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Aetherius is a streamlined race overhaul designed to make the player's chosen race more meaningful.

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Aetherius - A Race Overhaul

Aetherius is a streamlined race overhaul designed to make races more meaningful without making them more restrictive. Greater powers have been removed in favor of modest but desirable passives. Although each race has been designed to fill a specific role, the nature of these bonuses allow for a broad range of builds to benefit from them. In addition, all starting skills have been reduced by five, to place more emphasis on the player’s choice of race. 

Aetherius is designed to complement my mod Mundus - A Standing Stone Overhaul, but it does not require it. 




Aetherius is lightweight and compatible, and will not interfere with any mod (except for other mods that change race records). It does not use scripts and will not cause issues in your game.


What happened to the Standing Stones?

In the past, Aetherius changed both races and Standing Stones. However, this caused some problems, especially for console players who can’t use xEdit to make tweaks. I had to decide between hosting about 20 different versions of the mod on, or just splitting them into two projects and letting players decide for themselves what combinations they wanted.

I found a bug! What should I do? 

Report it, either in the comments or in the bugs tab, so that I can fix it as soon as possible! 

Does this mod require USSEP? 

No, but I have made sure to forward any relevant changes. 

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