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Manbeast is a complete overhaul of Skyrim’s Werewolf system designed to balance existing Werewolf mechanics and add powerful new lycanthropic abilities to the game.

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Manbeast - A Werewolf Overhaul

 Manbeast is a complete overhaul of Skyrim’s Werewolf system designed to balance existing Werewolf mechanics and add powerful new lycanthropic abilities to the game. In the Vanilla game, Werewolves are largely forgettable. Becoming a Werewolf has no effect on your human form, and transforming is rarely a good idea due to their low damage and their lack of healing. Manbeast addresses these and other problems by overhauling the Werewolf perk tree, adding new passives to mortal form, and introducing a forced transformation mechanic for Werewolves who try to suppress the beast within.

Mortal Form

All werewolves benefit from the following powers and passives while in mortal form. 


Beast Form

In the Vanilla game, the Werewolves gain extra Armor Rating and Unarmed Damage as they level. I have extended this mechanic to include Health, Stamina, and Magic Resistance (like their counterparts, the Vampire Lords). This ensures that Werewolves stay relevant at higher levels of play. The 50% Weakness to Poison that Werewolves experience in mortal form is increased to 100% in beast form. Werewolves also benefit from several miscellaneous bonuses, such as reduced fall damage and increased power attack damage.

In addition to these changes, the Werewolf perk tree has been overhauled significantly. The emphasis on Health and Health Regeneration allows the Werewolf to heal itself when wounded; the emphasis on Stamina and Stamina regeneration ensures that all builds will be able to benefit fully from the Werewolf’s melee prowess. 



As in the Vanilla game, Werewolves have access to three howls. You begin the game with the Howl of Terror. Finding the Totem of Brotherhood gives you access to the Howl of Brotherhood. Finding the Totem of the Hunt gives you access to the Howl of the Hunt. Finding the Totem of Fear upgrades the Howl of Terror. The Howl of Brotherhood automatically levels up with you as you level. The Howl of the Hunt does not need to be leveled; it has all of its abilities from the moment you obtain it.

To make howls a little more interesting, I recommend that you use Simple Werewolf Favorite Howls. This will allow Werewolf howls to work more like Vampire Lord powers; it will also give you access to a Revert Form ability. My cooldowns are designed to be balanced around this mod without punishing players who don't want to use it.


Forced Transformations

If Werewolves refuse to feed the beast within, they start to lose control of their transformations. After three days without transforming, you will receive a warning that the beast is stirring. After five days without transforming, you will be forced to transform. There are rumors of a way to control the transformation entirely, but doing so would require a blessing from the Father of Manbeasts himself. 


Manbeast requires a new game, or a save where you have never become a Werewolf. I will not offer any support for users who attempt to install this mod on a game where they are already a Werewolf.


Manbeast is a streamlined Werewolf overhaul that only touches records relevant to Werewolves. Manbeast will be incompatible with any mod that that changes Werewolves. However, it will not cause compatibility issues with any other mods. Note that Manbeast does change the Werewolf race record, and may need to be loaded after mods such as Mortal Enemies which also change the Werewolf race records.

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