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Definitive animated eating mod. works on NPCs and the player

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Animated Eating Redux

This mod aims to be the definitive animated eating mod for Skyrim SE. It will affect the Player and NPC's. This mod is compatible with INeed by isoku Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch by Arthmoor and Survival mode out of the box. There are patches for Zimms immersive artifacts to fix vampire feeding bug and Vitality mode water containers. There are some add-ons and optional features like animated potions (that allow movement) and coffee and tea. There is an MCM to adjust settings, animation length and a bunch of other stuff. All packaged into a FOMOD installer for convenience.


SkyUI - (for MCM) -

Highly Recommended - Optional 

Static Mesh Improvement Mod - 
Realistic HD Food Remastered - 
Realistic HD Mods Remastered Collection

Big thank you to GamerPoets 

How it works

Open your inventory and click on food or drink item in third person while sitting in any regular chair/standing, and your character will play an eating animation of the food item you have chosen. 

All cups have liquids in them. Drinking wine will choose a random cup or goblet filled with wine, ale, milk water etc. In third person removing item from bag Sound effects will play and then eating and drinking sounds during animations (makes no sense to have double sound effects playing). You can choose to eat as many items as you would like and the mod will only play the first item you have chosen. You cannot interrupt the animation with another food item, and the food items wont clip with each other or stack on top of each other and take forever. You can change the length of eating and drinking animations, force from first person, disable animations, and set interruption hotkey in the MCM to interrupt animations at any time. Eating certain items at a table will give you a choice to use the table and include a plate with fork or bowl with spoon for soups and stews.

NPC's and followers will eat a number of different items based on the time of day on their own instead of just bread and empty tankards. NPC's have a 10% chance to eat each different food item. Beggars will only eat bread and soup and drink beer or ale. You can turn off all NPC eating options in the MCM. NPC's will only eat certain foods at certain times. Breakfast, cheese, bread etc. lunch and dinner meats, soup etc. Desert pies and sweet-rolls etc. 

NPC animations use VANILLA animation system. Does not touch NPC AI in any way. Only adds more more animations to the vanilla animation system other than bread and tankard. Compatible with any mod that doesn't disable vanilla eating animationsTurning off NPC animations will restore Vanilla eating behavior. Bread and tankard at 50% chance each.

Dynamic food system can recognize mod added foods. Turn on in MCM.

Player potion animations will allow movement while playing. Player will Sheathe weapons before using potions. Potion animations are enabled by default. NPC's cannot use potions at this time. I may look into adding this for balance in the future, I believe there are other mods that handle this behavior as well. Disable them in MCM if you don't want them.

Scripts are all event based. Should be little to no performance impact.

Credits and Thank you's

This mod uses many adjusted AnimObjects, Meshes and textures from the original ZFNeeds mod by varakz. The mod also includes the awesome tankard mesh and texture from SMIMM by Brumbek . It no longer uses modified versions of the Wine and Beer In Tankards by Hoamaii but I really appreciate him allowing me to use them in the past.

Version 3.8 and up are using resources from the AmazingHalkHogan  thank you for your permission to upgrade the horrible vanilla animobjects! His mod Realistic HD Food Remastered is now highly recommended. Go and download it. you wont be disappointed. 3.8 and up are also using a few small edited resources from the amazing modders resource packsOrient SetbyFintone, Static Dishes and food, andStrotis Kitchen Toolsby Stroti andTamira, andModders Resource pack by Oaristys 4.2 and up include Water skin meshes and textures by Isoku and updated scripts for Eating Animations and sounds by NazeemUzeem 

Thank you to the author of Mealtime and all the mod authors who made those resources free and available for other modders to use!

Thank you all so much for making these great resources and allowing myself and the community to use them!

It is of course inspired by the original Fully Animated Meals and Potions by foster xbl and borrows a few small ideas from the unfinished Animated Consumables mod by ArocideThis is based on talks we had many moons ago while he was developing that mod.

All assets are used with FULL permission from the the original mod authors, so again BIG THANK YOU to those guys for generously letting me include their resources in this mod. Remember to install Brumbek and Halk Hogans Mods as requirements for this mod and the new Animobjects Patch if you're using it. 

Obviously big thanks tfore for making FNIS and his help getting the syntax for vanilla animations right, and thank you and warm regards toshikyokirawho has continued to take Skyrim modding into the future and is always willing to help and teach modders like myself. What amazing tools they have given the community.

Bugs/Known issues

  • Occasionally some NPC'S will talk to you while standing and eating. This does not occur while sitting. Its pretty minimal and I rarely notice it. If it annoys you, standing NPC animations can be turned off. I added new condition checks to try and see if it fixes the issue in version 3.2. Will update here if it does
  • Mods that constantly update aliases by start stopping quests will cause NPC's to restart the eating animations over and over. This is a vanilla bug and has nothing to do with my mod. My mod makes it either worse, or better depending on how you look at it, since the food item will change, but of course you are now paying more attention to the food NPC's are eating so its more noticeable. You can turn off certain animations in the MCM is this is jarring, but of course it may still happen with vanilla bread etc. 
  • Occasionally animobjects will disappear from hands while animations are playing. This is mostly a vanilla bug but if its repeatable consistently may be scripting error.