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This voicepack is voiced using ElevenLabs' prefix Bella.

Unfortunately ElevenLabs has deprecated the Bella prefix, so new patches are unlikely to be made.

OR SO HE THOUGHT. I recreated our girl, so I'll be creating new patches. Personal use as a priority no requests just yet, sorry!

Permissions and credits
This voicepack is voiced using ElevenLabs' prefix Bella.

The great and powerful Raptor235 put in such a colossal amount of time and effort getting the entire base game voiced by ElevenLabs' Bella it inspired me.
Since I had the means and the interest for the sake of my own modlist, I thought I'd help. My mod only adds to the content covered by his, so it would make a lot of sense to go and grab his first here and throw him an endorsement!

ElevenLabs did deprecate Bella, but I've recently recreated her in their voice lab and I think she's ready to start adventuring again.
Here's a sample (NSFW Language): https://voca.ro/1eqvQMwWwraT

Please do not send me any further API keys, use them for your own patches. Using the voice lab to recreate Bella means I am locked into a paid account. Free keys worked before because all free accounts had access to Bella.

If you need to create your own patch you will have to clone her voice yourself. Check the Articles section for the DIY guide which has been updated to include steps on cloning her voice. This only needs to be done the first time you're generating patches on that particular API key. Once you've cloned her, she's yours forever.

I did this easily because I already had the raw .wav files from the voice line generation I did. It'll be even easier for you because I've uploaded the two long audio splice clips I used in the voice lab so you can clone using the same exact source I did. Hopefully that results in extremely high parity between patch creators. Check under the Update Files section for the .7z containing my clone sources. Be aware cloning does require a subscription, but even the lowest "Starter" tier has cloning included. If it's your first time subbing, they offer it at 80% off, so just $1 USD.


NOTE: Radiant Quest objectives will not have voiced dialogue most of the time, though Raptor235 does have a patch to address this. Basically a voiced line needs to be created for every permutation of that radiant quest. If an NPC can send you to 9 different holds in search of 10 different items, 90 lines need to be created to cover every possible outcome.

NOTE 2: Lines with the player character's name would need to be manually generated on a per-character basis since the name would need to be changed to whatever player name you're using. There are several names patches under the Misc Files section, as well as a dialogue topic file for generating new name patches that are not already covered under the Update Files section.

NOTE 3: Lines that begin with "..." as in "...Hi, remember me?" are also not properly handled by DBVO, and may play other, random lines that start with "..." instead. This can only be addressed by an update to the core DBVO mod itself (not the voice packs) OR convincing every mod author to stop writing player lines that begin with "..." OR creating an override patch for every dialogue line that begins with "..." and creating a new voice pack based on the patched lines. I may include an optional ESP-FE that alters those lines for patches that I use personally (most recently Unslaad 3.02).

NOTE 4: Extremely long lines will cause the game to crash on load, due to Windows File system character length limits. When I run into dialogue packs containing player dialogue lines of extreme length (looking at you, Martimius), I sort them by length and remove any over 160 characters. This is an arbitrary selection and may not always prevent a voice pack from crashing your game. See sticky post "HELP GAME CRASH ON LOAD" for more specific info on addressing those crashes.