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Blade and Blunt is a complete overhaul of Skyrim’s combat designed to increase the game’s difficulty and encourage active resource management.

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Blade and Blunt - A Combat Overhaul

Blade and Blunt is a complete overhaul of Skyrim’s combat designed to increase the game’s difficulty and encourage active resource management. Unlike other combat overhauls, it does not seek to import mechanics from other games into Skyrim. Instead, it enhances the existing mechanics of Skyrim’s combat and focuses on tightening the gameplay to allow for more player skill and RPG-like character development. 


  • More aggressive and intelligent enemy AI
  • Speed and reach tweaks for tighter gameplay
  • Heavy emphasis on resource management 
  • No mention of From Software titles anywhere on the mod page 
  • Lightweight and compatible, no impact on performance

Resource Management 

Managing your resources is an important part of combat in Blade and Blunt. You will no longer regenerate Stamina while attacking, and drawing a bow will also slowly drain your Stamina. On the defensive side, successfully blocking an attack will take a minimum of 10 Stamina, and you will not be able to regenerate Stamina while blocking. 

When you fall below 0 Stamina, your character will experience a series of debuffs. You will move and attack 25% slower, deal 25% less damage with weapons, and be 50% less effective at blocking. NPCs will also experience these debuffs if you have SPID installed.

Compared to Vanilla, Magicka and Stamina will regenerate a little faster in combat. Both resources will continue to regenerate very fast when outside of combat. Health will also regenerate slightly faster outside of combat.

Speed, Reach, and Attack Commitment 

The player will now move in a slower, more realistic fashion, especially when their weapon is drawn. You will be significantly slower while attacking, power attacking, drawing a bow, or casting a spell. In addition, weapons will have a reach that is more appropriate to their models in the game. Both attack commitment and the reach changes will apply to all humanoid NPCs. Two-handed weapons will swing slightly faster than in Vanilla.


You will now be rewarded for seizing the advantage and striking your opponent when they cannot defend themselves. Attacking with advantage gives you 50% extra damage.  This occurs when the target is power attacking, drawing a bow, or casting a spell, as well as when they are sleeping, sitting, sneaking, or staggered. Attacking with advantage works whether you are using melee weapons, bows, or spells. NPCs can also benefit from advantage, and the player receives a full body stagger when they are power attacked by an enemy with advantage. Casting a ward spell prevents enemies from gaining advantage on you.

Blocking, Resistance and Armor Caps

The formula for Block has been adjusted to ensure that blocking remains a viable strategy even in the high-damage environment of Blade & Blunt. Blocking with a shield caps out at 85% damage resistance, as in Vanilla, but special care has been given to ensure that you can play a block-focused character as soon as you find a shield. Blocking with a weapon is less effective, but still significantly more effective than Vanilla. Blocking with a weapon caps out at 80% damage resistance. 

Magic Resist, Fire Resist, Frost Resist, Shock Resist and Poison Resist all cap out at 75%. Furthermore, each point of armor reduces incoming damage by 0.15%. Your armor rating caps out at 500, or a 75% reduction in damage. In addition, you will no longer benefit from the hidden armor rating that the game awards you for equipping light or heavy armor. This means that the armor cap will be the same for every build. 

Game Settings and Combat Styles 

Many changes have been made to game settings and combat styles that provide subtle improvements to the combat experience. These changes largely focus on combat mechanics such as blocking, bashing, and combat regeneration. Enemies will be more aggressive, and more intelligent, with Blade and Blunt installed. You may wish to ensure that Blade and Blunt loads lower than any other mod that changes these game settings or combat styles.

Combat Difficulty 

The various game difficulties have been adjusted to provide increased lethality, while still giving players control over their own experience. Please be sure to select the difficulty you find most enjoyable in play, rather than the difficulty that you are used to using (don’t be scared to turn the difficulty down; you’re using a combat mod, after all!). The difficulty modifiers are:

Novice: 1.5x Damage Dealt / 0.5x Damage Received
Apprentice: 1.25x Damage Dealt / 1x Damage Received 
Adept: 1x Damage Dealt / 1.5x Damage Received 
Expert: 0.75x Damage Dealt / 2x Damage Received 
Master: 0.5x Damage Dealt / 2.5x Damage Received
Legendary: 0.25x Damage Dealt / 3.0x Damage Received 

I have set Adept difficulty to a level that I think most players will find agreeable in a vacuum. I recommend that instead of looking at these settings as being about "difficulty," you look at them as being about speed. If you want to clear content more quickly, choose Adept. If you want to slow the pace of the game, and push yourself to plan ahead for encounters, choose Expert. Master and Legendary difficulties are intended for higher level players.

An optional module is provided that reverts these numbers to the Vanilla values. I recommend using the default Blade and Blunt values and lowering the difficulty.

Epic Creatures

You are at a significant disadvantage when fighting large creatures such as Giants, Mammoths, Lurkers, Centurions, and Dragons. As such, you deal 25% less damage and take 25% more damage when fighting these creatures. In addition, you cannot benefit from advantage against epic creatures. 

Kill Moves 

With Blade and Blunt installed, the player will be immune to kill moves. While cinematic executions are fun when used on NPCs, allowing them to affect the PC often prevents players from surviving difficult encounters through skill and good play. Additionally, kill moves will only trigger on enemies who are below 50% Health, to account for a bug where enemy armor is not taken into account when the game decides to trigger a kill move. 


Blade and Blunt is designed to be a total combat package. However, some users will likely wish to combine Blade and Blunt with other mods. In general, whatever mod is loaded last will “win” conflicts. Load Blade and Blunt after Mortal Enemies if you choose to keep Mortal Enemies in your load order, as it will affect non-humanoid NPCs which are not touched by Blade and Blunt.

Blade and Blunt includes the Modern Brawl Bug Fix by Enai Siaion. Modding tools will thus indicate that Blade and Blunt conflicts with other mods that contain the Brawl Bug fix. However, you can safely ignore this conflict. It does not matter which mod wins, since they all contain the same fix.

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