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Definitive animated eating mod. works on NPCs and the player

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Animated Eating Redux

This mod aims to be the definitive animated eating mod for Skyrim SE. It will affect the Player and NPC's. This mod is compatible with INeed by isoku and the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch by Arthmoor out of the box.There is also a patch for shorter standing animations, and Zimms immersive artifacts to fix vampire feeding bug.

Version 3.2 (coming soon)

  • MCM added
  • Turn NPC animations on and off from MCM
  • Turn Player animations on and off from MCM - in case you just want NPC diversity
  • Added experimental Dynamic Potion animations that can be turned on or off. You can move while using potions in combat. 
  • Added unknown Food recognition system - Set Unknown food recognition toggle in MCM. The next time you use a consumable item unrecognized by the mod, you will be prompted to add the item to a food category. The item will now play an animation for that category any time the item is consumed. This allows you to add general animations to modded and unrecognized foods. Should be compatible with everything.
  • Added experimental table soup and stew animations for fun. Toggle-able in MCM.  Turn on to use soup bowl animations at tables. This will look weird without a proper table in front of the actor, since the bowl will float in mid air. Looks cool when you use a table and immersive first person view though.
  • Added Animation timer - Choose how long or short you want animations to play. Shorter animation patch obsolete 
  • General script optimization and clean up 
  • FNIS behavior file animation Optimization
  • General bug fixing, added some missing food items, fixed incorrect animations, removed unnecessary conditions on certain animations.
  • Added additional Survival Configurator compatibility 
  • Added IsInDialogueWithPlayer == 0 && IsTalking == 0 conditions to animations to try and prevent idles from playing when NPC's are talking to you. This is equivalent to "dont talk with your mouth full" mod HOWEVER upon further investigation, this condition was already added by Bethesda to the vanilla root node of the idle tree so I don't think this will have any effect
  • Added NPC Eating Schedule. Only certain items will be eaten at certain times by NPC's . Dinner time they will eat items that make sense, beef, chicken, fish etc. Breakfast they will eat sweet rolls, fruits etc. No more drinking Ale at 6am (although maybe I should make that an option haha). NPC's will drink wine and beer all night long though ;)
  • Added more food items for NPC's to eat. you should see a bit more diversity in what they eat now.
  • Added Maintenance script to MCM to re-run external food item checks from supported mods (INeed, USSEP, survival mode, survival configurator) and reset Anim eating quest in case some items aren't t registering correctly.  

How it works

Open your inventory and click on food or drink item in third person while sitting in any regular chair/standing, and your character will play an eating animation of the food item you have chosen. The animations are disabled in first person so you can easily choose to eat food items on the go without the animations getting in your way or generally being annoying. Choose to see animations when in third person, or choose to ignore them while in first person. simple.

All cups have liquids in them. Drinking wine will choose a random cup or goblet filled with wine. Sound effects accompany all food and drink items. You can choose to eat as many items as you would like and the mod will only play the first item you have chosen. You cannot interrupt the animation with another food item, and the food items wont clip with each other or stack on top of each other and take forever. While sitting, the animations will loop until you get up.

NPC's and followers will eat a number of different items on their own instead of just bread and empty tankards. NPC's have a 10% chance to eat each different food item. They will also eat more often than in vanilla. Beggars will only eat bread and soup and drink beer or ale.

NPC animations can be turned off in the MCM

This will restore Vanilla eating behavior. Bread and tankard at 50% chance each.

Scripts are all event based. Should be little to no performance impact.


This mod requires FNIS - 7.0.Beta or later by fore no exceptions

  • Install the mod using Nexus mod manager.
  • Run generate FNIS for users tool
  • Play

Load Order

Mostly doesn't matter

Credits and Thank you's

This mod uses many adjusted AnimObjects, Meshes and textures from the original ZFNeeds mod by varakz. The mod also includes the awesome tankard mesh and texture from SMIMM by Brumbek and uses modified versions of the Wine and Beer In Tankards by Hoamaii.

It is of course inspired by the original Fully Animated Meals and Potions by foster xbl and borrows a few small ideas from the unfinished Animated Consumables mod by ArocideThis is based on talks we had many moons ago while he was developing that mod.

All assets are used with FULL permission from the the original mod authors, so BIG THANK YOU to those guys for generously letting me include their resources in this mod. Please note you will STILL NEED the Wine and Beer In Tankards mod if you want the effect to extend to other vanilla NPC behaviors like drinking and singing, or to apply to the standard empty clutter version of tankards. It is my understanding that Hoamaii will be releasing this for Special edition very soon.

Obviously big thanks to 
fore for making FNIS and his help getting the syntax for vanilla animations right. What an amazing tool he has given the community

Bugs/Known issues

  • Occasionally some NPC'S will talk to you while standing and eating. This does not occur while sitting. Its pretty minimal and I rarely notice it. If it annoys you, standing NPC animations can be turned off. I added new condtion checks to try and see if it fixes the issue in version 3.2. Will update here if it does