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Your all in 1 skyrim behavior framework. Automated behavior modification extraction, behavior patching and more. Currently still in beta stage

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The all in one skyrim behavior framework that you will ever need

This framework is designed to be transparent and free for all modders and users, licensed under GPL3


- Automate behavior modification extraction
- Automate behavior patching (using above extraction)
- New custom behavior generated from behavior template
- Custom behavior support
- Custom animation type support
- Python script support
- Basic to advance behavior conflict resolution
- Clear error debugging system accompanied with a resolution method if there is any

HOW TO USE IT? (Basic level)
1. Download and install the tool like a mod
2. Go to data/nemesis_engine and run Nemesis Unlimited Behavior Engine.exe
3. Check the mod(s) that you want to patch
4. Drag the mod to change its priority level if necessary
5. Select Launch Nemesis Behavior Engine
    * If you get error message asking you to update your engine, select Update Engine
       you do not need to update engine if not prompted to. Selecting or deselecting mods will not affect the engine version

6. Close nemesis after finish patching
7. Run skyirm

- For use case that is above Intermediate level, as there is no public documentation available atm, so please contact Shikyo Kira through discord directly or ask in the discord server. Link can be found at the bottom of this page


- Protects owner's copyright simultaneously allowing the users the freedom to modify and distribute patches freely
- Quick and easy for average users
- Robust enough to achieve complicated feat
- Tiered complexity system to cater to different types of user

- Install mod and patch mod

- Generate behavior patch
- Create new animation using animation template
- Create new behavior using behavior template

- Create behavior template for modders at intermediate level
- Create animation template for modders at intermediate level
- Register new behavior into nemesis framework (To access to functionalities provided by this framework)

- Improve the code of this framework
- Add new functionality to this framework
- Fix system level bug (within nemesis)

- Research and educate yourself, post your question somewhere in the public before your come to me
- Read the error message and look for a solution on the internet or document before bothering anyone
- Know who to contact before you pm every single modder and/or me

- Update your own patch if required (could be due to version incompatibility)
- Update your animation query to fix any issue (could be due to the underlying template being updated by expert level user)

- Maintain, troubleshoot and fix/update (if necessary) the behavior template you have created
- Maintain, troubleshoot and fix/update (if necessary) the animation template you have created
- Templates must be under open and free license to ensure indefinite support by the community
- Do not bring additional trouble to users at any level such as creating confusion to others

- Respect GPL3 license
- Keep the description of your modification clear and easy to understand
- Respect the community's wishes
- Adhere to the design principle of this framework


Patreon supporters
  • Sophia Orr - For being the greatest shadow supporter. Supporting me silently
  • John Oguntoye - For being with me during the early beta test until now
  • Other fellow patrons who have been supporting me and following me along the way =D

Beta supporters - For doing all the heavy testing on their machines. Without them, I would never reach where I am today with Nemesis
G'k - For helping me in managing the beta test, ensuring it would run smoothly
DServant - For giving me permission to include his animation in this mod
Distar - For pushing me to publish this on nexus :v
Fore - For giving me a reason to make this

Link to discord server

Link to source code below