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"A comprehensive tweaks mod for Requiem in the vein of AZTweaks for version 5.0+ that aims to alter Requiem into a version that suits my vision. Things will be more deadly and the player will become less overwhelmingly powerful by a playthrough's conclusion, while still maintaining a sense of fairness and balance. Balanced for use with DiD."

Permissions and credits
Official location for the Special Edition conversion of 3Tweaks and a community hub of mods and patches for 3Tweaks. 3Tweaks is a balance overhaul of Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul.
Forewarning: these files all require Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul for Special Edition.
More information can be found under this link. Please do not ask about Special Edition Requiem here.

This modpage contains 3Tweaks and the collective work of the Requiem community for additions and patches to 3Tweaks. Please read the original mod page of the Oldrim edition of 3Tweaks here.

Listed below are the included mods and a brief description.

  • AOS and ISC patch: for Audio Overhaul Skyrim and Immersive Sounds - Compendium for 3Tweaks/BTweaks/FTweaks. Will conflict with the Rustic Soul Gems Patch, so load that patch after if you prefer those changes. Will conflict with Unique Uniques - 3Tweaks patch for 1 record, Kahvozein's Fang. Either you get a new weapon model or new weapon noises. Your choice which you let win. Still requires AOS and ISC patch for Requiem
  • Missives patch.
  • Requiem - Resist and Regen Tweak patch from Noxcrab's Tweaks. 3Tweaks already makes a fair amount of similar changes as Noxcrab does, but Noxcrab's mod covers more than 3Tweaks.
  • Skyrim Unbound Reborn patch: for Skyrim Unbound Reborn and 3Tweaks. Will not work with Skyrim Unbound. See file description for specific load order details.
  • Small Tweaks exists as 4 core mods: NPC Statefix, Vampire Collection, Alduin Redone, and Knockdown Tweak. NPC Statefix and Vampire Collection exists as a combination patch for 3Tweaks, since most people that use one also use the other. Knockdown Tweak patch for 3Tweaks is available as a separate download. Alduin redone is 100% compatible, no patch necessary.
  • Special Feats patch.
  • The Choice is Yours patch.
  • Unique Uniques patch: for Unique Uniques and 3Tweaks, BTweaks, and FTweaks. Will conflict with AOS and ISC - 3Tweaks patch for 1 record, Kahvozein's Fang. Either you get a new weapon model or new weapon noises. Your choice which you let win. If not using BTweaks/FTweaks for any reason, visit Tyler799's nexus page for the 3Tweaks only patch.

Requiem - A Trip to Morrowind:

  • Older versions of 3Tweaks, BTweaks, and FTweaks are resting here. They support Requiem 3.4, but are otherwise the same core experience. These will be unsupported.

  1. Skyrim
  2. ...
  3. Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
  4. Requiem Record Fixes
  5. ....98% of other mods...
  6. Requiem.esp
  7. Other Requiem mods and patches (examples: Minor Arcana, NECR Requiem Patch, Small Tweaks)
  8. 3Tweaks
  9. BTweaks
  10. FTweaks
  11. 3/B/F Tweaks patches
  12. Requiem for the Indifferent
  13. Very few other mods. Do not put anything here unless you know what you're doing in xEdit

  • There is a Requiem discord you can find an invitation link to on the Requiem subreddit. Inside, there is a specific section for 3Tweaks discussion, suggestions, and bug reports.

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