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Dragon combat mod which adds several new features that makes dragon combat more interesting, intense and fun.

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KSDO2 is dragon combat mod that overhaul vanilla dragon combat by adds several new features that makes dragon combat more interesting, intense, challenging and fun. Unlike old version of this mod, this version is only focus one gameplay (no change able to vanilla gameplay) because controlling two type of gameplay in one mod is really give some stress to script so i totally remove that function. There are some feature from old version haven been remove or been modified in this version. Ok, for the everyone that still new to this mod you can further more read below contents if you want to understand what this mod actually do. Sorry guys, 
english i not my native language so if any user kind not understand about description of this mod, I'm really sorry for that.




The dragon gameplay in the vanilla game is pretty boring. When a dragon's health drops below 35% it lands and is no longer able to fly. Furthermore, when you reach a high level and have all your equipment enhanced, you usually end up killing weak dragons with one or two shots with arrows when they are flying. As you might already know, if the dragon reaches zero health it will not ragdoll in the air, instead it will land on the ground as if it were still alive, and the animation and death will happen only then.

In this mod I totally change that to make it interesting. When the dragon reaches below 85% health, there's a chance to injure the dragon by damaging it, making it land to the ground for a short time, after which it will start to fly again. The duration on the ground depends on its percentage of health, the lower its health the longer it will stay on the ground. Killing a dragon when flying will no longer make it land to the ground to die, instead it will ragdoll in the air.

Enhanced AI

I can't say dragon ai in Skyrim is not good, but it feels weird that all the different variants of dragon follow the same sequence of events when they fly in and then every so often come down to shout.

I have made some basic improvements in that dragons now no longer follow straightforward of rules of melee attacks, and you need to think more when fighting dragons in close combat (NOTE: Unlike DCO, this mod does not mess up all fly events of dragons because I want to prevent dragons from behaving crazy or unstable). In the MCM, you can change dragon behavior to your liking, use different death animations when they die on the ground, have them resist to stagger or endure its injury, and enable dragon physical effect in each of its attacks and whenever a dragon is landing or taking off (Ragdoll/Push away effect).


Bored dragon for being weak? This mod is include an MCM settings that you can adjust stats of dragon. From health, melee damage, magic damage, damage resistance and magic resistance of dragon. This is not only adjust regular "Dragons", it also include adjust stats of your dragon follower "Durnehviir", "Odahviing" and adjust stats of the mightiest dragon of game "Alduin". Its up to you to decided how difficult of dragon you want in your game but if you cant decided, you can use "Presets" options to help you decided the difficulty of dragons you want. There is another option is include in MCM called "Random Stats" that it will take over regular "Dragon" stats settings that will set stats to random value. Vanilla named dragon still remain untouched and it still follow value from 
regular "Dragon" stats setting. Dragon will sometimes a lot more stronger so be careful before attacking a dragon when this settings enabled.

Assault Event

The Assault Event is a new dragon attack event that acts differently than the vanilla dragon random attack. If you already know Assault from "Deadly Dragons," in this mod it's similar to it but there is no kind of weather effect, deleveled option and more realistic. Assault acts as an auxiliary dragon spawn that functions off of a timer. Set your wait timer value, select your options, and go play. The "Randomizer" option randomly adds/subtracts the value you set from the wait timer value. This is to make attacks less predictable.

You can customize the settings of this feature in the MCM and it also includes vanilla dragon random attack settings that you can disable or customize to your liking.

Soul Absorb

An aditional effect each time you absorb a dragonsoul, now will restore your health, stamina and magicka. On top of that this also include "Dragon Souls to Perkpoints" tool. This simple feature may improve your gameplay and yes all of it can be configure in MCM of this mod


This feature enables MCM settings to add utility shouts to dragons to make your dragon fight a bit more challenging.

Below is list of shouts that are added by this mod.

There is an option that adds Dragonrend (Modified) to the Dragonborn but this option will only be enabled when you already learned Dragonrend from the quest. This shout is made by me, and the difference with this shout is increased duration of time the dragon will stay on the ground and in exchange the cooldown of this shout has been increased to prevent you from spamming. Not only that, whenever you use this shout on a dragon, it will use different animations when it's hit or when it lands on the ground.


There are also MCM settings that may not be important to you and you can totally ignore it without any problems. Options being world cell settings, dragon remains weight, and dragon naming options.



- Dragonrend  -
Make a small tweak to Dragonrend shout 
that dragon will no longer ignore Dragonrend.

- Dragon shout voice -

Fix dragons shouts voice files to make dragon actually have a voice for vanilla dragon that use voices that where already in the game. Mod like Dragons Shout with Voice and Dragon Real Shout is totally not compatible with this mod.



- No Bugs for now or you tell me (Feedback and bug reporting are always welcome) -



DragonRace, crDragonResistNPCs, AlduinBase and DLC1Durnehviir is main edit of this mod. Any mod that do same edit will totally not compatible or need to make a patch using xEdit or Mator Smash.

Compatible - No patch needed -

Compatible - patch needed -

Not Compatible



Dragon Animation Replace in Special Edition to replace new animation of dragon.
D13 Faster GET UP STAND UP animation vanilla friendly SSE to make you stand up more faster than normal.
Dragon Stalking Fix to fix dead dragon 
corpses that will travel to player or fall out of the sky.
SSE Engine Fixes Prevent "Double Perk Apply" to all dragons. This mod used perk to effect all dragons so probably need this in your game.



SSE 1.5.3 or higher

SKSE64 2.0.4 or higher
SkyUI 5.2SE or higher



Bethesda for making Skyrim, Creation Kit and allowing us to mod Skyrim.
The Skyrim Script Extender team for SKSE.

Apollodown (DCO) 3JIou and Redshift  (Deadly Dragon) for Inspiration and referencing for development of this mod.
AI99 for supporting and encourage to develop this mod.