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Add craftable spell tomes from popular mods to the spell tome crafting station added by Project AHO.

All files have been converted to ESL format.

Permissions and credits
Adds crafting recipes from mods to the spell tome crafting station in Project AHO. The craftable tomes will only be the apprentice, adept and expert spells which can be purchased from spell tome merchants which follows the same basis used the vanilla spell tomes already craftable in Project AHO.

Mods Patched

Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim
Unsupported - The Elder Scrolls Tomes - Skyrim Magic Addon  No longer on Nexus.
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim - Tomebound
Cutting Room Floor
Mysticism - A Magic Overhaul
Cosmic Spells

Load Order

<Spell Mod>.esp
AHO - <Spell Mod> Spell Crafting Patch.esp


There shouldn't be any incompatibilities as all the crafting recipes are new records.


Bethesda - For Skyrim and the creation kit.
HaemProjects - For the amazing Project AHO mod.
Sharlikran - For creating TES5Edit which is a tool anyone who uses mods for Skyrim should learn to use.