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Mundus is a complete overhaul of Skyrim’s Standing Stones designed to balance the game’s stone bonuses and add powerful new gameplay options.

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Mundus - A Standing Stone Overhaul 

Mundus is a complete overhaul of Skyrim’s Standing Stones designed to balance the game’s stone bonuses and add powerful new gameplay options. Greater Powers have been removed in favor of passive abilities that will define and support various builds. The more powerful stones often have downsides, in order to give players a choice between building around these downsides in exchange for powerful buffs, or avoiding these downsides in exchange for more modest buffs. Additionally, Guardian Stones no longer provide experience bonuses, which often encouraged players not to trade them out for more interesting gameplay bonuses. 

Mundus is designed to complement my mod Aetherius - A Race Overhaul, but it does not require it. 

The Standing Stones

The Apprentice Stone 

Elfborn: Your Magicka regenerates twice as fast, but you have 25% Weakness to Magic.

The Atronach Stone 

Sorcerer’s Oath:
You have 100 extra Magicka and a 25% chance to absorb Magicka from incoming spells. However, you cannot regenerate Magicka in combat. 

The Lady Stone

Lady’s Grace: Your Health, Magicka and Stamina Regeneration are increased by 50%, and an additional 50% when you fall below half Health.

The Lord Stone

Blood of the North: You have 100% extra Health Regeneration and 25% extra Magic Resistance. 

The Lover Stone 

Lover’s Touch: Your Stamina regenerates twice as fast, but you cannot gain any bonuses from sleeping.

The Mage Stone 

Path of Wisdom: You have 50 extra Magicka, and your spells and enchantments cost 10% less.

The Ritual Stone 

Mother’s Sorrow:
You can summon or reanimate one additional minion. However, your summoning and reanimation spells only last half as long. 

The Serpent Stone

Serpent’s Kiss: You gain 50% Poison Resistance, your potions last 50% longer, and your poisons last for 2 extra hits. 

The Shadow Stone

Moonshadow: You are 25% harder to detect while sneaking, and you deal 25% more damage with sneak attacks and spells. 

The Steed Stone 

Charioteer: You move 20% faster and have 100 extra Carry Weight.

The Thief Stone 

Cheater’s Luck: You have 50 extra Stamina, move 10% faster, and take 50% less damage from falling.

The Tower Stone 

Warden’s Wall: Your Armor Rating is increased by 100, and you reflect 100% of incoming melee damage back at your attacker.  

The Warrior Stone 

Warborn: You have 50 extra Health. Blocking and bashing are 25% more effective. 


- The Lover and the Apprentice provide Base Regen, which is more powerful when combined with other types of regeneration.
- The "Reflect Damage" effect of the Tower Stone does not prevent you from taking damage, and is effected by difficulty, making it only a moderately powerful effect even at very high values. It only works on melee damage. 
- The Atronach Stone allows you to regenerate Magicka out of combat, to lessen the tediousness of the build. 


Mundus is lightweight and compatible, and will not interfere with any mod (except for other Standing Stone mods). It includes Enai's Modern Brawl Bug Fix, which your mod manager of choice may flag as a conflict if you use other mods that include Enai's Modern Brawl Bug Fix. It does not matter which mod wins in this case. 

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