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Mysticism is an overhaul that fixes bugs in Vanilla spells, fills in gaps in the game's magic progression, and adds new spells from previous Elder Scrolls titles.

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Mysticism - A Magic Overhaul

Mysticism is an overhaul that fixes bugs in Vanilla magic, fills in gaps in the game's skill progression, and adds new spells from previous Elder Scrolls titles. These spells are designed to feel like they belong in the world of Skyrim, both mechanically and aesthetically. You can purchase them from vendors, loot them from dungeons, or find them hand-placed in carefully chosen locations around the world. By adding new spells and re-balancing existing spells as part of the same project, Mysticism is able to offer users a coherent and balanced magical experience throughout the early, middle, and late game.


  • Sweeping balance adjustments to Vanilla spells 
  • Over 200 new spells added to the world 
  • Vendor tweaks to add flavor and enhance roleplay 
  • Rare spells hand-placed around the world
  • A complete rework of master spells from all schools
  • New visuals designed to fit perfectly with the Vanilla game 
  • Almost entirely scriptless, no impact on performance


“Magic is, by its very nature, volatile and dangerous. Unless you can control it, it can and will destroy you."

  • Flesh spells have been significantly buffed. Dragonhide now benefits from Mage Armor.
  • Shield spells allow the player to choose between Fire, Frost, Shock, or Poison for a short time.
  • Utility spells allow the player to open locks, fortify carry weight, and walk on water.
  • Several debuffs that were considered to be Destruction spells in previous games (Weakness to Fire, Disintegrate Weapon, Corrode Armor) have been reinterpreted as Alteration spells.
  • Mark and Recall spells allow for quick travel around Skyrim. 

Spell List 



“You deal with powerful forces. Take care they do not overwhelm you.” 

  • New Conjuration spells allow you to summon ghostly predators, Dremora mages, and skeleton warriors. 
  • Rare spells hidden in unique places around the world allow Conjuration mages to summon ancestral ghosts, dwarven spiders, and even daedric Lurkers.
  • Reanimation spells increase their magnitude when dual cast. 
  • Banish Daedra is now a potent defense against Daedra of all kinds.
  • New high-level bound weapons make Conjuration mages deadly in melee combat.

Spell List



“Fire, frost, or lightning--you will suffer at my hands!”

  • Higher-level versions of your favorite Destruction spells 
  • Tweaks to damage, cost, and projectile weight make each element feel more unique 
  • New touch spells deal high damage and cost relatively little Magicka in exchange for their relatively short range
  • Powerful new spells allow Destruction mages to heal themselves by absorbing Health from their foes 
  • Over a dozen new Master spells, allowing Destruction to scale well into the late game.

Spell List



“You know, Illusion really is the least appreciated of the schools of magic.”

  • High Magicka cost and relatively conservative target levels keep Illusion balanced even at high levels of play. 
  • Paralysis spells have been migrated from Alteration to Illusion, a decision which enhances the respective identities of both skills.
  • In addition to Paralysis, two new leveled archetypes have been added to Illusion: Silence and Command.
  • New spells such as Chameleon, Vanish, and Ghostwalk enhance the stealth capabilities of Illusion mages.  
  • New utility spells allow Illusion mages to charm merchants, become ethereal, and slow their perception of time.

Spell List



“Restoration is a perfectly valid school of magic, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!” 

  • Instant healing spells have been replaced with higher level concentration spells.
  • Regeneration spells allow Restoration mages to restore large amounts of health over a short time.
  • Healing Light spells allow Restoration to restore small amounts of health over an extended time.
  • Attunement spells allow Restoration mages to fortify their Health over an extended time.
  • Ward spells have been buffed to provide defense against physical blows. 
  • New Sun and Turn Undead spells allow Restoration mages to devastate the undead. 
  • Poison spells allow Restoration mages to deal damage over time to the living.

Spell List 


Special Spells and Vendor Changes

Mysticism makes adjustments to a small number of vendors in order to improve the overall experience of playing as a mage. Specifically, it ensures that each school of magic has at least one Expert vendor outside the College of Winterhold. Some of these vendors, such as Talvas Fathryon or Florentius Baenius, have unique spells that you won't find at (most) other vendors. Mysticism also hand-places some unique spells as loot throughout the world. If you're have trouble finding these spells, or you don't want to make the trip to Solstheim or the Soul Cairn right now, don't worry! The College is home to a certain shady elf who makes a living selling items that other mages can't get their hands on. If you're looking for a spell that can't be bought from other members of the College, pay him a visit and see what he has in stock.

  • Rare and powerful spells hand-placed as loot throughout Skyrim.
  • Sybille Stentor, Falion, Feran Sadri, Festus Krex, Florentius Baenius, and Tavlas Fathryon now sell Expert spells for their respective schools of magic.
  • Sun magic and Ash magic are only available from the Dawngard and Tel Mithryn, respectively. New spells will become available when you complete the Restoration and Alteration ritual quests.
  • Some of the most powerful spells in Mysticism can only be acquired by finding them in the world, in many cases guarded by powerful bosses!
  • A special vendor in the College will have a rotating inventory of spells that are otherwise unavailable, in case you want to try your luck.

Spell List



Mysticism will cause no major compatibility issues. It edits Vanilla spells (using the original records whenever possible), adds new spells to the default leveled lists, and changes a small number of merchant chests. Like most mods that edit leveled lists, you may need to use a tool such as Wrye Bash to create a patch for your leveled lists, especially if you have more than one mod that edits the leveled lists for spells. 

Mysticism is 100% compatible with other spell packs, especially mods like Apocalypse and Forgotten Magic Redone. Mysticism is 99% compatible with Ordinator out of the box, and I have provided a patch for the other 1%. Load Ordinator after Mysticism so that it can overwrite my edits to the magic effects for Destruction perks. Whether Mysticism is compatible with other perk overhauls depends on whether or not they were built with compatibility in mind.

Note: The one exception to this list is Odin. Odin was made to imitate Mysticism's compatibility profile almost exactly. The author of Odin intended for Odin to replace Mysticism in your load order. I would not recommend running the two mods together, at least until a patch is made. Currently, there have been some confirmed cases of CTDs from combining the two mods. I would recommend just picking one of the two mods. The author of Odin has made some changes so that the two mods will no longer cause a CTD when combined together.  Apparently the fix didn't work so see above.

Mysticism edits a small number of merchant chests in order to distribute its spells across the world in an interesting way. Only one NPC is touched (Festus Krex), so Mysticism will not cause black face or any incompatibilities with NPC overhauls. Most of my changes to merchants will be compatible with other spell packs (so if you have both Mysticism and Apocalypse downloaded, Festus will sell Apocalypse spells).


I don’t like your changes to Vanilla spells, but I want to download your new spells. Will you make a standalone version? 

Mysticism was designed as a single coherent system, and I can’t split that system in half without breaking it. However, my permissions are open, and anyone who would like to is welcome to create a stand-alone spell pack and host it on the Nexus as long as you credit me. 

Does Mysticism add its new spells to NPC mages?

Adding new spells to NPC mages would require a massive enemy overhaul, and would be out of scope for Mysticism. However, the changes and buffs to Vanilla spells will effect enemies as well. Mage encounters will be a good bit more difficult with Mysticism installed.

I found a bug! What should I do?

Report it, either in the comments or in the bugs tab, so I can try to fix it as soon as possible! Any extra details you can include (where the bug happened, what you were doing, what other mods you were using) would be super helpful in tracking down the source of the issue. 

Does this mod require USSEP?

No, but I’ve tried to forward changes from USSEP wherever it seemed relevant. In some places I’ve diverged from USSEP due to reasons unique to Mysticism (for instance, I slightly reduced the damage of Wall of Fire once I made dual casting affect the hazard).


First off, I would like to thank Parapets for countless hours helping me over the past several months. Almost everything I know about modding, I learned from him, and Mysticism would not exist without his help. 

I'd also like to thank my friend VictorF for his extensive help with this project.

Thanks to Po3 for his help with meshes, textures, Nifskope, and GIMP.

Sincere thanks are due to Madcat221 for allowing me to use some material from Dawnguard Arsenal, specifically the mesh and a gradient for his Holy Ground spell. 

An extra special thanks is due to Jay093, not only for creating excellent meshes for his poison spells, but also for opening his permissions and allowing others to benefit from his work. All of my poison spells now use his meshes, and the mod is better for it.

I would like to extend my heart-felt thanks to all the members of my discord who have supported me over the last eight months.

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