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Granite Hill is an ancient village loaded with lots of sights and experiences, steeped in legend and embedded within the history of Skyrim.

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Granite Hill is an ancient village loaded with lots of sights and experiences. Discover the open air market, famous Sheepshead Inn, the shops, and history thanks to the book "A Traveler's Guide to Granite Hill".

There is also some talk around town that Granite Hill was built on the remains of a Nordic ruin. But over time, truths become legend, but every legend is founded on some truth...

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• I have added a player home. It is locked. You must complete the task to gain entry. The Granite Hill logo will make sense if you've never done it before. 
Player home comes with plenty of bookshelves and weapon racks along with one mannequin. Chests, bed, great view, etc.
• Updated the dungeon. It's more fun now. 

4.15 - This update fixes some issues people have had with the game crashing when dealing with the blacksmith.

• Updated lighting
• Updated Navmesh

• Updated dirt edits and fixed grass height, spells, and dragon edits along with various other lines. - THANKS calfurius
• Fixed the grey face issue - THANKS georgejbps

• Fixed navmesh issues - THANKS klauscolt

• Various Fixes

  • Fixed Navmesh where NPC's got trapped by objects
  • Fixed Internal Lighting
  • Fixed text in the books and notes included with mod
  • Fixed a gate that was too low to allow giants to pass through
  • Various other fixes

I started working on this a month ago because I always felt that there should be something at this crossroads. I was just going to make an inn. When I loaded up Creation Kit, I saw the cells were named Granite Hill. I dug deeper and saw that this town was going to be in Skyrim, but Bethesda didn't make it. Even the Jarl of Falkreath mentions it! 
This town even has it's own lore considering it's been around since Elder Scrolls Arena. So I felt it was my duty. Consider this a vanilla town. Feel free to make mods for it. 

Install first or install over other mods and move to your town section. 

  • Compatible with everything as long as there is no town or settlement here. 
  • I won't be adjusting the town to work with other mods. 
  • Consider this a vanilla village due to the fact it was supposed to be in the game. 

  • Giants can't go under the bridge.
  • If you install this mod into a current game there may be some issues with dead animals popping up in town. 
  • You may have navmesh issues (aka navmeshues). If so, follow my Author Notes below.

  • My SO for her invaluable input and suggestions
  • Tarshana for some scripting help
  • Darkfox videos
  • and those who tested during WIP

Author Notes
• If you have any issues like navmesh, grey faces, dirty edits, etc, please post a bug report. 

• If you are having a grey face issue and using MO, please install the meshes/textures folder manually. 

• If you are still having a navmesh issue, follow these steps after updating to the latest Granite Hill iteration
1. Press the ~ key (the button to the left of the 1 key)
2. type setgs iHoursToRespawnCell 1 then press enter
3. setgs iHoursToRespawnCellCleared 1
4. setgs iHoursToRespawnCell 240
5. setgs iHoursToRespawnCellCleared 720

• If you see a dirty edit, please post it in the bug report. This is my first real mod and as much detail would be helpful for a quick resolution as I'm new to this. 

• If it's a design critique, I thank you for it, but to be honest will more than likely not change what I've done because I've done it for a reason. 

• I don't take requests

• This mod requires nothing than Skyrim SE. Please read the description for more info.

• I tried to make this town to be as vanilla as possible. I wanted it to integrate with the game seamlessly and feel like it's always been there so that other mods like Banners of Skyrim and the JK series (among others) could build on it. This doesn't mean that this mod can be released under another name or bundled with another mod.