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3rd person idle animation collection

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  • French

Sky Idles adds 3rd person only idle animations for the player, which play after player has idled still for user defined amount of time.
Some idles are condition specific.
The mod comes with an MCM which allows for easy probability changing of animations and more.

3.0 update: 

Videos of earlier versions:

Big thanks to Odysseus, Syn and SgtGimlinho for the showcases! 

Installing & uninstalling:
  • Install with your preferred mod manager. Installing mid-playthrough is safe.
  • Uninstalling is safe mid-game. Use the uninstall feature in the MCM.
  • There is no need to run FNIS nor Nemesis after un/installing because DAR is not dependent of them.
  • Works for SE & AE (VR should work, but its unconfirmed)
  • Compatible with every idle mod like EVGI for example
  • esp is ESL-flagged
  • Not compatible with via Nemesis PCEA or FNIS PCEA2 installed animations that include ritualspell_charge.hkx file
  • Not compatible with DAR mods that have ritualspell_charge.hkx animation file with higher priority
  • If using controller you are only able to cancel idle with sneak button due to limitations of Skyrim engine.

  • Felisky384 for Dynamic Animation Replacer
  • liambutt/Everglaid for inspiration
  • cookehlicious1 for inspiration
  • Saphira2812 for pictures
  • TkTk and Anton for Animation Tools N3 + 28
  • Bethesda for the game
  • SkyUI team and schlangster for SkyUI SDK
  • Dylbill for written MCM tutorial