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Fully voiced quest to discover the mysteries of a walking hut, a soul cairn maze, weeping angels, and a witch.

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  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Mandarin
  • German
  • Czech
Gfinity Esports: "A new Skyrim mod sends you on a magical quest involving a walking cottage and a hidden maze in the Soul Cairn in order to earn the ultimate witch outfit."
PCGamer: "Skyrim mod adds Doctor Who's weeping angels in case you feel like wetting yourself."
The Gamer: "Skyrim Mod Adds Walking Cabin With Quests And Weeping Angels. Bring the legend of Baba Yaga to your next Skyrim playthrough."
Gamer Rant: "Skyrim Mod Brings Doctor Who's Terrifying Weeping Angels to the Game."
GGRecon: "Skyrim Just Added Doctor Who’s Most Terrifying Enemies."
  • 29 lines of dialog generated by
  • A mobile walking hut.
  • Spoiler:  
    Spooky maze.
  • Spoiler:  
    Weeping angels.
  • Start by talking to the Bee and Barb innkeeper in Riften.
  • Disables the crafting recipes for Wild Witch outfits. You can buy these items from Hagnes.
  • No Cell edits or Worldspace edits. You don't need to make patches with location/water/landscape mods
  • Optional item descriptions if you have Description Framework.
  • ESL
  • Don't use outdated translations or patches. It will fuck up your game. Unless they state they are compatible with the latest version explicitly by version number, assume they are outdated.
Known Issues (Skyrim Engine Bug)
  • If you progress through the quest, then, without restarting the SkyrimSE.exe, reload to an earlier point in the quest or to before the quest started, the game may enter a bad state and prevent quest progress.
    • Here is a demonstration of this bug.
    • This is due to current game information (such as quest state or object position) not being completely reset and erroneously persisting into the save you are trying to load.
    • This can manifest as quests not starting, objects not appearing in their original positions, etc.
    • This is a known Skyrim engine bug that can be resolved by restarting SkyrimSE.exe.
    • If you encounter issues like this, you might be able to resolve it by restarting the SkyrimSE.exe and loading an earlier save from before the bad reload.
  • The hut and the maze are both pretty cramped. So probably don't bring your team of 10 followers in there. They will block paths and knock things over.
RequirementsQuest Walkthrough
  • Talk to the Bee and Barb innkeeper.
  • Enter the walking hut east of Lake Geir.
  • Read Hagnes's journal.
  • Roll up the rug.
  • Gather 2x Bone Meal, 2x Void Salt, and 1x Filled Black Soul Gem. These can be found in the hut.
  • Craft and drink a Salve of Sightedness.
  • Navigate the maze and free Hagnes.
  • Escape the maze.
  • Talk to Hagnes. She'll give you a set of robes and staff as a reward. You can also buy more copies of the robes and staff from her.
  • Ask Hagnes about what's bothering her. She'll tell you about her missing tarot cards.
  • Retrieve the tarot cards from the maze.
  • Return the tarot cards to Hagnes. She'll tell you to keep them. You will be able to summon Hagnes and control the walking hut with the tarot cards.
  • Whenever
    • but maybe don't do it while you're in the locations added by this mod (use your brain)