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Buy a ship and travel in old school RPG style, be a pirate and rob other ships.

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Buy a ship and travel in old school RPG style, be a pirate and rob other ships.
This is a very crude mod, no delicate content. I didn't create LODs, so the sea horizon is weird.
Anyway if you download it, I hope it works well.

This is a standalone mod and is not compatible with "Outlawz - Marine Traffic".

.Difference from Marine Traffic
More refined ship
Larger sailing area
Light mode
Deck combat remake
Port function improvements

-How to buy a ship?-
Go to the port and talk to any captain.

-How to recruit sailors?-
Talk to any innkeeper or use "port" in sail mode.

-How to stop sailing?-
Use the anchor spell or use "port" in sail mode.

-How to enable Light Mode-
Talk to the Boatswain.
Light Mode only 10 crew members on the deck of each ship, the total number of crew members on all ships is halved.

-Where is the port?-
In sail mode, there is usually a banner of the city on it.

Dynamic Animation Replacer
Ships and boats of Tamriel
Better Third Person Selection - BTPS  (Optional, it will be difficult to activate the port if not used.)

1.Install all requirements
2.Install "Wanderer's Heart" via mod manager
3.Install "ShipMovement" via mod manager
4.Start Nemesis and tick "Ship Movement"
5.Update Engine in Nemesis
6.Launch Nemesis Behavior Engine

ShipMovement is included in Wanderer's Heart 1.5

True Directional Movement - Modernized Third Person Gameplay

.Other mod setting suggestions.
SmoothCam: Set a hotkey to close SmoothCam in sailing mode.
Immersive Equipment Displays: Disables all weapons in "00_ShipRace01"

BOTuser998 for Ship Movement, make the ship move like a real ship.
Everyone except dTry (Don't hate me please.)

No, no sea shanties.