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Clean up the crumpled physics outfit.

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Physics outfits are essential elements that add life to Skyrim.
However, one inconvenience is that physics can break after dynamic movement.
So this mod was born to solve it immersively.

function 1
If you register a hotkey in MCM and use that hotkey, the animation that resets the broken physics works.

Default Hotkey : F10

function 2

This is an option for modders.
Animations that use dynamic movement will inevitably break physics costumes. Adding PIE.$SmpReset annotation to such animation file solved it.

Let's take an example with a dodge animation file.

0.000000 animmotion 0 0.000 0
0.033333 animmotion 0 9.774 0
0.066667 animmotion 0 36.293 0
0.100000 animmotion 0 65.728 0
0.166667 animmotion 0 83.540 0
0.233333 animmotion 0 87.168 0
0.300000 animmotion 0 89.791 0
0.833333 animmotion 0 800 0 // When the rolling motion ends
0.833333 PIE.$SmpReset
0.933333 animmotion 0 816 0

How to use


Function 1 If you only use the function of the hotkey, you need the above mod

FNIS or Nemesis must be activated for animation to work

If function 2 is used, Payload Interpreter is additionally required.


Thank you friends who always support me

outfit mod : Wild Witch Outfit

Hair mod : [Dint999] HairPack02