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This mod should reapply the GhostFX Visuals, while 'Glow Be Gone SKSE Updated' by dukethedropkicker is installed.

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New version 1.3e comes with a fomod installer with integrated patches for 'Immersive Sounds - Compendium', 'Mysticism - A Magic Overhaul', 'Reverb and Ambience Overhaul', 'Undeath Remastered' and 'Tomebound/Tomebound - Immersive Sounds Patch'

In the recent version 1.3 of Glow Be Gone SKSE Updated by dukethedropkicker the mods effect also applies to the ghost shaders which makes them nearly invisible.
This mod is a little workaround to get the shader effects back.

My mod provides a little esl flagged plugin which just has copied records of all (I hope I got them all) ghost visuals records in it. So this is absolutely ITM and should NOT be cleaned!
After you installed my mod, it is essential to put it onto the exclusion list of the original mod.

I put a 'standard' optionsfile from GBG into the downloadfile, which has only this plugin in it's list and the rest is untouched.
So, if you haven't edited the .json/.toml file from the original mod, just let my mod
override the file otherwise put the filename from this mod
(GhostFXWorkaround.esp or one of the patches) into the exclusion list
and DON'T overwrite the .json from Glow Be Gone SKSE Updated.

Tested this myself for a couple minutes at rannveig's fast, reloaded saves, restarted skyrim, used fast travel.... and the ghosts always appeared normal.


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