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Evangeline is the most advanced companion to date. She will comment on everything, will do what she wants when she wants and react to you and your action immediately. She will remember everything you do, also what she says she wants. Your acts will have consequences, some will permanently influence Evangeline.

Permissions and credits
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
  • German
  • French

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  • Entire visual upgrade of Evangeline !Uses HDT-SMP enabled Hair!
  • around 40 custom textures for all of the new enemies&monsters
  • You can hug Evangeline with some dialogue options
  • Evangeline can use Elder Souls 1-hand animations
  • Enemies killed by player with Evangeline in party can revive as deadly Nemesis
  • Perks have been added for Evangelines Poison and Dam&Absorb Health spells
  • OAR animations for more lifelike behavior

is the most advanced companion to date. She will comment on everything, will do what she wants when she wants and react to you and your action immediately. She will remember everything you do, also what she says she wants. Your acts will have consequences, some will permanently influence Evangeline.

Evangeline is a highly advanced marriageable follower. She has 7000 lines of voiced dialogue. A memory and emotion system including but not limited to love, hate, fear. She will remember everything she and you said. Discover her background by doing quests and talking to her. Have fun with the most advanced, feature rich companion for Skyrim ever.


  • You can find her in Riverwood near the Inn in the afternoon (19-5).
  • Evangeline has 4 questchains to unravel her history.
  • Two single quests for you to enjoy.
  • Three repeatable radiant quests for you to enjoy.
  • One radiant quest line. Everything is random here, even the story.
  • Several radiant quests with dozens of different Objectives like craft, talk, deliver, guard, kill, assassinate etc. Start by talking to Evangeline about rumors.
  • 7 Thousand of lines of dialog.
  • Fully fledged out memory and emotion system with several emotions like hate, fear, love etc. With facial expressions and tears if she is sad.
  • Special dialog & actions and above mentioned memory.
  • Marriage candidate with own marriage quest.
  • Has her own animations for dodging and kissing.
  • Will do whatever she wants when she wants it. Like going to the temple, go shopping, going on a stroll and much more.
  • Needs, integrated into weight system, and hypothermia system.
  • Will gain weight and muscles based on her actions.
  • Configurable Body Morphs for weight gain.
  • She can become insane and will start to hear and see things due to high stress.
  • Random path dialog.
  • Has dialogue with any actor possible with original, vanilla voicelines.
  • Dozens of long dialog chains. Dozens of long dialog to explore her past.
  • Play games with her, like hide&seek and others.
  • Custom home marker for single cell and a custom home marker which can be multi cell home. You can tell Evangeline to have a place for work, train, relax, sleep and eat.
  • Evangeline has an outfit for combat, home, town and outfit options for rainy and snowing weathers, warm and cold climates. Outfits can be additional to her current stuff or can replace current outfit.
  • She will get wet during raining, swimming etc. Combat, running etc. make her sweat. She will also get snowy and ashes on her depending on the weather.
  • Will loot items, if she wants.
  • Comments and dialogue on places, quests, persons, her past, etc..
  • You can brawl and spare with her.
  • Lots of conversations with other NPCs, even Unique ones like Paarthunax and recognizes 3DNPCs followers
  • MCM Config Menu.
  • Evangeline has the following selectable combat styles: "Default" (Spellsword), "Paladin DPS", "Paladin Tank", "Elemental Mage"
  • Advanced combat AI. Can heal the player. Toggle to disable this.
  • Elder Souls one-hand animations 2EE520 by a perk.
  • Evangeline and player kills have a configurable chance to create a Nemesis who hunts down the player. Up to 6 can appear concurrently.
  • Difficulty sliders for her combat prowess.
  • Teach her spells. Evangeline can also shout if you teach her.
  • You can tell her to only or additionally use spells you have currently equipped.
  • Evangeline has Ordinator, Vokrii and PerMa perks. She has now perks for One Handed, Block, Heavy Armor, Alteration, Restoration and Destruction.
  • Perk trees with unlockable perks
  • Alternate Advancement system for customizable progression
  • Master trainer can train Evangeline for 100.000 gold to get 1 perk point
  • five custom dungeons with 80 custom bosses and enemies to defeat. Unlocking Evangelines skill growth. Starting from level 10 up to level 50
  • Will transform into a Werewolf if in combat, the player is a werewolf and she needs to switch to melee.
  • Will smelt ore, tan hides, make arrows and brews potions for you
  • Will cook a meal if there's enough ingredients for it and a cooking pot.
  • dozens of actions based on how Evangeline feels and how much she likes you. Like spiking your ale, cooking you a meal, make you trip, won't help you in a fight, run ahead in a dungeon and much, much more.
  • Can take the lead to dungeon bosses.
  • Can take the lead to dozens of location.
  • Can autoplay/autopilot the game for you to travel to dozens of location.
  • You can tell her to cook a meal, brew a potion, go shopping or craft arrows for you.
  • Fully integrated into all vanilla scenes for immersion.
  • Can tell her to ride any rideable actor
  • 190 packages to have Evangeline behave naturally, with a day routine, in each capital, town and settlement; if you tell her to wait or leave you.
  • CBBE 3BA (3BBB) body and high poly and high resolution meshes and textures for head- and bodyparts. !HDT-SMP enabled Hair!
  • Evangeline will gain weight and muscles but can also loose some. Dynamically based on activity and location.
  • Wig system. All KS Hairdoes, if you have it installed, can be used as a wig.
  • Fully integrated into the DLCs.
  • Can play all idles and will play them if she wants.
  • Configurable gore effects. Blood, wounds, screams and splatter. She also gains scars from battle which take 1 or 3 or more days to fully heal.
  • Gore and scars effects add gameplay debuffs. Scars now have an up to 15% base health debuffs and wounds apply a short 2 minute long effect. Ranging from health damage to disarm or stagger effects
  • You can also bump her with weapons or magic equipped to teleport her out of your way.
  • Evangeline can train your skills. She can train you her highest skill.
  • Evangeline specific achievements, 14 categories with 7 tiers each, viewable in the MCM menu, with tiny permanent boni for the player. Option to not get those rewards in the MCM menu.
  • Support for Flower Girls. Certain scenes and dialogue may start a Flower Girl scene.
  • Support for OStim. Certain scenes and dialogue may start a OStim scene.
  • Support for Sexlab. Certain scenes and dialogue may start a Sexlab scene. Initialize Evangelines sexuality and proficiency once at the start of your sexual activity with her. Those and how much she likes you determine which position will be selected
  • Support for Fertility. Evangeline can now become inseminated and become pregnant from her own dialogue/sex scenes. Awareness via dialogue for all stages of wanting a baby to pregnancy and birth. For best immersion use Evangelines own sex scenes to become pregnant.
  • Evangeline can now levitate and get dragon wings as a reward if you teach her to shout
  • She can also fly if you ride a flying mount. MCM option to make her always fly.
  • Spellmaking. Evangeline can make her own custom spells on the fly. With unlockable effects by doing small tasks.
  • Enchanting. Evangeline enchants her unenchanted items you give her. She can also learn enchantments you give her. The item is destroyed in the process.
  • Custom home you can buy after you are married.
  • Evangeline leaves footsteps on snow and ash.
  • Visual breath in cold climates.
  • Customizer done by ClearanceClarence
  • Alternate Face done by Xeova
  • ...
  • And much more. I can't remember all of the stuff I put in while developing her.

  • Evangelines difficulty can be set in MCM. Consisting of Bonus or Malus for Spell Damage, Weapon Damage, Armor and Magic Resist.
  • Added skill points per level after skill reached 100.

  • Selectable combat styles: "Default" (Spellsword), "Paladin DPS", "Paladin Tank", "Elemental Mage"
  • There's an option to toggle to learn spells cast by player. Those spells can also be removed if need be.
  • You can disable her usage of shouts.
  • You can make Evangeline pacifistic and only have her attack if being attacked or an ally is attacked.
  • You can configure Evangelines confidence between brave and foolhardy.
  • Toggle if you do not want Evangeline to change into a Werewolf.
  • Toggle if you do not want Evangeline to heal you.
  • Chance a killed actor can become a Nemesis.

  • How many special boss abilities per actor for Evangeline's quests.
  • Chance per ability of an ability to appear on a boss for Evangeline's quests.
  • Option for her levitation and flying ability. Disable levitation, always levitate or levitate if you want after unlocking the ability.
  • A minimum level for Evangeline to appear.

Gore and Stress
  • You can select how much gore appears. 0 means no gore, 1 means full bloody body splatter.
  • You can select at what chance wounds and meat appears.
  • Toggle Evangeline's Stress System.

  • Evangeline can take certain item types from you if you have more than one on yourself. Evangeline is bound to carry those burdens for you. The itemtypes are armor, books and weapons.
  • Weapons she carries are recharged by her for free. She will also enchant her unenchanted items you give her. If you don't want this, disable it.

  • Evangeline only uses her snow outfit during snow.
  • Evangeline only her rain outfit during rainy weathers.
  • Evangeline only her warm/hot outfit during warm/mild temperatures.
  • Evangeline only her cold outfit in cold climates.

  • In claustrophobic dungeons it is better to navigate when Evangeline has more distance to you. You can toggle this on or off.
  • Evangeline is helpful and so she will tan or smelt your leather and ore. If you don't want this, you can tell her and she will stop it.
  • Evangeline won't use helmets. You can toggle to make her use those.
  • You may disable her creation of her camp.
  • You can toggle that Evangeline will cast Detect X spells while sneaking.
  • Chance for her idle chatter not being said.
  • Option to not get achievement rewards.
  • Option for no wigs, Evangeline changes her wig once a day and you select a hairdo for her to wear.

Follower Panel
  • Toggles for the panel and floating combat text.

  • Displaying your achievements with Evangeline.

Body Morph
  • Sliders for weight gain. Those will morph her body if you have the morph files for armor.

In case you are idleing or lollygagging Evangeline will idle, too. She will use any unowned idle markers, talk to other NPCs or whatever comes into her mind she will do. Once you move again, she will usually follow you again.
Evangeline will chat with other actors. There are no predetermined conditions.
If you tell her to go away she has 190 AI packages for a full daily life for all cities/towns.

Evangeline has 4 inventories. She has her home outfit. If this is filled, it will be used in your home. If this is not filled, she will use her Town clothes.
She has her Town clothes. This will be worn while being in cities, town, settlements etc.
Then she has her combat outfit. This is being used "outside".
Lastly she has her normal actor inventory.
Additional to those there are special outfits for weather conditions. There's an outfit for rainy and snowing weathers, warm and cold climates. Outfits can be additional to her current wearing clothes or can replace the outfit.

Evangeline will start with 10 body weight as default. She will gain weight by eating. Make sure she has enough food in her pockets. She will loose muscles by being at home, in inns, cities or towns. Also standing still will make her loose muscle mass. Evangeline gains weight by walking around, fighting, being in dungeons or general wilderness.

Evangeline will gain and loose stress based on actions and events. A high enough stress level and there is a increasing chance to hear things. Accrue even more stress and she will also see things. She will react to those events. The player will also hear and see these illusions.

In cold or rainy regions make sure Evangeline has proper clothes. If she freezes she will get hurt. Stay indoors during storms and make campfires to warm her up. Check her clothes if you want to venture in cold regions.
Evangeline, like you, need food. In case she has no food in her inventory she will let you know. If she begins to hunger she will loose weight and it takes a toll on her body. Be prepared to have food before going on long adventures. Stock up at inns along the road.

Evangeline is the only follower with a full family lifecycle if you have the mods support it. You can romance her and get married. Her marriage quest contains many options for you to choose. If you are being an asshole she will cancel the marriage or divorce you. Once married you can make sex with her. This can result in a pregnancy. You can talk to her during the whole process. Beginning from wanting a baby, getting pregnant, birth of a baby and talking to her about the baby. Once the baby grows in a kid, there are scenes between Evangeline and the kid and dialogue for the player, too.
After your marriage there is a quest to buy your very own house together with Evangeline.

Evangeline will make her spells on the spot. It is absolutely possible to have a fire spell reduce fire resist and place a wall of fire on impact. The sum of the magnitudes is limited to vanilla values, though. The element selected is usually the one doing the most damage (lowest resistance) to the target.
Evangeline can get badly hurt. She will get visible gore and wounds and also injury which will hamper her performance.
There is a huge perk tree to explore. You can finely tune in what Evangeline excels at. If you have spare coin lying around the master trainers will take 50.000 gold to train Evangeline for 1 perk point.
There are UI bars to show Evangeline's stats if you want to keep a close eye on her.

Kills done by you or Evangeline can result in the victims resurrection and he can come back as a tough boss, a Nemesis, to hunt you down. Up to 6 Nemesis can be active at once.
The name of the Nemesis will have randomized prefixes and suffixes. For example a Bandit's death by fire in Bleak Falls Barrow: Vengeful Burned Bandit The Raider of Bleak Falls Barrow.
Depending on the cause of death the Nemesis will have an associated special ability. Dying by fire may make him fire immune or able to cast a strong Fire Atronach.

Evangeline can fly if you enable it in the MCM. There are fully featured animations for all situations.
Evangeline is able to play the game for you. There are over 40 destinations she can escort or autoplay/autopilot for you. Just tell her to go to X and she will do it for you in real time. You can watch or go drink a coffee in the mean time.

Evangeline has her own horse she will call. Once you start to mount she will call her horse and travel on it.
You can also tell her to use a specific horse which replace her default one. You do this by using a spell Evangeline gives you.

Special mentioned here is the ability to leave footprints in snow and ash areas. She will become sweaty/wet by exercising like running, combat and so on. Of course while it rains, too. Getting snowy while snowing is a no brainer so it happens, too. If the outdoor temperature is low you will also see her breathing.
Evangeline has fine control of her facial expressions. Pay attention what she with her face. If she is angry you will see it in her face.
She will write down special events. Look into her inventory once in a while.

There are 4 quest chains. The quests are sequential. Totaling 25 quests to complete.
There are 2 short single quests, 5 (1 every 10 levels) quests to make Evangeline able to level up again, 4 types of radiant single quests that can be repeated and a radiant quest chain which is totally randomized, even story, count of quests to complete, etc.. All those can be done while completing the main quest chains.
A rumor topic with several dozens of single objective quests.
A quest to unlock spellmaking features, see Spellmaking Spoilers.
Five quests, one for each ten levels starting with level 10 and ends with level 50, to unlock her continuous grow. She won't get skill and health points until you do the quest.

Evangeline gains experience from several sources. Consult the Readme for details.
You get the menu-spell from the dialogue topic "Special Spells". If you already selected it, use console command addspell with formid xx00F525.
The amount of skill points you can spend is displayed in the MCM under the misc section.

You can spend Skill Points on the following options:
  • Weapon damage 1 sp per 1% more damage
  • Spell damage 1 sp per 1% more damage
  • Attack speed 1 sp per 0.005% faster
  • Movement speed 1 sp per 1% faster
  • Resistance 2 sp per 1%
  • Attribute Health 1 sp per 3 points
  • Skills 1 sp per 1 point
  • Ignore assault 15 sp
  • Ignore murder 25 sp
  • Ignore bribes/intimidation 5 sp
  • Ignore theft 10 sp
  • Ignore pickpocket 13 sp
  • Ignore horse theft 13 sp
  • Leech Health 1 sp per 0.1% damage

All of Evangeline's dialog should fit her character of being a good person and having her own troubles.
Evangeline has so much to say you might not get all of it from one playthrough. There are a lot of lines about quests which you can hear by asking her about her opinions about current quests. There are so many lines that reveal itself by being together with Evangeline but Evangeline won't say them by herself, you have to ask her instead. So, in short, you need to talk to her often. Some of the dialog will be marked as used yet has new lines, that is nothing I can change.
Evangeline has her own mind. If she wants to visit her friend Voada she will do it. You can prevent this but Evangeline won't like it.
There are several emotions Evangeline is capable off and showing/telling you about. Joy, love, anger, sadness, surprise and fear.
Over a dozen rare one time events can be uncovered. Those are just small things that can happen anywhere anytime like Evangeline is turned into a turnip for a few seconds.
Evangeline is fully integrated into the world of Skyrim. All scenes that occur are recognized by her and she will react to them. She is known to the persons and towns she talks about having visited before meeting you. So talk to her to get the big picture.

You must contact me and obtain my permission before doing anything with this mod.
Translations, patches, bugfixes are okay as long as this mod is required.
Some resources do not belong to me. Ask their authors for permissions.
If I do not respond within 4 weeks, permission is denied.
If I do not log into Nexusmods for over 1 year permission is open.