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Adds in the ability to jump attack with custom animation as well as allows you to use ranged weapons and magic mid air

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Jumping Attack

A mod that's been in development for far to long(nearly a year maybe?) for what the end result does, simply put, you can now jump attack and whack people mid air!
A ton of behaviour shenanigans later and this is the end result, unfinished and it's still not prefect! Could do with a remake but oh well I've already remade this twice

You can Jump and attack with all melee weapons by simply pressing your regular attack buttons

Be sure you sheath and unsheathe your Weapons or Hands after installing/updating the mod
Not sure why I'm putting this here as no one will read this

All weapon types are supported as well as magic and bows/crossbows
New Jumping Animations for when you have a weapon out
Slightly tweaked animation code for jumping with a weapon drawn

                Regular Attacks allow you to move freely in the air       Power Attacks restrict your movement until you land

First Person is also lightly supported

AE Is compatible, behaviour mods don't need separate versions for each game versions

I've tried making this as compatible as possible, there's a lot of patches in the fomod that you can toggle on or off when installing
Some versions of both SkySa and ABR, ADXP/MCO, Elden Counter, Paragliding, Jump Behaviour overhaul, Project impact, SkySA Grip Switch all have patches in the fomod

Precision is supported, this mod was built with Precision in mind, Jumping power attacks get a small damage multiplier(1.2x) as well as camera shake when you hit the ground with your weapon, no patch needed

True Directional Movement Has no issues with this mod  what so ever
Better Jumping Works with this, there is a weird issue though when doing a sprint jump attack with the sprint attack perk unlocked, the attack will go through but there's a tiny movement slow down
Double jumping animation mods work but only with a weapon sheathed
Any animation replacers for your jumping will only work with weapons sheathed

Base/full CGO and any CBE version - ARE NOT COMPATIBLE
ZxLice BackStab and Parry is not compatible, I have no idea why it's the strangest incompatibly I've seen
One Click Power Attack is not compatible, it has a feature that prevents you from doing the power attacks mid air
Separate power attacks - Can work with this, but you need to load it after Jump attack's esl

For Modders
Behaviour source and Animations sources are in the optional files

I've added some "hooks" to the jumping attacks so people can do some stuff with them
When a regular mid air attack starts an event called "JumpAttackFloat" is fired - This is more for SKSE authors as I don't think you can listen for custom animation events via papyrus
When doing any Melee Jump Attack a Boolean variable called "bIsJumpAttack" is toggled on - You can use this in conditions and stuff
There's a Float Variable that is used to determine if you're in the air or landed called "InAir" 1 = In air, 0 = Grounded - You can use this in conditions and stuff

Give me a shout if you require different hooks, I may be able to add some more stuff in if need be

If you wanted to make new Power attack animations, they're set up in a way that may seem confusing at first(it's one animation split into 3 via behaviours)
The Animations are set up as the following: Total of 65 frames 0 - 65 : lasts for 2.16667 seconds
Windup and Swing : Frame 0 to 11 : time 0 to 0.366667
Falling Loop : Frame 11 to 25 : time 0.366667 to 0.866667
Land and exit : Frame 26 to 65 : time 0.866667 to 2.16667 - Behaviours speed playback up to 1.5
All times are the same between weapon types due to gravity


You need to keep all the Power Attack timings the same else your animation will not look right in game, it's a shame I did it this way but considering I
can't control gravity in a decent way or fake gravity etc this will have to do

Regular attacks consist of 10 animations, the mid air attack, the landing while standing and then 4 cardinal directions while running and walking
Annotations are needed for regular attacks,
The mid air attack animations need the "preHitFrame" "weaponSwing" and "HitFrame" annotations/events
All the landing animations need "AttackWinStart" and "AttackWinEnd" annotations/events, they don't need the other three and even then, these two are only if you want to be able to combo out of the landing attack

Animation length don't matter to much for the regular attacks, the shorter the better though so you can get your swing mid air
1hm I use a 34 frame animation : lasts for 1.13333 seconds
2hm I use a 45 frame animation : lasts for 1.5 seconds

All the regular attack animations for a weapon type need to be the same length as each other

Regular Attacks and Power Attacks support Payload Interpreter when they land, they both send different payloads there's an included ini in the core files of Jumping attack that has the events in they currently spawn empty nif particle effects

$1hmPwrAtkLand and $2hmPwrAtkLand are the payload instruction names

Thanks and Credits

My Patrons - Without their help this wouldn't have got to this state at all, cannot thank them enough
Shikyokira - For Nemesis
Zartar - For His Behaviour tool
Ershin - For all his help especially with Time Delta stuffs
Mern - For His Showcases and Videos
JDM - For His Showcases and Videos
Distar, BOTuser998, MikeNike, Loki and everyone else in the Discords
cornflakes1023 for the Character Preset