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About this mod

Distance Based Combat overhauls NPC combat by adding distance based behaviors to melee combat and combo animations to NPCs. NPCs now asses their distance to the player and act accordingly. They gain new tactics like attack canceling, gap closing and charge attacks. This mod was made with ABR/MCO users in mind but can be used as standalone.

Permissions and credits

Distance Based Combat

WARNING: This mod will significantly increase the difficulty in combat 

Idea behind the Mod

Combat mods like Attack Behavior Revamp and MCO increase the power of the player by adding combos and making third person melee combat in Skyrim much more enjoyable. While being much more fun to play, many users of both mods have always noted that they feel, that the challenge from the Skyrim enemy AI does not scale well with those mods and the player feels too powerful. Trying out different kinds of combat mods like Engarde, Blade & Blunt or Inpa Sekiro does not really solve the issue either as the enemy is still bound to their basic behaviors.The skilled modder BotUser999 had the idea that this could be changed by factoring in the distance to the player from the npc. With the emerge of Skyrim Platform I was able turn this idea into a working plugin for animation events and BotUser999 built the behaviors around those events. 

Core Mechanics

Distance Based Combat is a npc combat overhaul, which adds new combos, behaviors and animations to humanoid NPCs. The core functonality is the constant distance measurement of all nearby enemies in combat state. The distance to the player is divided into close range, medium range and long range. Everytime an enemy crosses the borders of those zones, an animation event gets send and behaviors for the changed position are getting used. 
Since DBC 1.1 this also applies to your followers and their targets.

New NPC behaviors

Humanoid npcs now have additional tactics they use in combat:

  • attack canceling
  • gap closing
  • charge attacks
  • a much more agressive approach to the player position

Increased Combat Difficulty

The general difficulty of combat engangements and the speed increases with this mod significantly. The enemy is showing no mercy in closing in on your position and will give you much less of a chance to breathe. The gameplay feels very balanced on expert difficulty but you can of course try yourself on master or legendary, if you think thats too easy. The mod can be used as a standalone but it is recommended to use either Attack Behavior Revamp or SkySA. 

Additional Features

  • new animations for humanoid npcs
  • combos for npcs
  • customization of charge attacks (more info below)
  • freely set the update tick rate (more info below)

Installation Instructions

  • install all requirements
  • install the mod via mod manager
  • load mod below requirements
  • start Nemesis and tick Duff `s Distance Based Combat
  • update Engine in Nemesis
  • launch Nemesis Behavior Engine
  • launch the game
  • check ingame console for message "DBC - Script initialized"

Uninstall Instructions

  • Remove mod from load order
  • Delete Nemesis cache
  • Rebuild Nemesis cache without the mod

Recommended Combat Mods

  • Attack Behavior Revamp or MCO
  • A dodge Mod like TK Dodge RE

Compatible Combat Mods

  • everything can be added on top of DBC

Incompatible Mods

  • FNIS (there will never be FNIS support, dont ask)
  • Engarde stagger system is not working correctly with DBC installed. Its advised to disable it until this is resolved. 
  • SkySA is not combatible anymore in combination with Elden Counter. Switch to MCO please as SkySA is deprecated and wont get anymore updates

Customization of Charge Attacks 

Charge attacks of npcs can be customized by using AMR movesets. See this video for a quick guide on how to set them up:

It is possible to use different animations for the hold, short and medium release files. Its up to you to find a fitting setup. 

Set your own update tickrate

DBC runs a tick for every 15 fps in the default setup. You can change that update rate by going into /Platform/Plugins/distance-event-settings.txt and adjusting the "framesPerUpdate" value to your liking. A lower rate results in a more accurate measurement of distances while a higher rate is better for performance.

Known Issues
  • At the start of the companion quest line the fist fight script in Jorrvaskr seems to be bugging out sometimes and the partcipants may freeze. The quest can be started nonetheless without issues. 

AE status:

  • available with SP 2.6

BotUser999 for the idea and the behaviors
Pospelov for making Skyrim Platform
MikeN1ke for giving permissions to use his anims
BadAss Animations for giving permissions to use his anims
Eskyrim for giving Open Permissions to his anims
MrowrPurr for being a code wizard
Austio for testing
slimTHEAlien for testing