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Makes spell tomes a bit more expensive.

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Makes spell tomes a bit more expensive.

Here are the pricing rules:
  • Initially priced under 100 gold: now multiplied by x10. A 50 gold Flames tome is now 500 gold.
  • Initially priced between 100-1000 gold: added +1000 to price. A 341 gold Iron Flesh tome is now 1341 gold.
  • Initially priced over 1000 gold: now multiplied by x2. A 1250 gold Mayhem tome is now 2500 gold.
  • Initially priced over 3000 gold: ignored.

Keep in mind, vendors will likely double the price when selling their tomes, and drop it when purchasing. Check screenshot for example.

Now, there already are a few mods that make spells more expensive (examples: #1, #2), but they all share the same problems:
  • All spells have absurd prices. I'm not paying 9450 for friggin Clairvoyance.
  • If you happen to find these tomes in the world, you get an unreasonable payday from selling them.

With this mod, even if you find a Fury tome priced at 430 gold, vendors will probably pay you only 150 for it at best.

Only edits spell tome records (the books), while leaving actual spell effects untouched, so should be more or less compatible.
Mods that add new spells will require a dedicated patch for their individual spells. A script is included if you wanna patch one yourself.

Patches for following magic overhauls are available:
- Abyssal Tides Magic
- Abyssal Wind Magic
- Ancient Blood Magic
- Astral Magic 2
- Constellation Magic
Cosmic Spells
- Depths of the Reach (Darkstorm)
- Extraplanar Sword Techniques 2 (Spells addon)
Shadow Spell Package
- Shinobi Tools
- Singularity
- Sonic Magic
- Stormcalling Magic 2
- The Art of Shadow
- The Final Cataclysm
- The Grand Paladin
- The Witcher Signs
- Winter Wonderland Magic

Rarer Spell Tomes -- Makes them harder to find, vendors at random will usually sell only a handful of them.
No Starting Flames or Healing -- Removes starter spells, significantly impacting the first hours of playing. Makes finding and buying Healing really worth it.