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Additional patches extending the range of Nether's Follower Framework's No Team Magic Damage file. A guide is also included which details how these patches were made. This covers Mysticism, Arcanum, Tomebound, Forgotten Magic Redone, Dragonborn Ascendant, and related patches for Ordinator, Better Vampires, and Yet Another Concentrative Shouts mod.

Permissions and credits
Additional Patches For Nether's Follower Framework
For The "No Team Magic Damage" Plugin

I really wanted to blast things with magic and not kill followers, but unfortunately some magic-oriented mods were not covered by those included with NFF.
Eventually I got annoyed enough that I made a procedure for fairly easily making patches for any magic-oriented mod I may come across and want to use.
I'll go into more detail as to how I made them in the articles section, however for now I wanted to mention this was made possible by using the Bethesda Toolkit, created by the user ForsakenNomad. Their tool allows conversion of an ESP file to an XML file, which I found invaluable for copying the same conditions to hundreds of records.


I have no interest taking requests of patches anyone would like me to make. I've provided a thorough guide as to how I made the ones available, and I encourage everyone to take charge of their own mod lists. Sometimes getting your hands dirty is necessary, and fun!
It must also be stated that, with some small exception, these patches are provided as-is. I did my best to prune out the spells which were not needed, and to ensure proper functionality, however I'm not omnipotent or have limitless patience, so there are bound to be some oddities. If you find any such oddities, feel free to open up xEdit and remove them.
As with every other mod I've made, this is all open work, so you can do whatever you would like with them. Just don't sell them by any definition, and ensure proper credit is provided if you host elsewhere (specifically to Netherworks for providing the mod/plugins I based this on, and myself for the patches provided on this page.)

Magic-Oriented Mods Included:

Patches Included:

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