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About this mod

Improved version of Alternate Conversation Camera by NasGorTelorCeplok with MCM, fixes and more.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Polish
This mod was done on request, to ensure compatibility between Alternate Conversation Camera by NasGorTelorCeplok and Configurable Notification Messages for AE users. Additionally, I read the comments under the original mod, taking into account user feedback, integrated any changes that I could find on Github and added MCM.

Available for SE and AE.

List of changes:
  • Added MCM.
  • [Fixed] bHideDialogueMenu bugfix from LE version. 
  • Flag to allow for disabling re-positioning of HUD messages in ini.
  • [Fixed] Crash when ref target actor is removed during a conversation.
  • Default world fov settings in ini.
  • Switchable SmoothCam compatibility API integration.
  • Build-in TDM support (automatically set bSmoothTransition=0 if you use true directional movement)
  • Ability to disable IACC in 1st person.
  • Ability to disable IACC in 3rd person.

  • make switch target work with force the fake first person view.
  • fix SmoothCam snap in 3rd view
  • LE port

Not compatible with:
Skyrim Together Reborn

Installing, updating and uninstalling?

Changing  LockOn, LetterBox Thickness and LetterBox Speed  settings doesn't work!
You must restart the game for the settings change to take effect. These are the only options whose changes cannot be applied while the game is in progress, but at least you don't have to manually change them in the ini file.

I prefer an .ini over MCM.
MCM directly saves settings to and reads settings from the ini file. No other files are used. If you want you can only use dll and ini file. MCM is optional.

How does this compare to Alternate Conversation Camera Plus?
This mod contains all the functionality from Alternate Conversation Camera Plus and more.

NasGorTelorCeplok for Alternate Conversation Camera.
mwilsnd, ciathyza and derickso for fixes to Alternate Conversation Camera on Github.
blckknight119 for testing.

LE|SE Configurable Notification Messages      LE|SE Configurable Bribery  LE|SE Spell Organizer  
LE|SE Improved Alternate Conversation Camera  LE|SE Custom HUD Presets    
LE|SE Menu Maid 2 - MCM manager               LE|SE Shout Organizer       

Settings Loader Series
[Automatically save and load user settings]

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Hope my mods made your game more enjoyable and less cumbersome to configure.
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