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Xelzaz is a Custom Fully Voiced Argonian Lawman of House Telvanni with ~7250 lines. He is on his way to Rivenspire in High Rock, having traveled all the way from Port Telvannis in Morrowind. Xelzaz has just arrived in Skyrim and is looking for a traveling companion. In return he will keep you company, cook you warm meals and brew powerful potions.

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Xelzaz, Lawman of House Telvanni
Xelzaz is an excellent alchemist and chef, and in return for taking him with you he will cook you a warm meal twice a day, as well a powerful potion of your choice each day. He will occasionally provide cynical commentary on quests from an Argonian as well as Telvanni perspective. While he has the air of Telvanni arrogance, he is quite relatable and friendly. A proud Argonian from Thorn, he will occasionally speak in Jel and reminisce on both Morrowind and Black Marsh. He currently has over 7250 lines and has a full commentary on the Main Quest, College of Winterhold, The Dark Brotherhood, The Companions, The Thieves Guild as well as other quests and quest-lines. He has his own personal quests, with more to come!

Art by: Anne Wild

Spell Toggling - You may ask Xelzaz to use or not use certain spells.
Potions - Xelzaz will create powerful and after you finish the quest "A Lawman's Ambition" additionally simple potions
Food - Xelzaz can cook you two large and warm meals a day, and may occasionally hand you a snack.
Book Reading - You may ask Xelzaz to read certain books if you or him have the book in your inventories. He may follow you while doing so, allowing you to have books read to you while traveling, or perhaps while relaxing in camp. A list of all the books Xelzaz can read can be found below.
Player Names - You can ask Xelzaz to call you certain names, this can be done through the "traveling rules" section. List of names further down. These names are suggested and voted on in Xelzaz's Discord Server.
Feature Toggling - You may request that Xelzaz do not say or do certain things, such as not relax while waiting or running off to shop.
Shopping - Xelzaz may leave you to barter with certain vendors, and occasionally may buy you a gift!
Lore Friendly Tracker - After completing the quest "A Lawman's Ambition", Xelzaz will give you his Dwemer Hummingbird 'Roovi' which you can use to track him. Roovi is inspired by 'Coo' from the Elder Scrolls Novels.
Speak with Xelzaz from afar - Roovi allows the player to speak with Xelzaz if he is far away. This allows you to recruit, dismiss, ask him to wait or stop waiting as well as...
Lore Friendly Teleport - Some days after you receive Roovi, Xelzaz will hand you a propylon allowing him to teleport to you at your request!
Patchless Follower Interactions - Xelzaz has interactions with other custom followers, a list of them all can be found further down. These interactions do not require an additional patch!
Mod Interactions - Xelzaz has patchless compatibility with the mod "I'm Glad You're Here", for which he has unique lines. (Xelzaz will exclusively use the regular hugging animation.) As well as patches for Tel Jerdein, Wyrmstooth and Sirenroot!
Quest Interactions - For parts certain quests you may ask Xelzaz to aid you with them directly.
Horn Meshes - Xelzaz's horns are visible if he is wearing open face helmets and hoods. An optional patch disables this feature.
Housing System - You may ask Xelzaz to return to a house when dismissed, as long as said house is marked as a player home. If left at certain homes, he will venture out into the surrounding area/city.
Relationship System - Xelzaz may begin to like or dislike the player based on time traveling together, gifts, certain bits of dialogue, completing certain quests and other varieties of things.
Spell Learning - Xelzaz may learn new spells that aren't this base spells. Simply go over traveling rules while carrying a valid spell tome, and you can give it to Xelzaz to learn.
Multiple Combat Styles - You may ask Xelzaz to be a melee fighter, a ranged fighter or leave it up to him for a mixed approach to combat.
Own Unique Mount - Xelzaz has his very own guar mount with a related quest! The mount is very practical, and you can even choose among three names for the guar!
Poisons - If Xelzaz is attacking with a weapon, he will apply poisons to his enemies.
Helpful Spells - Xelzaz can be asked to cast Candlelight on himself and Healing Hands on the player.
Own Theme - Xelzaz has his own theme and combat theme composed by Eric Gordon Berg!
New Unique Items - Xelzaz adds many new unique items, predominantly food and drink, some with their own unique models!
Description Framework Integration - If you are using the Description Framework Mod Xelzaz's misc items will now have descriptions.

Art by: macabre-changeling

I created Xelzaz with the goal in mind of setting him apart from other followers. I wanted someone who saw you as an equal. Not worshiping the ground you walk on, being edgy and mysterious or a love interest. I wanted a follower that was unique and could bring a new perspective on the world around him. I wanted a companion that would be a boon to you, not just for company, but also being genuinely helpful. This brought the addition of him cooking you food, as well as powerful potions. I intend to make Xelzaz much more useful in a balanced way. Such as having him identify ingredients for you or perhaps training you in alchemy. Xelzaz is intended to have interactions with all the base game content, as well as the Creation Club/AE content, but most importantly, I wanted him to have interactions with mods that I myself enjoy. I intend to have interactions with mods as I continue working on him, however content that is available to everyone has a priority. Xelzaz is my first ever mod for Skyrim, so I am still learning and getting better. I hope to make Xelzaz the best he can be, by getting experience and receiving feedback.

Xelzaz's Backstory
Xelzaz grew up in Thorn, north east in Black Marsh. As a child he proved himself to have the potential to be a very skilled alchemist. A Telvanni Tower Alchemist made him a hireling, as she had too much work to do herself. So he came on as her assistant. Xelzaz saw this as an opportunity to improve his skills. He'd have access to a lab as well as a conservatory and rare ingredients. He would move to Llothanis, in Tel Sul under Master Sul. Over the years climbed the ranks of House Telvanni, as the Telvanni in his tower grew to respect him and saw not only his skills be very useful, but also his abilities as an Argonian. Disease resistance, poison resistance, they could send him into Black Marsh to get things that would be far too deadly for any Dunmer to do. While the rest of House Telvanni views Xelzaz with distaste, his own circle held him in high regard. As it is with House Telvanni, Master Sul would end up assassinated, which would crush Xelzaz as he had gained so much respect for his Master. He moved to Port Telvannis, figuring the de facto capital of House Telvanni would be an excellent place to find a new Master to become a Mouth for, in order to advance. Of course this was not the case. People mostly just gave him simple jobs that he was fit for. He would then hear word of a Telvanni Master without a Mouth that did not have reservations against Argonians. Master Helseth Ren, who is away in Rivenspire to research the Ayleid Ruins of the Doomcrag. He therefore decided to travel to High Rock from Morrowind, and along the way he would do field research and network with people. Just as he crosses the border into Skyrim, he spots an adventurer approaching...


You can find Xelzaz by the Southern Morrowind Gate. This is located east of Dayspring Canyon and north east of Stendarr's Beacon. Speak with him and he will introduce himself. You may find a note on the bar in the Bee and Barb talking about Xelzaz. If you pick up the note you get a quest to go find him. Once you agree to bring Xelzaz with you he can be asked to read you a book, if you or Xelzaz are carrying it. You can ask him about his past, his skills, as well as about his motivations. You can ask him once every 12 hours to cook you a random hot meal and every 20 hours a potion of your choice, this includes simple potions once his initial quest is completed. Xelzaz will scale with the player. Xelzaz's first quest is currently available, with more to come! He currently has full commentary on the Main Quest, The Dark Brotherhood and The College of Winterhold, but he will also provide full commentary on other smaller quests, as well as parts of larger quest-lines. An example of a fully commentated smaller quests is the Gildergreen quest. While examples of larger quest-lines are the Imperial Legion up until the end of The Jagged Crown. Quest commentary is constantly expanding and requests/recommendations are welcome! Head over to the posts section to find a list of all the quests Xelzaz has comments on.

Xelzaz now has a Discord chat you can join! Friends of Xelzaz

Interactions with other Followers
If you want to get the full experience with Xelzaz, I highly recommend running him with other custom followers. Each interaction explores different aspects of both Xelzaz and the other follower, allowing for a more immersive party, and a deeper delve into both characters. Some companions also have three-way interactions when all in a party with Xelzaz.

                                        Lucifer                                                            Khash                                                            Remiel

                    ~220 Unique Lines of Dialogue                  ~200 Unique Lines of Dialogue                  ~1300 Unique Lines of Dialogue
                                                                                                           1 New Quest    (+160 Lines of 3-Way Interactions Redcap)


                                Thogra gra-Mugur                                                 Redcap                                                            Nebarra

                      ~150 Unique Lines of Dialogue                 ~420 Unique Lines Of Dialogue              ~300 Unique Lines Of Dialogue
     (+160 Lines of 3-Way Interactions Remiel)

If you have a Custom Follower of your own and would like interactions with Xelzaz, I'd be more than happy to work with you.
As long as I have no opposition to the character (Lore-reasons or otherwise) and it meets a certain level of quality.

Xelzaz's Themes

It is safe to install Xelzaz mid playthrough. I have tried to limit any comments that would indicate Xelzaz was there for any quests you completed without him, but some lines may have slipped through the net. I recommend that you turn around and speak with Xelzaz. Occasionally he will have something to say about the current quest you are on, the area you are in or other conditions. An example could be speaking to Xelzaz after or during some dramatic event in the Main Quest, or for example in Raven Rock or the Tribunal Temple where he will have new dialogue options.

Feedback is very welcome, if you run into any issues, have any recommendations, ideas or just have something to say, please feel free to get it touch on Discord or make a post here. Currently I plan on updating Xelzaz every time there is significant progress made, this would for example be the completion of commentary for a quest line or the addition of Xelzaz's own quests. I will try to keep updates common, but substantial.  

Current Potions
Potion of Become Ethereal -
Become Ethereal for 20 Seconds | Useful for when you are falling off a cliff.
Potion of Fire Shield - Shroud yourself in fire dealing damage to nearby enemies and gaining 100% Fire Resistance for 1 minute.
Potion of Frost Shield - Shroud yourself in frost dealing damage to nearby enemies and gaining 100% Frost Resistance for 1 minute.
Potion of Windform - Take on the form of the wind. Granting you a speed boost, the power of waterwalking and the chance to fling away nearby enemies for 1 minute.
Potion of Spelldrinking - Gain 50% Magic Resistance and 50% Spell Absorption for 1 minute.  
Potion of Imperception - Gain invisibility and muffled movement for 1 minute.
Potion of Grand Restoration - Restore 200 Health, Stamina and Magicka and double their regeneration for 1 minute.
Telvanni Bug Musk - Fortify Speech by 40 for 1 minute.
-More to come-

Xelzaz also has simple potions he can make for you, once you have completed his first personal quest.

Xelzaz's Quests

A Lawman's Ambition - Bring Xelzaz to the Hammerfell Gate (Available after recruiting Xelzaz)
Beast of Burden - Speak with Xelzaz about riding in the questions section of his dialogue, once 'A Lawman's Ambition' has been completed.
What is in a Name - Find out the meaning of Khash's name (Available after a certain point in Khash-Xelzaz interactions)
An Unwanted Scion - Bring Xelzaz to the Sleeping Tree Camp
Of Crimson - Speak to Xelzaz in Blackreach while you or him are carrying Crimson Nirnroot
The Good Stuff - Bring Xelzaz to the Honningbrew or Black-Briar Meadery

Player Names - Names are submitted and voted on in the Xelzaz Discord
1 - Alex
2 - Ganbald
3 - Joseph
4 - Nerussa
5 - Dosa
6 - Tarquin
7 - Avery
8 - Llileth
9 - Runa
10 - Screams
11 - Misara
12 - Kisara
13 - Sleeps
14 - Azure
15 - Candle
16 - Bathes
17 - Willow
18 - Blue
19 - Tsvanni
20 - Blue-Scales
21 - Red
22 - Vaerys
23 - Jade
24 - Victoria
25 - Light-feet
26 - Thux-ei
27 - Ca'mo (Kai-ah-moe)
28 - Cyrus
29 - Asya'la
30 - Caradanwe
31 - Kintyra
32 - Belladonna
33 - Baits
34 - Sings
35 - Heals
36 - Walks
37 - Shines
38 - Sits
39 - Scales
40 - Swims
41 - Captain
42 - Shadu
43 - Krystal
44 - Damien
45 - Thesparalius
46 - Neetzara
47 - Morgan
48 - Luna
49 - Loki
50 - Ragnar
51 - Xavier
52 - Galbruk
53 - Iris
54 - Minerva
55 - Whisper
56 - Fenrir
57 - Silas
58 - Leaf-Scales
59 - Enora
60 - Ansleis
61 - Kylan
62 - Aria
63 - Khaj
64 - Solana
65 - Ren
66 - Sol
67 - Raven
68 - Sage
69 - Ria
70 - Snow
71 - Whiskers

Spells Xelzaz Can Learn
Flame Cloak
Conjure Ash Spawn
Conjure Frost Atronach
Ice Spike
Ice Storm
Lightning Bolt
Chain Lightning
Stendarr's Aura
More spells are likely to follow in a future update!

Book Readings - If you or Xelzaz are carrying any of these books, you can ask him to read them for you
The Affairs of Wizards (Carried by Xelzaz)
The Hope of the Redoran
Night of Tears
Fragment: On Artaeum
The Last King of the Ayleids
The Argonian Account: Vol 1
The Argonian Account: Vol 2
The Lusty Argonian Maid
The Sultry Argonian Bard
Antecedents of Dwemer Law
Azura and The Box
Children Of The Sky
A Tragedy In Black
The Firmament
-More to come-


Xelzaz - BluePwnsU (Myself)
Hrogarth - BluePwnsU (Myself)
Darion - BluePwnsU (Myself)
Mervis - 
BluePwnsU (Myself)

Things to Note
If you experience issues with Xelzaz and your load order includes mods that alter follower behavior, or other behaviors for NPCs like altering the idle chance. I will not be supporting these load orders, should you encounter issues.
Xelzaz does have a script that blacklists him from AFT, however any load orders that still run AFT or the like will be dismissed due to the fact these measures may fail, either due to the load order itself, or due to AFT or similar deciding to manage Xelzaz anyway.

Thank you to my friend Pasha, not just for his Xelzaz artwork, but also for being a good friend all these years.
Thank you so much to Andrey Harchenko for making Roovi's model. You can find his other work here.
Thanks to Eric Gordon Berg for composing Xelzaz's themes!

I would like to thank the wonderful people at Joseph Russell's (Lucien) Discord Server for helping me playtest Xelzaz, special mention to Gnewna.
Thank you so much to northwindblue for Xelzaz's wonderful models!
I would also like to thank Joseph Russell, the creator of Lucien, for his very helpful guide to creating custom followers. I would also like to credit him for the script allowing for patchless interactions between Xelzaz and other followers.

Xelzaz's Armor comes courtesy of Alexmancer's Telvanni Spellsword Armor who would like to also give credit to THusky, HeirOfTheSeptims, Rafuel, Elianora and Jeir for their part in it's creation.
Many thanks also to MrVideoFreak, Lucifer's author, for helpful tips and additions in relation to Skyrim modding.
Many thanks to jwisser for looking over lines and making sure they are up to par.
Thank you so much to MihailMods for allowing me to use their Guar Mod for Xelzaz's mount!