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Disables recoil assist only,recoil is otherwise left as is by mod authors or by bethesda, All files are ESL flagged ESPs.

Permissions and credits
The mod Simple Impact using F4SE removes the need for patches to disable aim recovery, If you only want aim recovery disabled just keep the setting DisableAimRecovery=1 as is and disable everything else in its SimpleImpact.ini config file which is located in the Data\F4SE\Plugins folder, to be clear if you use Simple Impact if you have my mod already you can remove my mod if you don't have my mod you do not need it if you use simple impact

Turns off weapon recoil auto recovery for - 

Vanilla Weapons
Vanilla Weapons+DLC
F4StoryExpansionProject -
Surplus Rifle - M16A2 - Another Another Millenia
antistar -
M1911 - WARS Standalone Weapon
Ardent117 -
Ruger Mini-14 (I would recommend this along with it, Ruger Mini-14 Fixes for MK14 and Recoil)
asXas -
Ak5C - A Nordic Relic
M1 Garand - A WWII Classic

Wrist Breaker - .50 Cal Revolver
A Bundle of Tape - A weapons pack

HK G11 K2 - Kraut Space Magic

bloodmeat08 -
Chiappa Rhino Revolver
Bwones -
CHNGhostDelta -

Kriss Vector

chrislor2882 -

Double Barrel Rifle
Cumble -
Riot Shotgun (Fallout 4 Edition)
dazzerfong -
DeadPool2099 -
Hunting Shotgun
DOOMBASED Weapons Merged (Weapon Pack)

Ithaca Model 37 - Pump Shotgun

M1911A1 - Standalone Handgun

MAC-11 Machine Pistol - Standalone

VSV Rifle
ehtyeci -
fadingsignal -
Beretta M9-FS Pistol (92FS)
Fallout4London -
Fallout London - Bren Gun

Quad-Barrel Shotgun - Fallout Miami Standalone
Flarescale -
10mm Compact Submachine Gun
FX0x01 -
Heckler und Koch - MP7
AK400 - Assault Rifle
Springfield Armory M1A
Heckler und Koch - UMP
Heckler und Koch - MP5 Complex
Heckler und Koch - G36 Complex
Steyr AUG A1
OTs-33 Pernach - Pistol
Glock 19X - Pistol
RU556 - Assault rifle
AK74M - Assault Rifle
GaigeStorm -
Rem92 Lever Action Shotgun
Gambit77 -

Weaponsmith Extended
GloriousWarrior -
AnotherOne Browning M1918A2
AnotherOne Laser RCW Reborn
AnotherOne Suomi KP-31
AnotherOne PPSh-41
AnotherOne Sten Mk II
AnotherOne's Police Weapon Pack

AnotherOne PP-91 Kedr

AnotherOne RSh-12

AnotherOne TEC-9

AnotherOne YK42B Reborn

AnotherOne Vz. 52
gmoi6 -

Makeshift Shotgun and Improvised Grenade Launcher
henkspamadres -
Gatling Rifle
icestormng -
IceStorm's Orsis F17 Current Offsite Location
IceStorm's Sci-Fi GRL45 Current Offsite Location
IceStorm's Orsis F17

IceStorm's GRL45 Grenade Launcher
iconoclastts -
CZ 75B - Standalone Pistol
jsnider193 -
Stevens M-520 Shotgun
kazumamqj -
Modular Simonov PTRS-41 Anti-Tank Rifle
lucasncolombo -
PJAR - Makeshift Pistol
M4k4rov -
Red Army PPSh-41 Reborn
masterskywalker3 -
AA-12 Shotgun
Millenia -
M3D - Sig Sauer P220
mrtrry -
MW M19

VG Double Barrel
MsVal -
SIG MCX Virtus
Nadie2283 -
SREP REDUX - Service Rifle Expansion Project
neeher -

Select Rapid Machinegun
newermind43 -
PRL 8 shotgun
ngabber -
AKM - Assault Rifle
Niero -
noniac -
M1928A1 Thompson - Day of Infamy
NovaFinch -
AKM Complex
ASh-12.7 Battle Rifle
Combined Arms - Modern Weapon Pack

Combined Arms - Expansion Pack
Heckler and Koch - Mark 23 SOCOM
IMI .50AE Desert Eagle
Izhmash SV-98 Sniper Rifle
MA37 ICWS and BR55 Service Rifle
Misriah Armory
Russian Assault Pack - SVD Dragunov - Saiga 12 - PP-19 Bizon - Stechkin APS - MP412 REX
SIG SG 550

Steyr AUG A3 - Modular Assault Rifle
OhDeerSKR -
Winchester Model 1873 - Lever Action Rifle
robersonb1 -
FN P90
9x39 Project Addon and Replacer

RonnieMagnum -
22LR Silenced Pistol
SalientPhantom -
Remington ACR

Escape from Boston - Desert Tech SRSA2

Escape from Boston - Heckler and Koch G36

Escape from Boston - HK G36 Redux

Escape from Boston - MSBS Grot B

Escape from Boston - Springfield Armory M14
Sam Fisher -
The Sturmgewehr 44 - StG 44
sayaheca -
FN SCAR aka Mk16
M249 Squad Automatic Weapon
ShimSham000 -
Manurhin MR73
Shoeburglar -
Handmade Anti-Materiel Rifle (REDUX)
skibadaa -
Machineguns Rebirth
Miniguns Rebirth
Skibadaa Weapon Pack REDUX
SpongeBobSlavicPants -

SR-1MP Gyrza (6P53) REDUX
Bullpup AK REDUX
Mk17-Mk20 Project



Subleader100 -
Agency Arms Benelli M2 - Shotgun
BT APC9 - MP9 Combo

FN SCAR-H - Battle rifle

HK G3 - Battle rifle
HS Produkt VHS-2 Rifle
IMI Galil Rifle
IMI Uzi - Smg

LMT M203 - Grenade Launcher
Remington Model 11 - Shotgun
SIG MCX - Assault Rifle
Tula Arms TOZ-194 Shotgun
Walther Gewehr 43
TheRizzler1 -
Hunting Revolver and Ranger Sequoia

Mk 41 Gyrojet Heavy Machine Gun
Toasty Fresh -
Anti Materiel Rifle - F4NV
N99 10mm Pistol - F4NV
toounx -
XM2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle
HK USP .45(New) with Tactical knife
TrophiHunter -
MP40 - Current Offsite Link
YonaTaku -
Utherien -
Mossberg 500 Pump-Action Shotgun
Ingram MAC-10
AER15 Modern Laser Assault Rifle
HK G3 Family
Accuracy International L96A1
Cazador Missile Launcher
Accuracy International AX50 Anti-Materiel Rifle
M72 Gauss Rifle

Remington Model 700
VigVam33 -
AQUILA - Laser Rifle
FACTOR - Modular Rifle
Wanaming0 -
FN FAL - SA58 (Plus Kukri)
wardaddy755 -
MG42 and MG34

Heckler und Koch - MP5 Simple
WarfightersWorkshop -
AKe Volk

Honey badger
Kendall Ballistics NV4 REDUX
Kendall Ballistics Kbar-32
Kendall Ballistics Karma-45

MW2022 - Expansive M4 2.0
MW - Striker 45
MWM4 - M4A1
MW - MP5 Submod

MW - AN94

MW - M91
MW - Ram-7
MW - .50 BGS Submod
The Ultimate M4 Pack
WastelandMelody -
Wasteland Melody's Chinese Assault Rifle
Winter23pzd -
MW - Kilo141

MW2R - M4A1
zachtan1234 -
Covadonga's Remington 870 Shotgun (Authorised Re-Upload) and Texture Addon (Obsolete - Legacy - Potential Bugs - Unsupported)

Modern Firearms
MK14 EBR Redux by Fallout4Why can be found on np3 server on discord

All .ESL flagged .ESPs