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Various Patches for Better Spell Learning - To include Apocalypse, Shadow Spell Package, Lost Grimoire, and more.

Permissions and credits
Collection of patches for Better Spell Learning.

Added in a file in the Misc section that is a kit, with pictures and instructions on how to make your own patches.

First, let me put forward Im not affiliated in anyway with BSL or its Author.
Its a slick mod, and I wanted to have my experience be cohesive.
So I wanted to patch all the various mods I use that add spell books.
Below you will find a list of posted, planned, and on hold patches.

Patches are only made with permission from the original Author's or their mod pages.
The only information contained within this patches from the various mods, is the book listings in the ESPs.
This is to alter said  books to work with BSL. You will need the original mods, links are provided, in their entirety.

Likewise, you will of course need BSL (Better Spell Learning).
Important note needed here.
I have not received a response to my request put forth to Scientic (BSL Author) for permissions.
Furthermore, the BSL page states permission most be given to modify and repost.
Please note, I am using NONE of scientic's assets.
I originally asked permission from scientic for the sake of updating and including the Apoclypse page from the BSL page.
When this was not forthcoming, I redid the patch from scratch. Which was a good learning experience.
The only information related to BSL, is the hooks inside the plugins to redirect to the scripts.
Scripts are NOT included. You will need BSL in its entirety.

Now that all thats done, one more note.
Each various spell mod, or mod that adds spell books will be getting its own file. And the patch version will match the corresponding mod version.
I will not be doing a merged version. Reason being I would simply have to do to many variations.
That said, its easily done on the users end, and I recommenced it.
Put the main BSL file after all mods that any patches will effect.
Put any BSL patches next.
Then merge them all in one file.
These are simply plugins info wise and a great number can be merged down into one.

Patch List
If there are any not here that you would like to see, let me know, and Ill see what I can do.

Currently Posted:

Apocalypse 9-45
Beasts of Tamriel Less Crash-Prone Edition 3-0
Beyond Reach 4-0
Creepy Zombies 1-2
Cutting Room Floor 3-1-7
Dark Glade 1-0
Dwemertech 1-0
Elemental Destruction Magic 1-1-0
F.E.M.A.L.E. 2-1
Forgotten Magic Redone 1-65
Frostfall 3-4-1SE
Gray Cowl of Nocturnal 1-3
Hammet's Dungeons 2-0
Heritage - Reflexive Enemies 1-97
Immersive College of Winterhold 5-2 (old version, kept for anyone that hasnt upgraded ICW)
Immersive College of Winterhold 6-1
Immersive Wenches 1-6
Interesting NPCs 4-3-6
Jurgholm 1-3-4
Lost Dwemer Castle 1-0
Lost Grimoire 1-5 (LE Ported)
Mysticism - A Magic Overhaul 1-0-15
OBIS Loot SE 4-2-6
Predator Vision 2-0
Shadow Spell Package 5-02
Skyrim Immersive Creatures 0-27 (Official Patch)
Spectraverse 1-11SE
Synthesis Redux 1-4
Wards Extended 1-1-2
Wildcat 7-0
Yuriana 1-2

Completed, but permissions not yet given:
Tools of Kagrenac
Winterhold Restored

Permissions Granted, on the docket to be complete, in no special order:
Cosmic Spells
Phenderix Magic World
Zim's Improved Dremora

Permissions not yet granted, though are on the docket to be done once permissions are given:
Archery Gameplay Overhaul
Inferno - The Blood Marked
Wyrmstooth (not sure how to even get permission for this)

Will NOT be done:
Horror over Skyrim (Reason being the mod Author has stated that it would be detrimental to the way the mod was designed and the way the spells are received.)


Better Spell Learning


Beasts of Tamriel - Less Crash-Prone Edition

Beyond Reach

Creepy Zombies

Cutting Room Floor

Dark Glade


Elemental Destruction Magic


Forgotten Magic Redone

Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival

Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

Hammet's Dungeons

Heritage - Reflexive Enemies

Immersive College of Winterhold

Immersive Wenches

Interesting NPCs


Lost Dwemer Castle

Lost Grimoire

Mysticism - A Magic Overhaul


Predator Vision

Shadow Spell Package

Skyrim Immersive Creatures

Spectraverse - Magic of the Magna-Ge

Synthesis Redux

Wards Extended