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A variety of tweaks to improve small things in Enhanced Solitude or fix errors inherited from the mods that went into Enhanced Solitude.

Permissions and credits
Credit to best guy Andrealphus for the naming convention, and kojak747 for creating Enhanced Solitude.

This mod seeks to patch the issues that pop up in Enhanced Solitude and Enhanced Solitude Docks, as well as integrate various other mods that I use and like and make adjustments to my personal taste. I take small requests, so feel free to make suggestions for future tweaks.
The goal of the main file is to fix the placement or rotation of items when they don't work, hide the seams that pop up as holes in the world, and fix objects clipping through each other. At this time, I've checked every interior up to the outer gates of Solitude and fixed every problem I've run into except for the College of Whispers, which is coming in a future version of this mod along with edits to mods outside of that area.
The goal of my add-ons is to fix other things that feel off about the mod relative to the game's setting, or to make improvements that I think are more subjective and won't be to everyone's taste.

Enhanced Skyrim Sewers
I don't like the Solitude Underworks as a zone. It's poorly optimized and a lot of references are misaligned, leaving fairly visible seams in the world. It doesn't make much sense as a sewer system and isn't fun to navigate. I really like what Skyrim Sewers does with Solitude's sewer network. This plugin integrates Enhanced Solitude's new sewer tunnels and entrances into the sewer system from Skyrim Sewers.
Requires Skyrim Sewers.

Cyrodiilic College of Whispers Students
A request from Simon Magus.
Solitude's College of Whispers all wear the regular outfits that the College of Winterhold uses. This is most noticeable with the Arch-Mage, who is dressed for the frozen climes of Winterhold, despite the fact that all of these people are transplants from Cyrodiil, and you'd expect them to dress like such. This plugin changes the outfits of the College of Whispers to be the College of Whispers robes from Beyond Skyrim: Bruma.
Requires Beyond Skyrim: Bruma.

Copper Dragon: A Local Specialty
This add-on gives the Copper Dragon Mead and Lavender Mead from Enhanced Solitude a unique appearance and makes them more common in Solitude, as well as integrating them into leveled lists so that they appear in rural inns. The goal is to make them a local specialty of Solitude in the same way that Whiterun has Honningbrew Mead and Riften Black-Briar Mead.

Middle Ages Imperial Physician
I really liked the idea of the Imperial Physician being a more scientific take on medicine than Skyrim's alchemical potions approach, with the two co-existing and producing different results. I'm not a fan of the fact that the Imperial Physician relies on modern medical knowledge. This plugin changes the potions added to the Imperial Physician to be compounds created from common remedies in the Byzantine Empire that aren't insane by modern standards.The effects of some potions are unchanged; the immuno-vax has been replaced with a more useful Fortify Shouts potion, and the Blood Potion now gives Fire Resist in addition to its blood effects. It will no longer be sold but will spawn in the shop, as it's kind of weird for a physician to just sell blood to people.

Divine Octavo and Mysticism Integration
The Divine Octavo's spells overlap somewhat with Mysticism's. This mod replaces them with the equivalent Mysticism versions to avoid cluttering the player's spell book with duplicates.
Requires Mysticism - A Magic Overhaul.

Static Useless Ledgers
There are a few ledgers that aren't used by the radiant Thieves Guild numbers job. I don't like activator prompts that don't do anything, so this replaces the unused ledgers with a static version.

Solitude Bank Keys Exist
The Solitude Bank has vaults for a number of Solitude's prominent citizens. Each vault has a key associated with it; however, the keys were never added to the world. This mod makes sure that each patron of the Solitude Bank has their vault key. Hypothetically speaking, a person looking to rob the bank or its patrons might find a plugin like this useful.

Enhanced Thalmor Headquarters, or Thalmorphanize [ALPHA]
The Solitude Justiciar's Headquarters look more fitting for an Imperial faction than the Thalmor, and are also abandoned. This add-on changes that, making the headquarters an active location for the Thalmor and decorated as such. Elenwen will be here when not being used by the main quest. This mod has been tested and does not break Elenwen's involvement in the main quest.
Note that this mod is provided as-is at the user's discretion, and its impact on the main quest may not be the same in your modlist as in mine. Support is not being provided for any issues that arise from this add-on at this time, but feel free to submit bugs it causes as these will need to be addressed in future.

I'm happy to take requests for tweaks or enhancements you'd like to see. I have a few ideas in the works for other changes to make.