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Sky Idles adds over 40 idles that can be tailored to users needs and more!
Works with FNIS and Nemesis

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  • French

Big thank you to everyone supporting my work by downloading my mods and endorsing❤️
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Sky Idles adds over 40 3rd person player only idle animations for the player, which play after player has idled still for user defined time.
The mod comes with an MCM for easy idle probability adjusting and with an idle list menu.

Requirements Installation Recommendations



  • Install with your preferred mod manager.
  • Run behavior patcher of your choice

If changelog tells that updating is "safe", you only have to replace the old version with newest and that's it.
No need to go through the other updating process mentioned below.
If updating from several versions behind latest, check all changelogs between.
  • Open MCM and untick player animations and leave the MCM.
  • Then save & quit, uninstall the mod and run FNIS/Nemesis.
  • Use FallrimTools to clean leftovers off the mod after you have save & quit again without the mod installed.
  • If updating, now is the time to install the new version and follow installation instructions above.

Compatibility / Versioning  / Issues

✅esp is esl-flagged.

✅AE and SE
✅Compatible with X mod. Incompatible mods will get mentioned below, none so far.
⚠️If using controller you are only able to cancel idle with sneak button due to limitations of Skyrim engine.

  • Major = major changes to scripting, animations or overall mod.
  • Minor = compatibility updates, mesh changes or texture change etc.
  • Patch= small errors, hot fixes etc.

  • None so far.


Q: Will you add/support 1st person animation?
A: Unfortunately no, too many obstacles to support 1st person.

Q: Animation won't play?
A: Try on a new save, make sure you have all requirements and correct versions of them and read mod page for compatibility.

Q: NPCs?
A: Current version does not support NPCs. You can use the NPC addon from older files as a NPC support.