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A comprehensive patch to integrate Mysticism's reworked and additional spells into the perk trees from Path of Sorcery.

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I was a little surprised that no-one seems to have published a patch for these two mods to work together properly, though in retrospect I can see why: it was a significant slog to hook everything up between these two large mods. Fortunately, I'm a spreadsheet goblin who mods in xEdit, so this kind of work is my specialty. Having meticulously followed Steeleathers' guide for patching, here's what kind of integrations you can expect:

➢ All of Mysticism's new spells have been added to the appropriate form lists for use with Blood Mage, so they'll cost an appropriate amount of health if you've taken that branch of perks. The lists of spells compatible with Careful Preparation, Spell Mastery, and Witch's Familiar have similarly been filled out.

➢ Since Mysticism makes the vanilla master spells one-handed, I've added them to the list of spells you can store with Careful Preparation. The perk's description has been changed slightly to refer to "complex ritual spells" instead of  "master-level spells," which I've taken as being true to the spirit of the restriction in light of Mysticism's changes.

➢ In line with the description of Witch's Familiar, the exclusion of the vanilla Soul Cairn summons, and its placement on the daedra-oriented branch of the perk tree, Mysticism's undead summoning spells are not compatible with the perk. It remains compatible with summoned daedra and familiars, both old and new, and for this purpose I've treated the Dunmeri ancestral spirits as a type of familiar. Also, since Mysticism changes turn spells to now affect ash spawn, I've removed them from the list as a type of pseudo-undead.

➢ The appropriate scripts and keywords have been added to Mysticism's new spells to allow them to interact with Path of Sorcery's perks. This means you can chain the new Destruction spells with Elementalist; the new sun spells will turn the undead to ash with Dust to Dust; and the new calm, fear, and fury spells will work with partial efficacy on targets above their nominal level caps. The new tiers of bound weapons will also take advantage of Path of Sorcery's bound weapon perks.

➢ I've added scrolls for all appropriate spells introduced by Mysticism, with crafting recipes for use at an arcane enchanter with Scroll Scribe. The new scrolls have also been added to the usual levelled lists, and so will appear alongside the vanilla scrolls of Firebolt or Harmony. However, the ancestral, Dwemer, and Apocryphal conjuration scrolls are only available from Enthir, the same as their tomes, and teleportation-related scrolls can be crafted but will never be encountered in the world. Enthir will also sell the Soul Cairn conjuration scrolls added by Path of Sorcery as well as a Scroll of Flaming Familiar, and Talvas Fathryon will sell scrolls to match his selection of unique ash and wind spells, as appropriate for the player's quest progress.

➢ In a similar manner, staffs have been brought into line, and new ones added for all suitable Mysticism spells. All of these new staffs can be made at a staff enchanter, and will appear in loot alongside those for vanilla spells. The exception is staffs for master-level spells, which can be crafted but will never be found in loot.

➢ Aside from all this, I've done some general record-level conflict resolution that should help you carry forward the right changes from each mod wherever they overlap, and help guide tools like Mator Smash and Wrye Bash in the right direction. The most noticeable result of this is the hybrid wording on the Illusion spells, which mention Path of Sorcery's chance for high-level enemies to break free while using Mysticism's terminology of "living targets" instead of "creatures and people."

Notes for Users of my Triumvirate+Sorcery Patch

This patch makes changes to some of the same records as my patch for Triumvirate and Path of Sorcery. I've therefore included a sub-patch in the optional files section that combines the changes of each, so you can use Mysticism, Triumvirate, and Path of Sorcery together without internal conflict. This sub-patch will also help make building a correctly-formed smashed patch much less painful.

If you're using all three mods, both my patches, and the provided sub-patch, your load order might look something like the following:
- MysticismMagic.esp
- Triumvirate - Mage Archetypes.esp
- PathOfSorcery.esp
- Kai_Mysticism-Sorcery_Patch.esp
- Kai_Triumvirate-Sorcery_Patch.esp
- Kai_Mysticism-Triumvirate-Sorcery_Patch.esp

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