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Add individual animations and sound effects for each food item.

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  • This mod adds exclusive eating animations and sounds to all vanilla foods in the SE version (SkyrimSE v1.5.97).
  • 98+25 original animations. Total number of hkx files is 504, including classification by gender and seated status.
  • Meal animations can be performed in a wide range of situations. Here are some of them

GIF image Description.

Players can eat while moving and sneaking freely.

Smooth transition to eating animation even during weapon-wielding combat. (Can be switched by MCM)

You can also dine in almost any kind of chair.

In addition, dishes and tables can be used to eat in a well behaved manner. (only some foods)

If you're in a hurry, you can even dine while riding a horse.

Since Ver. 1.9.4, it is now possible to eat when "Sit cross-legged" or "Sitting on ledge", and it is recommended to use with Campfire or Immersive Interactions.

  • Cannot be used with mods that animate when eating or drinking. (Currently, it can coexist with Animated Eating Redux. FLipdeezy has created a system that automatically detects EAS!)
  • This mod uses DAR folder numbers 1998~2097.Please change the number if it conflicts with other DARmods.
  • Foods newly added by other mods cannot be animated, but the animation can be applied relatively easily by distributing keywords to the food using the _KID.ini file.

KID.ini patch creation method

*For detailed description rules of _KID.ini, please refer to the Keyword Item Distributor (KID) description.

EAS Keyword Rules
There are a total of three keywords to be added to the food. (EASKID_All, EASKID_Group (01~10 numbers), EASkey_(food name))
  • EASKID_All is for all foods you wish to add.
  • EASkey_(food name) is for the individual food you want to add.
  • EASKID_Group (01~10 numbers) is a keyword that classifies EASkey_(food name) into 10 groups. For example, if you add "mod food A" to EASkey_(food name), please add "mod food A" to the corresponding EASKID_Group(01~10 numbers)
(For a more detailed classification, download EasSample_KID.ini and review the contents.)

Simplified procedure
  • Download EasSample_KID.ini.
  • Find the EditorID of the food to which you want to apply the animation (check with SSEEdit or CK).
  • Add the EditorID you looked up after ";Keyword = XXXX|Potion|" in EasSample_KID.ini according to the "EAS Keyword Rules". (when adding more than one, separate them with a ,).
  • Delete the ; from ";Keyword = XXXX|Potion|" that added the EditorID in "3".
  • Delete empty ";Keyword = XXXX|Potion|". *If you don't care about looking good, you don't have to do it.
  • Rename "EasSample" in EasSample_KID.ini to whatever name you like (a name that does not conflict with _KID.ini of this mod or other mods), place it in the same directory as esp, and you are done!

Reference example of adding keywords to Ineed Waterskin using EasSample_KID.ini.

Keyword = EASKID_All|Potion|_SNWaterskin_1,_SNWaterskin_2,_SNWaterskin_3,_SNWaterskin_1_Unknown,_SNWaterskin_2_Unknown,_SNWaterskin_3_Unknown

Keyword = EASKID_Group09|Potion|_SNWaterskin_1,_SNWaterskin_2,_SNWaterskin_3,_SNWaterskin_1_Unknown,_SNWaterskin_2_Unknown,_SNWaterskin_3_Unknown

Keyword = EASkey_Suitou|Potion|_SNWaterskin_1,_SNWaterskin_2,_SNWaterskin_3,_SNWaterskin_1_Unknown,_SNWaterskin_2_Unknown,_SNWaterskin_3_Unknown

  • You can also use the traditional method of adding MagicEffect directly. (This is a good way to create food mod patches with graphics that are not in vanilla.) Add "aaaXXX_Animation_ME" alone to the target food effect, as the MagicEffect for intervals is obsolete.Duration should be set to 10 seconds or longer.
About the patch using AnimObject Swapper.

  • In addition to the above steps, you can use AnimObject Swapper if you want to add a new food mesh.
  • The way it works is that the player is given a dummy item in a script, and the AnimObject Swapper detects the dummy item and swaps the AnimObject.
  • First, create a dummy item corresponding to the food you want to add. (It is easy to copy the aaaDummy_Cabbage for the sample, but anything that will fit in your inventory will do.)
  • Next, register the dummy item you created in the script properties of your aaaXXX_Animation_ME.
  • Finally, write the EditorID of the dummy item in the _ANIO.ini condition to complete the process. For detailed instructions on how to write _ANIO.ini, please read the AnimObject Swapper description.

Known issue
  • Sit cross-legged and Sitting on ledge and the first person view while sitting in the jarl chair does not trigger the animation when eating a meal.
        The reason is that these three sitting animations have no behavior state for 1st person. This prevents the script from determining the player's state.(Most            likely a specification). Since there is no solution at this time, we recommend eating in third-person view when in these seated states.

Required Mods
  • Install
  Install as normal with your mod manager. *When updating from an older version, be sure to delete the older files before updating.
Then run the Nemesis update.

:Nemesis Patch Application Method
1, Check the "Eating Animations and Sounds SE" box.
2, Click on "Update Engine"
3, Click on "Launch Nemesis Behavior Engine"

  • Uninstall
With no EAS animation playing, remove the mod and create a clean save using FallrimTools.
See the FallrimTools description for instructions on creating a clean save.