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Full set of log cabin, with complementary furniture and decorations.

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A simple cabin, set in the recesses of the darkest part of the wasteland, ravaged by time and the mercy of the elements. Once it was a place of comfort and security. But 200 years later, what calls this less than simple safe haven, 'home'? Will you fall prey like so many others and use this space to carry out your notorious acts of evil upon the innocent wanderers of the Commonwealth? Or will you, Lone Survivor of Vault 111,  use these tools to bring sanctuary to those in dire need of your help and kindness? But you're not that kind of hero...or are you?

This mod adds a full set of working items that will allow you to build your very own cabin in the woods, where you'll feel just like in the movies. Now it's up to you to decide which movies..

Currently there are two sets available for building

                      Log Cabin Set

  • 15 wall models
  • 6 half wall models
  • 4 railings
  • 9 floor models
  • 6 foundations
  • 3 foundation edges
  • 23 models of roofs
  • 6 roof edges
  • 4 staircases
  • 5 supports
  • 1 prefab
  • 3 windows

                      Dragon Set

  • 6 wall models
  • 2 railings
  • 2 floor models
  • 16 models of roofs
  • 4 staircases
  • 7 support logs
  • 1 prefab
  • 2 roof edges

                      Miscellaneous Items

  • 4 fire effects
  • 1 smoke effect
  • 1 chimney
  • 4 doors
  • furniture
  • etc.
Video presentation of the mod courtesy of GhostRider250

Non-master plugin items can be found in Structures>Scaffolding
Master Plan plugin items can be found in Wood>MasterPlan>Cabin in the Woods
All items are navmeshed and collisioned
Doorways can be quirky with NPCs.
The large DAI prefab is currently not navmeshed.

All models are made from scratch, only using game's texture/materials.
Credits go to Sammehwinchester for the idea support, and to Sarinia for the new textures.
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