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MCO one-handed Spear animation inspired by For Honor's Valkyrie

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Applies when equipped with spears and shields in Skyrim Spear Mechanic mod.

- player only

- Compatible with MCO (Distar Experience)

Changes according to TDM(True Directional Movement) Directional Movement Options

Directional Movement(Drawn) : Directional
- Only directional attacks and charge attacks can be used during lock-on.

Directional Movement(Drawn) : vanilla style
- You can always use charge attacks and directional attacks.

How to use charge attack

Move backwards and press and PowerAttack

Changes according to the charge stage

Stage 1 : White effect, small damage increase 
Stage 2 : Orange effect, large damage increase
Stage 3 : Red effect, large damage increase + stagger added

The above functions are required to be used after updating to Smooth Moveset

Compatible with MCO (Distar Experience) / Sprint attack

The reason why I recommend MCO (Distar Experience) is because I think it is the least buggy version yet.

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