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1C82&SUBSYS_86131043&REV_A1
Device Problem Code: No Problem
Driver Problem Code: Unknown
Display Memory: 16301 MB
Dedicated Memory: 4018 MB
Shared Memory: 12283 MB
Current Mode: 2560 x 1440 (32 bit) (60Hz)
HDR Support: Supported
Display Topology: Internal
Display Color Space: DXGI_COLOR_SPACE_RGB_FULL_G22_NONE_P709
Color Primaries: Red(0.644531,0.334961), Green(0.304688,0.629883), Blue(0.148438,0.049805), White Point(0.313477,0.329102)
Display Luminance: Min Luminance = 0.010000, Max Luminance = 1499.000000, MaxFullFrameLuminance = 799.000000
Monitor Name: Generic PnP Monitor
Monitor Model: 32ML600
Monitor Id: GSM772D
Native Mode: 1920 x 1080(p) (60.000Hz)
Output Type: HDMI

What load order should I have with your mod?

If you are using my LAL Extension, I recommend this load order:

  Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp
  Coldhaven LAL Extension.esp

If you are using any of my other mods, please load them after Coldhaven.

If you are using a mod that affects NPC Vampires please load them after Coldhaven. 
Be aware though that there might be grey face bugs if the other mod doesn't have facegens exported.

What is this about a live another life extension for Coldhaven?

I have created an extension for LAL. 
It is a separate .esp file that needs to be loaded after LAL and after Coldhaven.
It is an extension, which means it will not mess up any other mods that add new starts for LAL.

You have two choices: 
- Start as an adventurer visiting Coldhaven (start at main gate)
- Start as a Vampire already living in Coldhaven (start as owner of Lamae's Rest player home)

What conflicts might your mod have with other locations?


The only exterior location this mod edits is cell 18,-19.

It is just south of Ivarstead and above and west of Honeystrand Cave. 
Click on the image below to see the map grid highlighted.

Coldhaven doesn't edit any other locations.  All other cells are brand new.

Are there any safe storage locations in Coldhaven?

The only cell in Coldhaven that has safe storage is Lamae's Rest (a player home). 
You have access to this player home if you use my LAL extension or if you report that you found Dalaran to Sovrena Tamara.

Two other cells, Dalaran's Tower and the Tower of the Sovrena, will not reset but I caution against storing things there.
All other areas are public and will be reset after a certain amount of time - they do not have safe storage.

Why can't I get the player home in Coldhaven?

You receive Lamae's Rest as a player house as a reward in the main quest line.
It is a gift from Tamara.

If you start the game as a vampire living in Coldhaven then Lamae's Rest is automatically your home.

If you fail to get the Lamae's Rest house during the Founding Father, here are console commands to help you get the house:

player.additem (XX)234D91 1 <-- Gives the key of the house
player.addfac (XX)234D90 1 <-- Allows you to pick stuff without being considered stolen

Note: (XX) is the where the load order of this mod.

Why are there clipping/navmesh issues with the steep stairs?

The stairs leading from the lower part of the Noble's plateau to the upper level are very steep.  They are fully navmeshed but I have noticed a stutter sometimes when walking up them - and some clipping with your feet through the steps. 

If you pause briefly your character will rise slightly to be on top of the mesh and you can continue without issues.
I know it may look a little weird ... but it works fine and allows NPCs to ascend and descend normally.

Why is there flickering from some of the lights (or my torch) in your mod?

Too many lights on a surface will sometimes cause it to flicker or blink from lit to unlit depending on your viewing angle.

While making Coldhaven, some of the textures from vanilla Skyrim (like the mountain objects I used from Blackreach) seem to have this issue if even one light source is close enough to light the surface ...

I found this very annoying as a mod author and I tried to place the lights in my mod just far enough away from cave walls or houses so the lighting glitch/flickering wasn't visible.

I do NOT recommend using a light source when walking around the main cavern of Coldhaven - you may experience lighting glitches. 

The author of RLO says the same thing about his mod; a script is even part of his mod that actively removes the torches from guards so you won't experience flickering in towns.

QUOTE:  "The game's engine can't properly handle many additional light sources. When too many light sources are in one area, surfaces produce anomalies like flickering textures and uneven lighting. The more light sources in one area, the more pronounced the light issues."
- AKCelsior (

Why do some weapon or shield plaques not work properly?

Some weapon and shield plaques may have activators that do not function when you first enter the cell - this is common if you teleport
in (or use the coc console command).

The easiest fix is to make a save (not a quicksave) and then reload it.  You can also zone out of the cell and then go back in to reset the
activators.  This is a know game bug:

Why are there forced subtitles?  Why have subtitles been turned off in my game?

When I first created Coldhaven, I did not have voice lines for NPCs ... but I do now thanks to xVASynth!

Originally, I still wanted to enrich the atmosphere of Coldhaven with dialogue though. 
I didn't want to make players turn subtitles on in their games, so I found a good alternative.

At the beginning of each conversation, I apply this script line:

Utility.SetINIBool("bDialogueSubtitles:Interface", true)
and at the end apply this script line:
Utility.SetINIBool("bDialogueSubtitles:Interface", false)

This can be turned off or on in the MCM!

This will show subtitles for just that conversation and turn them off at theend.  However, it could be a problem if there is someone who wants subtitles on all the time.  If you leave Coldhaven and want subtitles back on you may have to go back into your menu and turn them back on.  This setting will not persist in a save.


Some secrets exist in Coldhaven ...
If you need help and don't mind having surprises ruined (spoilers of course) then you can look on this section for information.

These Tamriel maps show the location of the entrance to Coldhaven.  The entrance is due west of Honeystrand Cave; walk south from it a bit and head up the mountain to the west as soon as you can (it's past some trees in a snowy area).  It is labelled as "Vampire Shrine" upon first discovery, but
changes to "Coldhaven" when you find the city itself.


Here is a  map of Coldhaven and map of the Sewers (exported from the Creation Kit) :

(some secrets are not marked on these maps though ...)
Sewer grates are located throughout Coldhaven (one is right beside the Chalice and Lancet).  Some sluice gates in the sewers may not open until you progress through the main quest with Tamara.


Teleport platforms will become visible and usable only after you drink from the fountain of Molag Bal - it is located at the base of the Sovrena's Tower.  They can be used by your followers ... but since the "doors" are flagged as 'Minimal Use', followers will often run and use doors instead of teleporting with you instantly - they will catch up to you, don't worry.  (see

Main Quest Details

NOTE:  You SHOULD do the quest stages in order ... 

If you read Dalaran's journal in his tower before reporting to Tamara (Stage 50) then it used to bypass rewarding you Lamae's Rest.This is fixed as of version 1.6

This map shows  exact locations:

STAGE 40    Find Dalaran            
Sovrena Tamara mentioned that one of the founding members of Coldhaven has disappeared.  I am going to try and find any information about Dalaran that I can.  I assume I will be richly rewarded for my efforts.

STAGE 50   Report to Tamara       
* This is the stage where you get the key and ownership to Lamae's Rest.
I have, unfortunately, found the body of Dalaran in the sewers below Coldhaven.  I appears that he was killed by a deranged Argonian vampire.  I must report what I have found to Sovrena Tamara.

STAGE 70    Investigate Dalaran's Research       
Sovrena Tamara has asked me to try and find out why Dalaran was in the sewers.  He must have been trying to research something  ... but I don't know what yet.

STAGE 80   Report to Tamara       
I found several journals in Dalaran's tower.  He believed that some Dwemer were experimenting on vampires in an attempt at life transference long ago.  He wanted to search the mine and the sewers in more detail. I should tell Tamara what I have found.

STAGE 100    Continue Dalaran's Research       
I now have the key that Dalaran gave to Sovrena Tamara to keep safe.  I will continue his investigation into the strange Dwemer activity in this area.  Somewhere, there is a chest or door that this key opens, and I am going to find it!

STAGE 110    Tell Tamara About the Secret Lab       
The key opened up an abandoned Dwemer research lab!  It's too bad Dalaran wasn't able to see it.  The Dwemer here seemed to be working in isolation.  They did find how to drain life from victims and transfer it to themselves, but it wasn't a complete transfer.  Still, I am stronger than ever now.  I have to tell Sovrena Tamara about this!

STAGE 130        COMPLETE QUEST       

I'm glad I was able to provide closure for Sovrena Tamara and the citizens of Coldhaven.  Dalaran didn't deserve to die like that, but all of his research wasn't in vain!  I hope the Dwemer Laboratory he helped us discover reveals its secrets in time.           

Dalaran's body can be found in the large cistern, which is part of the Coldhaven sewers. 
The area is guarded by a somewhat mad Argonian Vampire ... so explore with care.  You have to access the cistern though the flooded tunnels. 
Dalaran's ring will allow you to teleport to his tower when it is equipped.  Inside his tower is more information about Dwemer history in these caverns that he was studying before his death

Dalaran's Ring will let you teleport to his tower at any time upon equipping it.  He has a teleport rune at the top of his tower which takes you instantly to the
Noble's Plateau.  As of 1.6 you can use the MCM to change the destination of the ring to Dalaran's Tower OR Lamae's Rest (if you own it).

Lamae's rest can be your own personal player home if you choose it as a start with my Alternate Start - Live Another Life plugin, OR if you find Dalaran's
body and report back to Tamara what has become of him.

The Vampire Thrall cage in Lamae's rest can be raised and lowered using a small button on the left wall by the statues on the shelves; it's a round button on the pillar - I made it to blend in.  The thrall is a bit of a cheat ... she is essential and her stats will be reset each time the cage is lowered again so you could technically feed on her forever.  Try not to abuse this though.

The door behind the waterfall in Coldhaven (past Sicara's House) cannot be opened from the outside.  You must enter a Dwemer lift in the sewers to find a hidden room (the key to this lift was given to Tamara for safekeeping).  You can then open this door from the inside and exit to Coldhaven.

The Biomechanical Heart in the Abandoned Dwemer Lab has to be primed first, then activated.  It drains the life force from the withered victims in its storage compartments and concentrates it.  Activating the heart transfers the health (+100) to you permanently.

After finishing the main quest, "A Founding Father", the Noble Houses of Coldhaven will be much more open to talking with you and they may ask you to join them.  Who you decide to join will affect your stats as a vampire. 

The Vampire Houses in Coldhaven can grant you increased stats and allow you access to their home as a faction member.  Your selection is permanent!  Choose wisely.

HOUSE QUARRA - Grants +20 Stamina, +10 to Heavy Armor, One-handed, Two-handed, Block

HOUSE AYDRIL - Grants +40 Magicka, +10 to Enchanting, Destruction, Illusion, Alteration

HOUSE TARBONNIS - Grants +20 Health, +10 to Light Armor, Sneak, Lockpicking, Speech

Each Noble House of Coldhaven has a secret room where they store valuable weapons, spells, etc. - try to find them all.

The Coldhaven Sanctuary for the Dark Brotherhood has a shrine to the Night Mother in it.  She will be silent unless you have already become the listener.  You have access to "The Dark Brotherhood Forever" through this shrine to the Night Mother.  It is a radiant quest that repeats itself indefinitely. This quest automatically starts upon the completion of the quest "Hail Sithis!.  (

The treasure room in the Sovrena's Tower is accessible if you kill Tamara and use her hand to open it.

Please download and try my Alternate Start - Live Another Life extension.

With it you can choose to start the game as an adventurer visiting Coldhaven or as a Vampire resident in Coldhaven (you will own Lamae's Rest).

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