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Dragon combat and difficulty mod that overhaul your vanilla dragon combat experience with new one that makes dragon combat more interesting, intense, challenging and fun.

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  • First please note that this mod is heavy script use, so if any user is not like this kind of mod or you have many other heavy script mod in your game i
  • recommended to not install this mod or uninstall some of other mod that heavy script in your game.
  • KSDO2 is dragon combat and difficulty mod that overhaul your vanilla dragon combat experience with new one by adds several new changes that makes dragon combat more interesting, intense, challenging and fun. Ok, for the everyone that still new to this mod you can further more read below contents if you want to understand what this mod actually do. Sorry guys, english i not my native language so if any user kind not understand about description of this mod, I'm really sorry for that or maybe anyone are welcome to help me with description correction



  • Improved AI and Gameplay
  • New Death
  • Timed stagger
  • Addtional and Power Shout
  • Difficulty Customization
  • New Dragon Random Encounter
  • Soul Absorb
  • Other
  • Fix and Changes
  • Bugs
  • Compatibility


Improved AI and Gameplay

Injuries Changed (Gameplay):

Dragon no longer get injured at 35% health or below instead now when the dragon reaches at 85% health or below dragon will enter expose state that  there's a chance dragon will suffer 3 different injuries state in conditional situation after damaging it. the chance to injuring the dragon will increased depends on dragon heatlh is (Changeable in MCM).

Lite Injuries
- Damaging dragon at head with bow or crossbow while flying. When dragon is injured dragon will get lite stagger and stop it to continue attacking.

Normal Injuring -
Damaging dragon at wings in conditional situation. While flying: attack using bow or crosbow, When on the ground: power attack using any close ranged weapon (unarmed does not count). When dragon is injured, dragon will unable to fly few seconds, after that it will start to fly again. The duration dragon stay on the ground will increased depends on how dragon health is.

Hard Injuries - Damaging dragon at head or at tail with power attack using any close ranged weapon (unarmed does not count) while on the ground and at 35% health or below. When dragon is injured it will get knockdown (bleeding out) for random 5 to 15 seconds.

Combat Changed (AI):

  • Each dragon have their own prefered combat style, sometimes you will encounter dragon that prefered to fight more in flight and sometimes you will encounter dragon that prefered to fight more on the ground but not for dragon that use long range attack (use beam like sout) that they will complately combat in flight and slightly more agile than other dragon (MCM).
  • Dragon attack pattern is improve for both fly and on ground combat and dragon will do more tail attack with higher priority against NPC and low priority against Player regardless position of enemy at in melee attack ranged (Essential).
  • Dragon to ground attack now divided by 2 type of attack, firstly normal to ground attack that dragon will land near enemy and attack it on ground and secondly to ground flight attack that dragon will fly to his enemy and start to fly attack to the ground that cause damage in large area (similar to dragon flight grab but without need to grab enemy instead dragon will use both of his talon to attack the ground) (Essential).
  • During flight passby or takeoff dragon sometimes will unrealistically do sudden stop in hover state and attack near enemy while in that state (MCM).
  • Dragon will check how long distance of enemy, while in hover state (not count for sudden hover state) if enemy is to far before dragon releasing shout, dragon will stay hover until enemy is close enough to dragon and will start attacking after that. Else while on the ground, after dragon releasing shout and enemy is to far from dragon attack, dragon will start to fly back to flight combat instead (Essential).
  • Dragon head turning speed reduced after releasing shout on the ground or fligh hover only (MCM).


New death

Killing a dragon while flying will no longer make it land to the ground to die, instead now dragon will ragdoll in the air when reach 0 health. If "Old Injuries" option in MCM is enabled this feature will automatically disable until "Old Injuries" option in MCM is disable.

Dragon randomly play different animation when die. Disable "Random death animation" option in MCM this will make dragon use default animation instead.


Timed Stagger
Essentially make dragon complate immnue to stagger type attack or spell except in conditional situation. Each time dragon is start an attack or shout, dragon will exposed to any stagger type attack for next 1 seconds that mean dragon is able to get stagger (MCM).


Additional and Power Shout

Dragon now will be categorized into two types of dragon, the first is a non-special dragon that dragon will never use additional and power shout and the second is special dragon that dragon will use additional and power shout. The type of shout that dragon use depends on their nature (Force/Soul + Elemental). Shout is only can used when dragon health drop below 82% health and power shout can be used to some dragon and boss dragon (Named dragon like Alduin and others) only and when dragon health drop below 35% health. Essentially after dragon receiving power shout, dragon health will automatically restored to 50% of their max health (Essential).

Force Nature
Normal Shout - Unrelenting Force, Disarm and Mass Disarm.
Power Shout - Rend, Unrelenting Force Area, Phantom Summon and Phantom Form.

Soul Nature
Normal Shout - Drain Vitality, Marked for Death and Dismay.
Power Shout - Soul Tear, Become Ethereal, Soul Cairn Summon and Death Resurrect.

Elemental Nature
Normal Shout - Flame Wave (Fire) and Ice Form (Frost).
Power Shout - Fire Storm Call (Fire), Flame Storm Call (Fire), Ice Storm Call (Frost), Frost Storm Call (Frost), Shock Storm Call (Shock), Thunder Storm Call (Shock) and Sun Blast (Sun).


Difficulty Customization
As you expect for dragon combat and difficulty mod, this mod also offer a MCM settings that allows you custimize difficulty of dragon with your own way. There is two types of difficulty method that you can use from this mod that firstly is called "Attributes Method" and secondly is called "Reduction Method". This feature is is not only adjust regular dragons, it also include to adjust difficulty of your dragon follower "Durnehviir", "Odahviing" and adjust difficulty of the mightiest dragon of game "Alduin". Its up to you to decided how difficult of dragon you want in your game but if you cant decided, you can use "Preset List" options to help you decided the difficulty of dragon you want to fight. There is another option is include in MCM that called "Randomizer" that make regular dragon stats set to random difficulty form "Preset List" value or sometimes it will totally random value that not follow difficulty. All vanilla named dragons will not effected and still will follow value from "Regular Dragon" slider. Dragon will sometimes a lot more stronger even the level of dragon is low so be careful when attacking dragon when this option enabled.

Attributes Method:
Add bonus attributes to dragon for health, physical damage, magic damage, physical resistance and magic resistance. This method essentially have add 50% bonus incoming damage reduction (both melee and bow/crosbow weapon).

Reduction Method:

Add bonus damage reduction to dragon for incoming melee reduction (for all melee weapon), incoming ranged reduction (for bow and crossbow weapon), and incoming magic reduction (all magic spell). This method essentially have add 50% bonus health to dragon.


New Dragon Random Encounter

  • Dragon random encounter from this mod is acts differently than the vanilla dragon random encounter, that mean encounter from this mod is totally use own quest and not tied with vanilla encounter and if you already know Assault from "Deadly Dragons", this mod is do also similar things to it to but without weather effect, no deleveled dragon, more realistic dragon spawn and more option.
  • You can customize the settings of this feature in the MCM and it also includes vanilla dragon random encounter settings that you can disable or customize it to your liking.


Soul Absorb

Additional Effect - After "Dragonborn" absorbing dragonsoul from dragon will restore health, stamina and magicka (MCM).
Dragon Souls to Perkpoints - Tool to convert dragon souls to useable perk points (MCM).
Soul Absorb Settings - Useful settings to make player become "non-dragonborn" (no absorb), prevent dead dragon corpses follow player around or fall out of the sky (no stalking), prevent player absorbing dragonsoul from dragon during combat (no absorb combat), and increase soul absorb distance (absorb distance)(MCM).


There are also MCM settings that maybe useful to you to use that can adjust ingame respawn cell time, dragon bone and scale weight, and dragon uniqueness like name, voice dialogue and shout, and variants (like spendor feature). Use what you waant and ignore what you don't, its up to you to decided (MCM).


Fix and Change

Dragon fly away
- Fixed that dragon will sometimes fly away cause by anything that make them to "not allow to fly" (game, script, spell etc). This fix is do by making a dragon force landing marker (via script) to his current enemy or player instead of any area. For now this is the only the way to prevent dragon fly away but there is the downside by using this fix that dragon will totally landing at location of his enemy whatever they at (any inside building or tower) as dragon will ignore collision when going to landing.

Dragonrend Shout - Overhaul the shout that dragon will no longer ignore dragonrend effect except for Alduin at Sovngarde. Shout now will deal damage 2% of dragon max health (when user of shout is player only) and also apply injured status.

Alduin (Sovngarde)
- Small improvement to Alduin combat, that now have ability to ignore dragonrend effect. The chance to effect Alduin with dragonrend is depend on how many dragon words has been shouted.

1) Use full words of shout will give 50% chance.
2) Use only 2 words of shout will give 30% chance.
3) Use only 1 words of shout will give 15%

- There is has two combat phase when fighting with Alduin,
1) First phase, Alduin will
prefered to fight more in flight and there is no power shout will be use (Dragonrend is totally is important in this phase), 2) Second phase, after Alduin health drop under 35% health, Alduin combat change now will prefered to fight more on the ground and will using 3 defferent elemental power shout (fire, frost and shock) and whatever Alduin using the elemental power shout will also change his elemental type depends what elemental power shout it use.



Dragon fly away - This is not same as fly away bug like vanilla do. The cause of the bug when dragon start do to ground flight attack at the same time that dragon is in injured state. The chance you will encounter this its pretty low if you not have not many mod that use script in your game but its probably will become hight if you have many mod that use script.



AbDragon (core one and important),DragonRace , crDragonResistNPCs, AlduinBase and DLC1Durnehviir is main edit of this mod. Any mod that do same edit will totally not compatible or need to make a patch using xEdit or Mator Smash.

Compatible - No patch needed -

Compatible - patch needed -

Not Compatible or Not Recommended


Recommended Other Mod

Immersive Dragons to increase your dragon immersion to 101%.
Dragon Animation Replace in Special Edition to replace new animation of dragon.
D13 Faster GET UP STAND UP animation vanilla friendly SSE to make you stand up more faster than normal.
SSE Engine Fixes Prevent "Double Perk Apply" to all dragons. This mod used perk to effect all dragons so probably need this in your game.



SSE 1.5.3 or higher
SKSE64 2.0.4 or higher
SkyUI 5.2SE or higher


Special Thanks

Bethesda for making Skyrim, Creation Kit and allowing us to mod Skyrim.
The Skyrim Script Extender team for SKSE.

Apollodown (DCO) 3JIou and Redshift  (Deadly Dragon) for Inspiration and referencing for development of this mod.
AI99 for supporting and encourage to develop this mod.